Welcome to the webpage of the Stevens High School Marching Band,
the fastest growing band in the Connecticut River Valley.  On behalf of the band,
we invite you to browse our site and see just what it is that makes this band so darn cool.
So kick back, relax, and prepare yourself to witness musical history in the making.
featuring this week's winner, Matt Cross!

This page is maintained by Erik Evensen.  If anything on this page is screwed up, it's his fault.
Blame him, he's an easy target.  Any questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, or stories
should be sent to him here.  Erik is not affiliated with Stevens High School or the
SHS Band anymore -- his four year sentence ended in 1997, thankfully.

This page is hosted by the Omega Apocalyptic Group.  It is a subsidiary of the Unofficial Stevens High
School Webpage, created and maintained by Mike Cross.  Mike is also an alumnus of SHS, and
currently attends the University of New Hampshire.  The Unofficial SHS Page recently was listed
as a Site of the Week on New Hampshire Dot Com.