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New! By Erik Evensen (duh)  

Does this sphere to the left scare you like it scares me? If it does... be prepared to enter the depths of... Amy's Brain!
Erik drew this one of Scar, and I went crazy with the scanner...
Ooh hoo.. you are a naughty boy...  Sorry, I lost this image. It was Brian Field as Uma... gone forever!
This picture is about ready to get moved out back. All the junk gets moved outback, you know.
This is a T-shirt, actually. Well, it's the front of one.
Sorry Claremont.  by me
Ok, ok, this one I made too. This isn't official, ok? So don't sue me. Use at your own risk. 

 NEW! See this neato thing below? Upload me some pictures, from any computer!