This is Brother Galuten. My form was filled out incorrectly. I am not from NH, but from four locations: Vanilla Lake, Choco Island(at the top of choco mountain), the Mushroom Kingdom, and DK's Jungle. I have recently become good friend of the kingdom. I know the mushroom kingdom guards very well, and have seen glimpses of mario from a far. He sat upon Yoshi, with the sun setting behind him. I was also introduced to the princess.

I love your site...(bowing),please send me mail at [address]...i wish I had some input,but thats why I am on your board...trying to find my innerchild..or fatalities.....peace out ray.... [from Judy]

I would like some Stickers and blood of Mario. How would I go about getting these things? I already joined the brotherhood. Please mail me at [address].

Russell Ryan

Dear Russell:

Getting Mario blood is as easy as one, two, three!

First, you must get to Mario World. Unfortunately, our universes phase inverter doesn't often match their realm, so you may find yourself looking around at the hardware store for a flux capacitor array that matches that of the mushroom kingdom. If you do make it to the mushroom kingdom, you are ready for phase two.

Phase two: Directory assistance in the Mushroom Kingdom. This is super easy. Find a pipe with a pirana plant in it. Take a fresh bottle of Thousand Island dressing from a local convenience store with you and threaten the pirana plant with it for a dime. When he gives you a dime, go to a pay phone and call up the Mario World blood bank.

Phase Three: Blood Bank- Mario blood can be found at the Mario World blood bank. If you take some out, however, they will request that you donate a like amount in the future. When you do, they will give you your stickers then.

Thank you for your interest in the MarioKart Religion.

I have been on the quest many time and am glad that finally somebody has kindled the flame that will show the true way. Mario Kart is more than a game, it's a phylosophy. It is a thing that is not to be taken lightly by those who do not understand its true power. Mario is a god, and I spit on those that think that he is but a character in some game that was made for kids. You are the messenger of the good word of Mario. You have used the web to spread the word and all shall hear it in its infinite wisdom.

Joe Waltz

You guys are Freaks! What is the purpse of putting this page on the internet it's just taking up space. Oh, by the way Luigi is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodby you idiot.

"Billy Bob"

Evidently "Billy Bob", the pussy who couldn't use his real name, thought it reasonable to trash this site. Well, ol' "Billy", we just looked up your IP address, and we know for a fact that you're living in Halifax, Virginia. In fact, you can call up his Internet Provider here:

1089 Evergreen Trail
Halifax, Virginia 24558-9673
Voice: 804-572-5240

Just tell 'em over at Halifax that those "Freaks" put up a webpage, wasting their own space, and were harrassed by a user on March 11, 1997 around 8:00 PM.

Thank you, "Billy Bob", for your interest in the MarioKart Religion. Ya little putz...

I like this game like cheese on a wagon!

-Bruce Kimbark

I used to be from Boston. Now I live in Madison. Also, the aforementioned homepage is not mine but is dedicated to me. That should count for something. I have installed monolithic shrines to Mariokart and Mariokart64 in both madison and boston, where fellow disciples and I play Mariokart with religious fervor.

One question: How well must I race to compete against course ghosts? I have annihilated luigi, princess, and, yes, even lord mario. Why are my times not sufficient to win the respect of Wario, Yoshi, et. al.? I need guidance.

Tony Cooke 64

"Some people play with red turtle shells and stars... I prefer a finesse game with feathers and banana peels."

--source unknown

Well, friend, you see, Wario doesn't do respect. So that's the quick answer to him right there. Yoshi can give out repect, but only if you've truly earned it. Keep up on the banana peels and feathers philosophy and you'll earn that respect. As for the others- the only advice I can give you is drive faster.

The koopa troopa, as played by the JZA, will dominate the Princess and all others. Koopa rules, and the Jza will forever be victorious on Bowser Castle 1. Battle mode most of the time too.

-JZA James Brandtjen

Hola, a mi me gusta este juego. Soy hispanica. Soy gorda.

Susan Megalopolis

Estimado Susan:

Estoy alegre está gordura. Algún día espero que todo el mundo en Tierra sea tan gordo come está.

I was just wondering? Does the maker of this page live in Claremont, CA? If s/he does, then that is very cool! I live right next door in UPLand! Nifty! E-mail me, maker of this page! I want to talk to you about it!

David Ahn

Lo siento, David, but the maker of this page lives in the infamous Claremont New Hampshire. I know there's only two Claremonts in America, and a Clermont in France, but the best I can give you just isn't enough. Sorry man. Hey, maybe I'll mo ve to CA someday...

I wish I was Mario, because at the end of Super Mario 64 the Princess gives him a big wet sloppy kiss right on the nose!

Joe Bloggs

Don't we all! Don't we? Hello?

Do not underestimate the power of the green shells.

Paul Abbazia THE PAL


Wilkey, Jacob (son)

I bought the system a week ago and have done nothing since, but sleep, eat and dream MarioKart. I have already begun my prayers for MarioKart II.

VA Parsons

I live in renfrew and the name that I have put up is not my real one.I do not know what my websites name is because my brother is always on our computer(same thing with E-mail addresse.Anyways enough about me , let's talk some major mariokart maddness.My cousin owns mariokart for the snes and I can't get enough of it.I have also played mariokart 64 at a friends house.The only reason I put down mariokart snes down as my favorite is because whenever I play mariokart 64 I get Koopa-Troopa withdrawl simptoms. Otherwise mariokart 64 would have my vote. I hope you get this comment.Even if you do I won't know.If I find out my E-mail addresse I'll send in another one of these coment boxes.


From the Book of Bowser: And our lord did go down unto the place of fire and Brimstone and he gaveth challenge unto the dark lord of the castle, saying "oh ye of the turtle clan, should ye attempt harrasment again of my disciples or my princess, I shall come unto your castle bearing multiple red shells and kick your spiny turtle behind back to the sewers where it dost belong with other freak turtles. And the Dark lord accepted the challenge and was beaten into the the next system, falling forever in the abyss underneath the rainbow road. And life was good.

During a 150cc race, I took a leap of faith on rainbow road while playing as luigi, and who other than the great lord mario infused me with his spirit and guided me safely back on track and ahead of the other racers. I am a believer.

Me and me friends have always thought we were alone, now I know that other's have seen the light of Mario. Mario Kart is life, that's the begining and end of it. Have you considered adding a page with different secrets that some people have found. I know very well of the ways of Mario Kart and have found almost every shortcut possible, and I would love to share them with fellow Mariosymbionts. Thank-you for taking the time to make this page, for this Mario will forever be with you.

Yes my brothers, the reverand is here to cleanse your souls. I will rid thou of nasty playstation thoughts and fill them with happy, joyous N64 dreams! I am from Traverse City Mi which if you hold up your left hand, palm out, it is where your pinky meets your ring finger at the top. That is all, signing off, The Reverand

Hi my name is kris I love Nintendo favorite game is Mario Kart.I come from Canada Watford Ontario .My favorite player is Yoshi I think he is cool .I want Nintendo 64 for my birthday.

a book of Psalm?SURE.Psalm 1:119.OK,down to meat!I'm going to sum you idiots up in one word naaaa' more like a lot.DORKS JERKS ATHEISTS PUNKS ect. get with it!your page stinks!!!!what is wrong with you!!!!and MAKE me submit once!!!!

Well, he was 11 or 12. Very mature. I'm sure he'll enjoy his new subscription to my S&M newsletter, as will his daddy..

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