Entertainment in the Lebanon Area



I don't live in Lebanon, but I'm up there enough to be able to tell you about a few of the cool things to do.  Hopefully people more familiar with the area will offer additional items to be offered to this list.

Sony Theaters

This move theater isn't anything to write home about, but they usually have an excellent selection available, all things considered.  Although they have six screens, they often have seven movies playing, likely a movie geared at children early on and a less popular adult oriented movie for the later showing.  The service has ranged from poor to good, never brushing any extremity in particular.  We've been angered more than once when someone obviously well under 17 has been let into the same movie as we wanted to see, only to end up with us being carded and denied.  Bring your ID with you, in other words.  Some people there are cooler about it than others.  There are a couple people there that just want to play around, and if there aren't any big lines behind you, they may play with you a little bit before making you wish you had brought your ID.  We had always thought that one of the rooms had hi-fi sound in it, but they weren't allowed to show Star Wars Episode I there, and they told us they didn't have it installed.  Still, one of the six rooms has six speakers lined up on the walls.  The other five rooms just have one speaker at the front.  At least the volume is never too high, unlike the Claremont theater, which has actually forced us to leave due to the sound being too loud.  The whole place is pretty clean, and they have all the usual junk food.  Movies showed are almost always current.  If they don't have a movie the day it comes out, you can usually plan on them not getting it, although this isn't true one hundred percent of the time.

Update 2005

There's not really any place to hang out publicly on the weekends in Lebanon anymore. The best parties are closed, private events, like the kind my friend has. He has all these girls over, and it's wikked cool dude. In fact, he has so much beer that the girls wear funny hats and kiss each other. Anyways, go to some other town if you wanna have some fun on a Friday night, or find my friend.

Also, I heard that it isn't called Sony Theaters anymore. Entertainment Cinemas is the new name.