Welcome to the Text Version of the Stevens High School Web Site, good for the visually and bandwidthly challenged.  I assume you're using Lynx.  Hopefully I can provide you with as much of this site as I can, all linked from this one page.

The Stevens Site has quite a few different sections.  Most of them are graphical, but a few of them have some heavy text as well, such as the Student Handbook, The Midnight Fire magazine, and the SHS Band Page which is being maintained by Erik Evensen.

If for some reason you don't think that there is something that you should be able to get to because of an error on my part, please contact me, Mike Cross.

I guess that I'll start tearing the site apart using the image map that appears on the front page.

The first image that appears is a random SHS logo.  There are about 13 of them if I remember correctly.  One is all icy, one is fire, plasma, rock, steel.. there are a few of them.  They all portray the Stevens High School name in one way or another.  If you're technically minded, the page uses a modified CGI template I found.  Mostly all I had to do was strip away the majority of the page.  Then I used several smaller PERL scripts to call the random images.  After the images the page calls a template that I had to create, and it spits all the HTML into the index.cgi program.  After the majority of the page has been loaded from the templates, a counter is run, the HTML is closed, and the image map is executed.  Ok, enough of the techy junk.

The page has the random image, and then an image map of all the different sections of the site.  Pretty much its the only navigational image on the front page.  Here are the items in the image map:

The SHS Student Handbook

This book is getting dated, as it is a year old now and needs to be refreshed.  There are five parts to the book:

Procedures and Information
Leadership and Pride
Student Services

The above items should be linked.

There aren't too many images in those pages; the few that are are just titles for their respective sections.

The next section is for the classes that we have at SHS.  There aren't too many sections here.  Two are on this domain and one is on another server, over which I have no control.  I'll give you all three links any ways.

The Amex Files is an X-Files parody I made for my American Experience class last year.  It shows us different web sites that depict American culture from the end of WWII to the present day.  I like to think that it's neat.

Spanish class has a one page link, a page with something like 130 Spanish references.  I would image that quite a few of them are not working anymore, and the page needs to be updated.

Mr. Deneen, a past teacher of SHS as of this 1997-1998 school year, has left this world for a better place.  A place called Vermont.  He'll be teaching at a school there that wasn't described to me very well, all I understand is that the school is an experiment.  You can check out his own site, Mr. D|Z World.

The next section of the site is the Program of Studies.  The Program of Studies is a list of all the courses that a student at our school can take during the year.  Again, this needs to be updated but the majority of it should be accurate.  The two main sections are the SHS courses and the Sugar River Regional Valley Technical Center Courses.

Holt Littlefield maintains the SHS Alumni page on his own site; someday I plan on adding my own alumni section to this page, once I start generating a list of graduates with email addresses.

I put two yearbooks online some time ago, the 1996-1997 yearbook has been up for about a year now, the 1997-1998 yearbook has it's place with last year's.  Some day, maybe during winter vacation this year, my friend Erik and I will scan a bunch of yearbooks and see how many we can get online.  It took me about 4 hours to do the last one, and I was pretty happy with that record.

I made a Quick time VR of our gymnasium.. I dont know if you are able to view it, but here's the link.

Stevens High School has, or rather, had a Drama Society.  I dont know what is going to happen to it now as it was run by Mr. Deneen.  My personal pride and joy of the SHS site is the Art Room. The Art Room Online has artwork from a few of my favorite SHS artists.  Chad Turner did some fairly messed up art during the past couple of years along with someone who I'm proud to call a good friend of mine, Clint Gavin, who directed this year's senior play. Chad also did the sets for the senior play. Jason Tetu did the lights for us. There's a couple sound files of Clint on the drama page, too, as well as a few of the plays he was in, like The Foriegner and Greater Tuna. Quite a few people from my class were in these plays.. I had the job of screwing up the sound for the senior play, while Tito screwed up the other plays.  Nate Worcester, Leslie Peabody, Devin Sevene, Erik Evensen, Sarah Carroll, Lewit, and Josh Pierce had their place on the stage.  Back to the Art Room Online page, Erik has his own image archive.  Chad has his own archive.  There is an archive for all the junk that gets put on the front page for a while and then gets stuffed out back.  And last, but certainly not least, is the Archive of the artwork of Amy Coyle, entitled Amy's Excerpta. I have to admit, I'm rather partial to Amy's artwork cause frankly, it reminds me of awe.

Next on our text tour is the SHS Band Page, being maintained by Erik. The SHS Band page has a history that just goes on and on...  You might want to check out a list of current and prior Band Majors, or maybe just the entire roster of past years. Over the past year the two of us have collected enough band pictures to start an image gallery that has most of the current members of the band, as well as quite a few ancient pictures.  There is a guestbook to sign, and a page of college and high school band links to enjoy.

The SHS site has a Sports Page.  The sports page at the moment is horrible and should not be checked out.  I imagine that the new HTML class at SHS next year will have a couple people who would volunteer to do that page for class credit.

Last year we had a talent show, a variety of dancing weirdoes and freaks, all having a good time.  I didn't get to see it, unfortunately.

Mightnight Fire, the SHS Literary Magazine, is online.  There are two issues out right now; the Fall 1997 issue and the Spring 1998 issue.

You can sign the SHS site guest book, try to get a little more information and help, or try to search for something.  Here's the Search Engine template.

Search for:

The SHS site even has a disclaimer!

That's about it for the SHS site at the moment; you can also check out the Unofficial Claremont NH web site, also made by me.  You can get the text version of that site here.