These first two pictures are panoramics I took of the park a few weeks before First Night.  They are much longer than they appear in the thumbnails here.
This is the other panoramic.  This one faces the Moody Building and the Bullpen.
This is the Claremont Middle School with the band they hosted on First Night.
Erik Evensen drew people at the Moody Building for a modest fee of nothing. 
This is the Chamber of Commerce, with a llama in it, something you probably wont see more than a few times a year...
The Opera House stage in The Opera House, obvioulsy.  Nothing was performing yet, cause they were in between shows, and I didnt want to bug anyone with the camera flash.
This is the statue in the park.  Cool huh?
This is the park again, with a cool little flashy thing goin' on with the lights.