horsie.jpg (13073 bytes)Dude, hi, I'm the iron horsie cacahead.   But you don't have to take my word for it.  150 years ago me and my brothers were grazing in a field, and all of the sudden a giant blast of thermonuclear engergy penetrated our brains!  Soon, our cerbral cortexes were like, huge, and we started to learn how to adapt in new environments.  As we evolved, some of us turned evil and took over large cities and other places like mountains and stuff.

Anyways, after we split up into two different groups, we each started our own practices and developed our own followings.  We always remained secret forces in your human world, but now the evil CacaHeads have decided that they're going to conquer humanity!  

What can be done about this horrible act of indecency?  Well, ugh.. nothing.   CacaHeads are stupid.  yeah.  nevermind.

2011 holy crap.