Book of Luigi
And so it came to pass that the great lord Mario became our savior and guardian. The brother of our lord, the humble Luigi, came from the Rainbow Bridge and spoke to us from on high, saying, "You have all seen the majesty of my brother, Mario. You have watched his gait and seen his incredible leaping abilities. You have also been witness to his most remarkable attribute, his all-holy driving skills. Some of you have even taken pilgrimage to Yoshi's Island to be baptized by Mario and cleansed of your sins. But you have not seen it all yet - for there will be a second coming. Yes, the all-mighty Mario will come again from the mystical Donut Plains of the Mushroom Kingdom to judge all, living, dead, undead, and inanimate. He will forgive all, and purge your sins from your bodies, so that you may begin your holy journey over the Rainbow Road to heaven. This is the prophecy of Mario."
Book of Toad
And Saint Toad, in his wisdom, held the red shell up on high, saying "Oh Mario, our lord of lords, our plumber of plumbers, our championship Kart racer (except for the Princess), bless this red shell that with it, Kart racers may blow the crap out of each other. In thy infinite mercy, please make it so." And the face of Mario appeared in the clouds, and it did speak, saying, "The red shell represents my soul. When you have the red shell in your posession, hold it sacred and use it wisely, for when you have it you know that I am with you. It is a holy tool to be used in your pilgrimage to the Rainbow Road."

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