11/2011 update. Page is 12 years old. None of this is true anymore, probably.

Warning! Page written 11/1999. Things have changed.

Lebanon NH

The Lebanon area of New Hampshire has quite a bit to offer.  If you include West Lebanon, you increase the amount of places to explore by a large amount.  West Lebanon is a more commercialized portion of the area, and while Lebanon is a mile out of the way, we will often refer to the whole area as simply "Lebanon" instead of getting caught up in any technicalities.

Route 12A comes up through West Lebanon from the South, intersecting Route 4, which bisects New Hampshire horizontally.  Route 4 goes from Vermont to Maine, and Lebanon, being right on the Connecticut River, is naturally the first city in NH the road enters.  Route 4 will take you from West Lebanon straight through the center of Lebanon.  While you're in Lebanon, Route 4 is also referred to as Mechanic Street, and also as "The Miracle Mile".  There is much speculation as to why it is a "miracle", although many believe this to be related to some of the businesses uncanny ability to remain alive despite their apparent fortunes.  If you follow Route 4 into town, you'll intersect Route 120, which runs somewhat parallel to Route 12A.  Route 120 will bring you into Hanover if you stay on it long enough.  

The Lebanon area offers a rather static night of typical weekend entertainments: a movie theater, many interesting places to eat, and an ever growing amount of shopping plazas.