Places to eat in the Lebanon Area


We'll start with Lebanon itself and then move into West Lebanon, where the gross majority of all places to eat are.

Sweet Tomatoes

I'll start with Sweet Tomatoes 'cause I've been planning on getting back at them for a while now.  Basically, they're this totally cool Italian restaurant located right on the Lebanon town common.  They're run by the same people that own the Monsoon restaurant on Route 120, maybe five miles away going towards Hanover.  Anyways, one day we called them and asked them what the specials were.  The lady sighed and told us, and we ordered food, went and got it, and it was great.  The good is spectacular.  Anyways, the day after we hadn't had enough Italian food yet, so we called back and again asked what the special was.  The lady on the phone flipped out on us!  "Oh no, we're not going to be doing this everyday!"  She ordered, letting us know that if we wanted to know what the special was, we could come down and check it out for ourselves.  Maybe we were being rude by calling?  If we were, or if we weren't, the message is the same:  Don't call Sweet Tomatoes.  They don't need your business that bad.  Eating there is a privilege, so respect it by not bugging them on the phone.  Ludicrous, no?  The food is great though, so don't let that crabby old lady keep you away.

The Monsoon

I don't know if this is in Lebanon or Hanover, to be honest.  I think it's still in Lebanon so I'm including it here.  The Monsoon, owned by the same people who own Sweet Tomatoes, has yet to reprimand us for making any inquiries. We've only been there a few times, each time an absolute treat.  The Monsoon is a Thai restaurant, although they have some Chinese and Japanese cuisine mixed in for good measure.  The service is very good, and the food is excellent.  In fact, the first time we went, I had something, and I can't remember what it was (much to my frustration) that was one of the most delicious meals I have ever had in my entire life!  Granted, I may have been very hungry that night, but something made it taste like someone had gone the extra mile preparing it.  The atmosphere is unique: large metal panels hover overhead, and a good use of iron piping, wood, and glass make the entire restaurant gleam with unfamiliar appeal.  It's out of the way, but the trip is worth it.  A hefty menu and friendly service make The Monsoon top of my list of Lebanon eateries as my number one favorite.

Bagel Basement

This isn't really a restaurant.  It's not really a basement either.  Located on Route 120 just before it goes into super highway mode, you can stop in for... you guessed it: a bagel.  Top your bagel off with cream cheese, or my personal favorite: ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickle for one insane sandwich.  The people in there look at you funny if you have to think about what you want, but they're all pretty friendly, although them seem rushed at times.  Overall, it's really a breakfast and lunch place.  I don't believe that they are open very late into the evening anyways.

Peking Duck

I think that's what this place is called.  It's right near the Bagel Basement, I think.  I've never been there myself.  The food is pretty good.  It's a Chinese place, and they have awesome General Chow's Chicken.  Stop here if you want Chinese food.  I believe they also do sushi here, and takeout is available if they really are the ones that do the sushi.


The Mobil Station on Route 4, the stretch known as the "Miracle Mile".  They have a deli in there, and I hear it's not too bad.

China Delight

I think that's the name of this place.  It's next to the Little Caesars in the same general area as the movie theater.  It's OK, although not as good as the Peking Duck.  

That's it for the Lebanon area.  Next we take on West Lebanon.


Dunkin Donuts

No drive through service.  Boo.


There is a Subway located on Route 12A, although most people never really see it cause it's tucked right up in there.  You have to go past the Power House to get to it.  A Subway is a Subway, but let me tell you this:  They are deathly slow in there.  I've only gone there twice.  The last time I was in there I stood in line 45 minutes before I got my food ready, and got back to work late because of it.  Slow.  Slow.

Lui Lui's

Awesome place.  They were also cool when we ordered eight pizzas for takeout during the middle of the day.  And yes, they are a pizza place.  They do salads and stuff like that too, but everyone goes there for the pizza.  It's out of this world.  I generally dislike pizza, but Lui Luis just gives a whole new dimension to pizza.


Shorty's is a Mexican sort of place.  The food there is ok.  I'm not into Mexican food that much so I don't have much to offer.  It's a good place to go in and sit down for lunch and dinner though.


There is a KFC on 12A.  It's pretty slow.  It's a KFC.  There isn't much else to say.

There is a D'Angelo's a little further down the street.  They make great sandwiches there, although it's a pain to park there.


I have some really nasty stories about this McDonalds.  You can probably read about them on some of the other pages, although I'm not going to link to them.  It comes down to this:  This McDonalds is one of the best in the morning, and the nastiest, most disgusting McDonalds at night.  For breakfast, I don't believe I had ever had to wait there more than about 30 seconds for my food in the drive through.  They have the best morning crew ever.  Try not to go in after 1 PM though.

Burger King

They have a neat dining room here.  It's a big wooden circle frame, and light shines in from all around.  Other than that, I'm sure you can guess the rest.


Stereotypical Denny's.


They're really fast here too.  I've found you don't have to be scared any time of the day when approaching the Lebanon Wendy's.


Chiles is totally cool.  Try the boneless buffalo wings.  They are great.  There's just something about not worry about bones when making a glutton of yourself.  Mainly the food there is Mexican in nature, although they adhere to the Wild Wild West motif just as well.  The atmosphere is really great, too, especially at night.  Expect to wait.


Just as cool as Chiles, Applebee's has been around a little bit longer, although not a lot, and every night it seems like the place is packed solid.  Nothing but good old fashioned American food severed here.  Actually I take that back.  They have some foreign cuisines here, but overall it's just a friendly little bar and grill, in franchise format.  Expect to wait.

The Weathervane

You like seafood?  This is about your only option.  Although this isn't really the sort of place you'd want to bring your prom date, it's really not too shabby and the food is fairly fresh.  What it lacks in freshness it makes up in portion size.

The Indian Restaurant

I'm so sorry, I can't remember the name of this place.  I'll be honest with you.  It's awesome.  The food here gives you energy.  That's something my friend told me, and he's right.  You eat here and you feel afterwards you feel weird, like you want to go running through the woods beating up goons and thugs.  OK, maybe not to that extent, but if you're sick of all the regular places to eat, check this place out.  Better like spicy food.