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Sesame Hood was written as a non-profit satire that hopefully induces some form of humor to those who read it. The use of copyrighted characters are property of their respective owners.

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Well, the idea behind Sesame Hood is clear. It's a satire about modern-day life and an excuse to make fun of it. Other than that, it was written by a couple guys who were bored. In fact, it feels a bit dated, because it was written about two years ago. And if that isn't enough, all you're getting for the gangsta talk is a couple New England guys trying to show off miserably. I know it's sad, but I don't want to change it. I'm too lazy. If you have any submisions or ideas that can be drawn off of, tell me. If I ever get bored I might put it in.

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Sesame Hood was written by Patrick Raymond and me.

This site was created, and is maintained by me! All of it! Ha ha ha!

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