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Fanfic » Anime » Digimon » The Shadow font size: (+) : (-)
Author: logan
G - English - Poetry - Reviews: 70 - Publish date: 12-30-00 - Updated: 03-08-01 storyid: 157756

I don't own anyone. This poem is based on taiora. Granted, you could attach it to whoever you like, but know that it was meant to be a taiora. It's a bit on the sad side... but don't worry my taiora brethren. This is just how tai feels before sora finds out he loves her. ^_^' (hey I wrote it, I get to believe what I want about it) oh and don't worry my new fic is in the process of being written... can't promise a date for the first installment... but it is being worked on)

mail me at Logan91235@aol.com

(Merry Christmas Angel... it's a bit angsty.... ^_^)

The Shadow

by Logan

I watched you as a shadow, with words I meant to say

with silent vows I pledged my love each and every day

I see you as a shadow, I know you too be true

I awe at every move you make and every thing you do

I shared in your every joy and pain, as if it were my own

and with your pain my heart did break for it isn't made of stone

shadows know no fear or pain, this is far from true

for I die each day in agony which wasn't spent with you

I'll love you as a shadow, it's simply meant to be

the single fault you seem to have is that you cannot see

to you I am a shadow, never meant to be

how sad I feel to know the truth,

you never noticed me.....