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Fanfic » Anime » Digimon » How to Fly font size: (+) : (-)
Author: Artisan of the Written Word
PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 130 - Publish date: 11-17-00 - Updated: 01-29-01 storyid: 114954


Disclaimer: I own nothing of Digimon relation. Never have, never will. Okay, this is going to be kind of long (what an understatement). The part of the song that is mentioned first in this story is by Matchbox Twenty off the CD Mad Season. It's BENT and Rob Thomas wrote it, not me. The other two songs are from the first Tonic CD, Lemon Parade. The first one is called LEMON PARADE and the one after that is SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER. (Those two are like my most favorite cds in the world.) I hope you guys like this one. It's the last fanfic in the series. I don't think I'll write any more after this. It depends. ::sighs:: I really did have a good time writing them, though. You know, getting the creative juices flowing. Alright. Enough of my psycho babble or whatever you're supposed to call it these days. Here goes nothing and everything at once. (Oh yeah. Thanks to Logan for his advice on the ending of the fanfic!)

Tai's heart skipped a beat.

"What the hell are you talking about, Joe?" he asked, his heart now speeding to an easy 100 beats per minute. Joe managed to pry Tai's softening grip from his shirt.

"I'm sorry, Tai. It's just that she-"

"She hurt herself, Tai. It just doesn't look good," Izzy finished for him. Joe nodded. Tai's face seemed to darken.

"She hurt herself? How?" he asked, afraid that he already knew the answer.

"She slit her wrists in what they believe to be... a... a suicide attempt," Matt said sadly. Tai's vision became blurry. He staggered suddenly, rubbing his temples furiously. Joe seemed worried.

"Are you okay, Tai?" he asked. Tai shook his head furiously.

"No. Not unless she is. I'M COMING, SORA!" he yelled. He pushed his way through the crowd of digidestined and ran as fast as he could, but came to a screeching halt not twenty feet from them. "Which hospital, Joe?"

"Odaiba Medical Cen-" Joe didn't even finish his answer before Tai disappeared out of sight.

"I wonder what his problem is," Davis said. Kari turned and punched him in the shoulder. Davis cried out in pain. "What was that for?" Kari clenched her teeth.

"He loves her and you're wondering what his problem is? Either you're an insensitive jerk or just really stupid," she scolded. Davis shrank back nervously. T.K. smiled slightly at Davis' response, but then became serious again.

"I think we better follow him. Tai might do something that he shouldn't." Kari nodded.

"T.K.'s right. Let's go!" she commanded. Everyone ran after Tai.
Tai was running faster than he ever had before. As the old saying said, fear is a good motivator. Tai feared for Sora's life and his own. Tai blinked away the thought of Sora completely rejecting him. She had, but he didn't completely believe that it was true. Nevertheless, the option of taking his own life was still tempting. He wouldn't yet though, because if she did love him, the pain that she would feel would be far too much for Tai. He loved her, and any pain, emotional or physical, that he would do to her would hurt him one billion times worse. He kept running at full speed. His lungs felt like they were going to explode, but he kept running. His heart beat was steadily increasing, but he no longer noticed. Sora was the one and only thing on his mind. He rounded a corner and saw a sign that said ODAIBA MEDICAL CENTER. On it, there was an arrow that pointed to EMERGENCY. Tai quickly sped toward the emergency room with all his might. He made it, but he felt awful. His worry for Sora with the combined force of the stitch in his side almost drove him crazy. Tai saw the receptionist desk and ran toward it with all the strength that he had in his body. When he got to the desk, he almost collapsed from the near three miles that he had ran without stopping. The receptionist looked at him quizzically.

"Are you alright, sir?" she asked politely. Tai didn't answer her question.

"Where... is... Sora... Takenouchi?" he asked in between breaths. The receptionist quickly looked at the computer screen and tapped the keys a few times.

"Oh, my. She's on the third floor, I believe. Yes. She's Room... 301," she said. Tai whispered a thank you and sped down the hall. The receptionist watched him until he was out of sight with a slight shake of her head for his reckless behavior. Tai went around one corner and then another. The elevators were no where in sight. He looked around him frantically. A doctor came into view from around one of the many corners on this floor.

"Doctor! Where are the elevators?" he asked, glancing at an elderly man in a wheel chair being pushed by a young nurse. The doctor pointed down the hall.

"Go all the way down and turn right and then right again, I believe," he directed. Tai nodded and began to walk briskly. "Oh, if you want something quicker to get to, the stairs are right here," the doctor said, pointing to a door with a "stairs" sign on it. Tai nodded.

"Thank you, sir," he said quietly as he ran to the door. The doctor began walking again. Tai opened the door and saw that there were two flights of stairs between each floor. Tai figured he had eight flights of stairs to go. "One... two... three..." he counted to himself. He got to the fourth and was relieved to see the door said "FLOOR THREE" on it. "I never was good at math," he whispered to himself, but quickly pushed his thoughts away. "I'm coming, Sora," he whispered over and over again. He opened the door to see an endless row of doors on his right and left. He saw the nearest patient door to him and looked at the number. 386. "Damn!" He was on the far side of the floor. Tai made his feet pick up speed as he rushed through the corridor. The nurses and patients all looked at him nervously, but said nothing. Tai watched the numbers whiz by. 365... 357... 321.... 315.... 309... 303.... He was almost there. 301. Tai was standing outside her door. It was closed, like many of the others, but this one seemed to have an intimidating air around it. "Quit being a wuss, Tai. You love her," he privately consoled. He took a deep breath and put his hand on the door knob. Gathering all his will, he twisted the knob and stepped inside.
"Come on, Davis! You're slowing us all down," Cody told him. They were walking to the hospital rather than running for fear that they'd all not make it from exhaustion. Davis was frequently stopping, complaining of his feet hurting.

"My feet, hurt, Cody. Give me a break. I'm not a machine," he retorted childishly. Yolei and Kari looked at each other.

"No, you're just stupid," Kari whispered to Yolei, making her laugh. Davis fumed, but quickly got over it.

"C'mon, Davis. We don't know what Tai will do to himself," T.K. urged. Davis sighed.

"Whatever, T.A.. I don't see why we're going anyway. It's not like we can stop him from doing something." Joe, Matt, and Izzy all looked at each other.

"I hate to admit he does have a point," Izzy said, trying to point out the logical side, even if he didn't like it. Joe nodded.

"But we can help to stop it. You know, maybe we could persuade him," he offered. Matt shook his head.

"When Tai is bent on something, you can't make him change that easily," he contradicted. Kari sighed.

"He is strong. He's stronger than any of us," she said, bowing her head. T.K. immediately put a hand on her shoulder in comfort, making Davis squirm with envy.

"Don't worry, Kari. Tai will be alright. Like you said, he's strong. He'll make it," he consoled. Kari lifted her head and smiled.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" she shouted as a battle cry and they all headed off toward the Odaiba Medical Center.
"Oh my God...." Tai whispered when he saw her. Sora was sleeping soundly, but her breathing was steady. She was hooked up to two IVs. One was blood and the other was something clear. There was a heart monitor on one side of the bed. Ms. Takenouchi was sitting by her daughter in silence. Sora's beautiful hands were wrapped up in bandages, which showed fresh blood coming through. "Sora," he whispered. He came a step closer when he heard a low sound that sounded like a growl.

"Stay away from her," Sora's mother whispered. Tai stood his ground.

"Never. I love her," he said. Ms. Takenouchi got up with a slow movement and walked two steps closer to Tai.

"No, you don't. You're the cause of this. Because of you, I may never hear my baby talk again. What have you done? GET OUT!" she screamed. Tai almost stepped back out of fear, but stepped forward out of courage and a certain love for Sora.

"No, I won't. I love her." Ms. Takenouchi stepped forward as if accepting the challenge.

"No. I won't let my daughter be around such a bad influence. You changed my daughter. You cause her pain.

"I did nothing like that and you know it. You cause her pain, not me. You didn't stop her father, but I'll stop you," he whispered in a deathly tone. Sora's mother seemed shocked.

"Leave her father out of this!" Tai smiled slightly, knowing he had hit something that ran deep.

"I will not. She's the one who is suffering, and you just stand by like nothing has gone wrong before. She loves you, but you don't want to listen to her or express any concern or anything. What kind of mother are you?" he scolded. Sora's mother suddenly began to cry. She pushed her way passed Tai, opened the door behind him, and rushed out into the hall to who-knew-where. Tai walked closer to Sora's bed.

"So this is what angels look like when they're sleeping," he whispered to himself with a smile, but it quickly became saddened. "I have to admit, Sora. I thought that I would have seen you sleeping in my arms, not in a hospital bed. You're still just as beautiful, though," he whispered to her. He took off his school uniform jacket and threw it in a chair on the far side of the room. He leaned on the safety rails that were up around her bed. Apparently, they had just rolled her in this room or the rails would have been down. Tai carefully reached out and brushed Sora's red hair from her face. He couldn't help but rest his hand on her forehead, just to touch her. He carefully took her wounded hands and looked at them. They were beginning to get a deeper crimson color to them, as if the wounds were still bleeding. Just then, a doctor burst in the door. "Um, Doctor? How is she? Is she going to make it?" Tai asked, putting her hand down gently. The doctor looked at him suspiciously. It was the same one that had given him directions earlier. Tai glanced at his name tag. It read Doctor Louis Kessler.

"Are you family? I can only give that kind of information out to a family member." Tai thought quickly. He couldn't say that they were best friends. What could he say? He said the first thing that came to mind.

"She's my wife," he said, and then tried not to show his anger at himself for lying so. The doctor's eyes narrowed.

"Your wife? Aren't you two a little young? It says here that she's seventeen and single," he said, looking down at a chart and then back up to the now sweating Tai.

"Yes, we got married a month ago," he whispered. The doctor smirked.

"Not making her too happy, are you?" he jeered. Tai frowned.

"We've had a rocky start, but this has nothing to do with that. How is she?" he asked. The doctor shook his head and took a pen out of his breast pocket.

"Not until I know your name for future reference." Tai sighed in frustration. This lie was getting deeper and deeper.

"Tai Kamiya. That's K-A-M-I-Y-A." The doctor scribbled it down and then put it back into his pocket.

"Okay, now that that's settled, she's not doing too well, Mr. Kamiya. She seems to have cut a major vein, which may have been her purpose. To make matters worse, she has a low platelet count in her blood, so that's why we're giving her a platelet saturated blood transfusion."

"What about her wrists? They're still bleeding," he said pointing to the blood soaked bandages.

"That's a problem. We can't seem to get the bleeding stopped, and the loss of blood is making her very tired. She needs to stay awake, but the only pills that we have in stock for that counteract the platelet transfusion, so she may be asleep for a while." Tai looked to his make-believe wife and back to the cocky doctor.

"Thank you, sir," he whispered halfheartedly. The doctor came around to Tai's side of the bed and began to check the blood bag that hung on a long metal pole.

"Let me check this and then you two can be alone. Excuse me," he said, reaching for the bag. He looked at it, made a few marks on his chart, and left. The room was Tai and Sora's again.

"Hello, Mrs. Kamiya. Wait until you hear that one, kid. Wake up, Sora. I want to talk with you. I'd sing to you, but I don't want you to have nightmares when you go back to sleep. Besides, you'd wake up screaming. You always said I sounded like a duck, remember?" he whispered, laughing quietly. He drew up a stool that he saw in the corner of the room and sat down. Tai gently stroked Sora's pale arm. "God, don't let her leave me." Tai began to cry silently. Suddenly, the door burst open and in flew Joe, Matt, Izzy, Yolei, Davis, Cody, T.K. and Kari.

"Hey, Tai. We would have been here sooner except for-"

"Yes, me. We know, we know," Davis said, interrupting T.K. Tai laughed.

"That's okay," he said. Joe and the others looked at him quizzically. They could see the traces of tears on his face and how sad he looked.

"Are you okay, Tai?" Matt asked. Tai sighed and told them everything that Doctor Kessler had said.

".... So, no, I'm not okay," Tai finished with a heavy heart. Joe seemed confused.

"How did you get him to tell you that? They have a policy that you have to be family," he pointed out. Tai sighed and then laughed lightly.

"I told him that she was my wife," he said, still laughing a little. Everyone looked at him suspiciously.

"Your wife? How romantic! I wish I had a boyfriend like that. Wow," Yolei said dreamily. Cody elbowed her sharply.

"Shhh, Yolei," he scolded.

"I'm not her boyfriend yet, but I care too much about her to just sit in the dark," he explained. Everyone nodded in agreement.
They all stayed for another hour or two, but slowly began to go home. Soon, it was only TK, Kari, Matt, and Joe left. Izzy went home to see if he could find anything for him to help. Joe and Matt finally said their goodbyes and left. T.K. kissed Kari goodbye and left soon afterwards. Tai watched the clock over Sora's bed tick by slowly. Kari stood beside him.

"I'm going to go home, Tai. You need anything? Since you are her husband, you can stay overnight," Kari said with a smirk. Tai smirked back, but only out of sarcasm.

"Stay a little bit longer. Maybe she'll come out of it," he said, glancing from Sora's sleeping body to Kari.

"Just a little bit, but it's almost time for supper," she said. Tai nodded.

"I know, but just hold on." Kari nodded hesitantly. Suddenly, the door burst open again and there was Sora's mother.

"What do you want?" Tai asked rudely. Ms. Takenouchi looked him suspiciously.

"I should ask you the same question."

"You know why I'm here. I care about her. I don't know about you, though," Tai shot back. Ms. Takenouchi growled but then regained her composure while walking toward her daughter.

"I know you can't hear me, but it's worth a try. I can't spend the night here because I have to take care of the flower shop, but I'll see you as soon as I can. And don't worry. I called your dad and he'll be here soon," she whispered. Tai's eyes widened in surprise.

"Whom did you say?"

"Her father, you idiot," she whispered. Tai looked shocked.

"No, you can't call him! He made her life miserable in the first place!" he yelled. Her mother cringed.

"I don't want to talk about it. He's on his way and he'll be here tonight. I suggest you leave before he gets here," she said, putting her hand up to Tai to silence him. Ms. Takenouchi bent down and kissed her daughter's forehead and left. There was a disturbing silence as Tai just stared at Sora with eyes that said I'm sorry. All that could be heard was the steady beep of the heart monitor and Tai, Kari, and Sora's breathing. Kari couldn't stand it anymore.

"I'm going home, Tai. Do you need anything?" she asked. Tai nodded.

"I need my clothes for tonight and tomorrow."

"You need to tell Mom and Dad first."

"I don't care. Just bring me the clothes after supper."

"Yeah, okay. But why? Sora's mom said her dad was coming."

"Yeah, I know. That's why I have to stay. He'll do something really bad to her, and I'm not going to let him do it. He will not touch her without killing me first."
"Here, Tai. I came as soon as I could. Mom and Dad aren't happy with you at all, you know. They said that they'll ground you for a long, long time," Kari said as she rushed in the hospital room for the second time that day. She threw Tai's backpack with his clothes in it to him. "I gave you some time so they wouldn't come to the hospital. I didn't tell them what hospital she was in." Tai nodded.

"Thanks, Kari. I owe you one," he said. He stared at Sora. She hadn't moved since he had gotten there. Her chest rose and sank steadily, but there was this sinking feeling in Tai's chest that it may just sink and not come back up. Kari saw how said he was and tried to compensate.

"She'll be okay, Tai. She's stronger than you think she is. She always a strong one in the group," Kari consoled. Tai smiled at her.

"God, I hope so," he whispered. Kari waved hesitantly waved goodbye to him and walked out the door to go back home. Tai glanced at his disappearing sister and then back to Sora. Her hair was back in her eyes. That meant that she had moved at one time or another.

"Come on, Sora. Wake up," he whispered to her. He wanted to shake her, maybe get her up, but he knew that he would just make the situation worse. He sighed and looked around him. There was a mirror behind a sink on one side of the room. There was a chair that could be transformed into a bed on the other. Tai and Sora were in the middle of the room. There was a TV on a stand in the far corner of the room. Tai made no attempt to turn it on, though he knew exactly what he'd turn to. MTV, he and Sora's favorite channel. That brought back memories of when they were younger and watched TV and listened to music all the time. Tai smiled. "Hey, you remember that CD that you like so well? You know, that Matchbox Twenty CD that you always listen to at my house? Wasn't it like Mad Season or something like that? You can have it when you wake up, if you want. I can't think of anybody else that I'd rather let have it." His smile faded. "You've got to wake up first. Come on, Sora. Don't die on me. I need you more than ever right now." Just then a song popped into his head.

"If I fall along the way, pick me up and dust me off. And if I get too tired to make it, be my breath so I can walk. If I need some other love then give me more than I can stand. If my smile gets old and faded, wait around I'll smile again," he sang to her. Tai never actually sang like a duck. Sora had always told him that because she was jealous of the comforting tone his singing voice brought. His voice seemed to have a calming effect that she had always loved, but never let on to doing so. "Shouldn't be so complicated, just hold me and then." That's when Tai started to cry again. "Just hold me... again," he whispered through tears. He started to cry hysterically now. His tears seemed like they would never stop. His sobs began to get deeper as the combined force of what Sora had said to him the night before and what was happening now clashed in his mind. It was all so overwhelming. He kept thinking of the different ways to kill himself. He felt like he couldn't take it anymore. He loved her and nothing could stop that. Tai remembered vaguely when they had flew together. How he could feel her soul become intertwined with his in a daze of passion. And then the second kiss, in which Sora had the wings of an angel. Tai began to cry harder when he realized that that could be the last time they would share such a moment. Then there were the few times that they could hear, see, and feel everything around them. Tai's sobbing began to get so bad that his body began to tremble.

"You didn't finish the song, Tai," a voice whispered. Tai looked up sharply, his crying stopping immediately.

"Sora? Are you awake?" he asked eagerly. Sora opened her eyes lazily.

"Well, that voice of yours woke me up. You could wake up the dead with a voice like that," she said sarcastically.

"Thank you, God! I thought I'd never talk to you again! God, I love you! Are you alright? Can I get you anything?" he asked, still ecstatic.

"Calm down, Tai. I'm fine. Come here," she said. Tai bent down close to her face. "I can't hold you, but I can kiss you," she whispered. Tai smiled widely.

"That's good enough for me," he whispered back. He leaned down closer and kissed her gently. They weren't whisked away into the world of their making this time. This time, they just kissed, and the feelings they felt were unparalleled by any other. Words cannot describe what Tai and Sora felt as they seemed to melt together. Sora broke the kiss, much to Tai's dismay. "Don't tell me you're going to run from me again," he whispered worriedly.

"I wouldn't dream of it," she whispered. Tai smile grew brighter.

"I love you and I always will," he said, touching his nose to hers. She giggled suddenly at the warm feeling he brought to her.

"I love you, too, Tai. This time, I won't run. I mean it. I do love you," she whispered. Tai felt a sudden void that he hadn't known was in his soul being filled up. That's all he needed. He needed her. He could live without food and water for days, but he realized that without her, he would die in seconds. He gently kissed her cheek and her forehead and sat back down on the stool.

"So, will you go out with me? I mean, you should since you're already married to me," he said, grinning wildly. Sora pushed a button on the rail that made the top of the bed fold up. When she had it in position, she was sitting straight up.

"Married to you? Aren't you moving a little too fast?" Tai laughed.

"Well, to find out what was wrong with you, I had to say I was family. The first thing that came out of my mouth was I was your husband. See, it takes a real man to lie like that," he said. Sora laughed.

"Sure it does. Well, I guess I will go out with you. Sora Kamiya. That has a nice ring to it. Though Sora Kido or Sora Ishida, something to that effect sounds a little better," she said menacingly. Tai just grinned that cockeyed grin of his.

"Yeah right. If you're looking for husband material though, you've got me," he said proudly. Sora just rolled her eyes melodramatically.

"Yeah, if I wanted someone who sounded like a duck when he sings and practiced soccer in his khakis and went outside in cold weather with no shirt on, you'd be first on my list. But if I wanted a doctor or a rock and roll star I could go for-"

"Don't start, Sora. You just woke up. I don't want to have to knock you back out," he threatened playfully. He and Sora laughed.

"So, what did the doctor say?" she asked. Tai told her everything that the doctor had said, including his rude comments.

"I think you'll be okay, though. Look. The blood in the bag is almost gone. You should feel a lot better pretty soon," he said. Sora nodded.

"I hope so," she said, turning to Tai with a smile. He smiled back.

"Um, Sora? I've got some bad news," Tai said. Sora looked at him quizzically.

"What is it?" she asked. Tai sighed heavily.

"Your mother called... your mom called your dad today. She said he'd be here tonight," he said grimly. Sora's face went from happiness to the purest animosity.

"My father?" Tai nodded. Sora's face went blank. Suddenly, she started to cry. She was silent, but her tears seem to scream at Tai.

"Don't cry, Sora. That's why I'm staying overnight and everything. I'm going to make sure he doesn't touch you," he consoled. He put down the guard rail that was on his side and sat on the bed with his back against the bed right beside Sora. "Don't cry," he whispered again and put her head against his shoulder and hugged her tightly. Suddenly, she burst out into tears, making his shirt soaking wet. He didn't mind, however. He was going to be there for her no matter what. "Shhhh. Don't cry. You'll be alright. I'm going to protect you." She still cried with Tai's consoling words. He tried to think of what else he could say. Then it hit him.

"I wish I'd seen you as a little girl, without your armor to fend off the world. I would have kept you underneath my wing. I would protect you from everything.

"Make way for the lemon parade. Make way for my girl. Make way for the lemon parade, Make way for my girl.

"Did the boys all tease you when they had the chance? Always left standing when it came time to dance. Did you hide behind your books, girl? Did you find your secret friends? Always I'll want you. Always till the end.

"Make way for the lemon parade. Make way for my girl. Make way for the lemon parade. Make way for my girl. Make way for my girl," Tai sang softly. Sora had stopped crying. She kissed his neck gently, making him shudder lightly in ecstacy.

"Sing another one, Tai," she whispered. He nodded and kissed the top of her head.

"It's the way he looks at you that says to me this isn't over. From the outside looking in, you see there's nothing sacred here. Nothing sacred. You can bend, but you can't break. For the reasons out of our control, you try to make it roll like a dice away. But you say that you're all empowered here. This is obviously not clear enough to me. You can bend but you can't break. Hey, little girl keep dancing. Keep dancing alone, ‘cause there's not enough time in your day to keep you here. The soldier's daughter. Did your daddy, did your daddy hurt you? Did he make you feel bad? Did he poison your views with the water he was raised on.? Oh your father's son says hang on. Hang on. Hey little girl keep dancing. Hey little girl keep dancing alone. ‘Cause there's not enough time in your life to stay here. So over the hills he'd climb. Just to see her there in time. Just to watch the sun shine to through her dress. The sweet soldier's daughter. The sweet soldier's daughter." Tai had picked this particular one because it reminded him of the way her dad used to treat her. When he stopped, he realized that Sora had fallen asleep to the sound of his voice. He smiled. The feeling of her head on his shoulder would be understated if described by words. He put his head on top of hers and fell asleep soon afterwards.
"Mr. Kamiya? Mr. Kamiya?" a voice said. Tai woke up suddenly. He saw to his surprise that Sora was still asleep. She had always told him that she was a light sleeper. He looked around the room to see Dr. Kessler standing on one side of the bed.


"I'm sorry to bother you, but your wife's bandages need to be changed," the doctor told Tai. He nodded and got off the bed.

"Does she need to be awake?" Tai asked. Doctor Kessler shook his head.

"No, she'll be alright." The doctor took her left hand gently and started to unravel the bloody bandages. The doctor seemed surprised.

"What's wrong with her?" Tai asked suddenly, wanting to know what the doctor found so interesting.

"Well, actually, I can't see that anything is," Dr. Kessler said. Tai's eyes narrowed.

"What do you mean?" he asked eagerly. The doctor gently turned Sora's wrist in Tai's direction. All that Tai could see was a light scar where the cut had been. Tai smiled and laughed.

"Let me check the other wrist. If you don't mind me saying so, Mr. Kamiya, but I think your wife was rescued by the pure will of God," Dr. Kessler said, still marveling at how quickly Sora's wounds had healed. Tai smiled at the doctor.

"Yes, God helped us out a lot, but I think something else did, too," he said. Dr. Kessler didn't look at Tai this time. He was too busy trying to unravel the other bandage.

"Well, I'll be. It's healed, too. Wow, it looks like she's ready to go home, Mr. Kamiya, but I do think we should keep her overnight. I'll give you some medication I want her to take.... Wow," the doctor said in pure amazement. Tai could see that the wound that had obviously been bleeding was completely healed. Dr. Kessler left the room, still shaking his head in disbelief. Tai leaned down on the bed and kissed Sora's hand. She woke up at his sudden touch. Tai was amazed with this since the doctor had done something more harsh with her hands than Tai had, but she woke up only to Tai's touch.

"Hey, beautiful. I think you're quite the miracle today," Tai said with a bright smile. Sora reached up to rub her eyes.

"What are you talk- where are the bandages, Tai? Where's the blood?" she asked, turning her hands over in front of her eyes. Tai laughed.

"You don't need them anymore. Dr. Kessler took off your bandages and there were only scars there, no cuts, no nothing." Sora looked at him.

"Wow. Do I get to go home?" she asked. Tai frowned slightly.

"No, not yet. They want to keep you overnight to make sure nothing happens and to make sure the blood transfusion went alright and stuff, I guess," he told her softly. Sora nodded.

"Are they going to give me anything?" she asked. Tai nodded.

"Yeah, but I don't know what they'll give you. You're just really tired. I don't think there's anything else wrong with you," he said. Sora bowed her head immediately.

"It's probably for depression, Tai," she whispered. Tai felt like he had been hit by a brick. He didn't know how he could be so stupid, but he didn't see how Sora could be so down, either.

"You don't need the medicine, Sora. You have me, remember? I love you and I mean it. You don't need the medication and you know it," he said sternly. Sora shook her head.

"I don't know if it's that simple, Tai," she said, finally looking up to Tai to revealed tear stained cheeks. "I've taken it before. It's no big deal." Tai was shocked.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked. Sora shook her head.

"I guess I thought you wouldn't understand," she replied. Tai was fixing to say something when the hospital room door burst open. Sora gasped.


There was an awkward silence. Tai just stared at the man that had just entered the room who he knew was Mr. Takenouchi. The man was an easy 6' 4", maybe even taller. He had a very strong build. The shirt he wore revealed that. Tai gulped as he realized that if he was going to protect Sora, it would have to be with more brains than brawn. The man stepped closer into the lighted part of the room. The night outside had made it almost pitch black except where the poor lighting shone down. The man's red hair and gleaming crimson eyes seemed to scream his relation to Sora, but his eyes were different. It was if the red in his eyes wasn't from heredity but something much more evil. Like hate or something. He had a beard that covered his chin and connected to his sideburns. His mustache covered his top lip in red hair. It was a little gray on the bottom, but it faded into brown and finally into red.

"Your mother called me, Sora," her father said in a deep voice. He made Tai sound like a prepubescent kid. Sora gulped audibly.

"Yes, Tai told me she did," she choked out. Her tears were beginning to tumble down her cheeks. She tried to brush them away with a trembling hand, but her father had already seen them. He stepped closer with a hand raised behind his head. Sora shrank back in the hospital bed. Tai sped around to the other side of the bed and stood in his way.

"Move, boy. She knows not to cry when Daddy's here," Mr. Takenouchi growled. Tai stood his ground.

"No, I won't let you hurt her. She's my girl," he growled ferociously. The man just stared at the boy with menacing eyes.

"She's mine, Tai. I can do whatever the hell I want with her. I can beat her, I can fuck her, and I can kill her if I wanted to," Mr. Takenouchi whispered in a deathly tone. Sora began to get out of bed. She wasn't going to stand by and listen to this. Her father had no right to talk about her like that, but a certain fear kept her from moving quickly. Her feet hit the ground, but she was so weak that they buckled beneath her. Tai was becoming enraged.

"You perverted bastard. You're a fucking perverted bastard. She's not yours anymore. She's mine. She's my girl, and you can't ever have her," Tai said, seemingly trying to taunt the huge man. Sora's father drew back a fist and connected it with Tai's stomach. Tai felt what seemed like his intestines rearranging in his abdomen. He hit the floor with devastating force. He lay on the ground clutching his stomach and grimacing at the pain in his shoulder. Meanwhile, Mr. Takenouchi was going for Sora.

"It's been a while, hasn't it, Sora? You're older now. I think you might be able to enjoy it, now," the man whispered. Sora cringed at the thought of him touching her again. Her father hadn't raped her before, but she had a feeling that he would this time. She looked at Tai getting up to go to her, who was obviously in pain. He had stood up for her, and she didn't want in to be in vain, but what could she do? Her father reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her off the ground and close to him. Sora struggled against her father's strong grip in vain. Tai looked on, horrified. "Hey, Tai. I don't blame you for wanting her. She is pretty good," the sick and demented Mr. Takenouchi said. He held Sora's back to him and put his face next to hers. "Don't struggle, baby. This won't hurt a bit, unless you keep trying to get away," he said. He suddenly stuck out his tongue and licked the side of Sora's face. Sora shuddered violently, repulsed his act. Her father began to run his hands down her sides, releasing the grip on her arms. Sora saw her chance and elbowed him right where she knew it would cripple him. He doubled over instantly in pain, but now without throwing her to the ground. She moaned painfully as she hit the floor with almost the same force Tai had. "You bitch! I'll kill you! I'll kill you, you fucking bitch!" Tai grimaced at the pain as he ran to Sora's side.

"Don't worry, Sora. God, I can't believe that I let him get to you! I'm trying, Sora. I'm really trying. Let's get out of here," he whispered as he cradled her in his arms, shuddering lightly at the sharp pain in his shoulder and the sharp throb of the now forming-bruise on his stomach. He began to hobble as fast he could. He had to hold on to Sora tightly because she was so weak she could hold on tightly. He finally managed to open the hospital door and ran out with nurses and doctors looking at them suspiciously. Sora's father had finally managed to get up and walk out the door with difficulty. He saw Dr. Kessler yelling down the hall.

"Come back here! MR. KAMIYA!" Mr. Takenouchi saw his chance to be clever and jumped at it.

"Doctor! Where did those kids go? That boy's kidnaped my daughter. I've got to stop him before he kills her!" he cried melodramatically. The doctor seemed concerned, but didn't realize what was going on.

"They went down this hall and I saw them turn left. Hurry! You may can still catch them!" Dr. Kessler shouted. Sora's neurotic father grinned wildly.

"Oh, they won't get away," he whispered as he began running as fast as his long legs would carry him.
Tai wasn't sure what to do. There was the elevator, but then there were the stairs. The stairs would be harder, but the elevator told what floor the passengers were on. "Come on, Sora! Which one should we take?" he asked frantically. Sora shook her head weakly.

"I don't know. I'm so..dizzy," she whispered. Tai cradled her head closer to his chest. She was folded up almost as far as she could go. He wouldn't be surprised if she fainted, but it wouldn't have been the best timing.

"SORA! DADDY'S COMING!" a voice sounded down the hall. Tai gasped.

"We're doing the stairs," he said quickly and bounded off farther down the hall, running as gracefully as he could for Sora. If her father caught them, they'd both be dead.

"SORA! I'M COMING!" the voice sounded again, but it was closer. Tai kicked up his speed another gear and zoomed down the hall. He finally saw the door that led to the stairway. The pounding of her father's footsteps sounded louder than ever before. Tai managed to get the stairway door open and stepped inside. Up or down? He wasn't sure, but his heart told him to go up. Tai rushed up the staircase with the pale Sora in his arms like a knight in shining armor carrying his fair lady to safety, but certainly this wasn't the safe way. Tai and Sora would have been easy targets either way they went. It was hard choosing which way you wanted to die.

"Hang on, Sora! We're almost to the top!" Tai panted. He planned on going as far as the staircase would let him and then taking the elevator back down, maybe giving them a chance to lose the deranged father that was chasing them.

"Anything for you, Tai," Sora whispered with a faint smile on her lips. Tai looked down at her briefly, trying to push himself beyond his limit. He had said that he was going to protect her. He had failed her once, and he didn't plan on doing it again. They were passing the sixth floor sign now, but the sounds of pounding footsteps were getting louder. "Tai! He's right behind us," Sora choked out. She was as pale as a ghost now and really weak. Tai doubted that she would be able to talk much longer.

"Hang on, Sora. We're stepping it up another notch," Tai warned as he began to run faster. They were passing the eighth floor now. Tai wondered how many floors there were in Odaiba Medical.

"I'M COMING, SORA! DON'T WORRY! DADDY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!" the psychopath called from behind them. Tai began running faster, but almost fell, making him slow down. Sora's father was apparently not only well built but had a lot of stamina, too. Tai shuddered at the thought of Mr. Takenouchi catching them. He would probably have his way with Sora first, which really bothered Tai. Finally, there was a sign that said HOSPITAL ROOF: EMPLOYEES ONLY and a "hazard" sign on it. Tai didn't care. He was going to try to get rid of this creep once and for all. Tai opened the door and saw there were three steps leading up to another door. Tai was tired of steps, but this was a weird occasion. He tried to make Sora into a smaller ball in his arms so she would fit through the door without any hesitation. He opened the door with a partially free hand and ran outside. Mr. Takenouchi ran up the steps right behind Tai and closed the door behind him. Tai's heart skipped a beat for the second time that day. The Crest of Courage seemed to be no match for the threat that lurked ahead. It was a considerably cold night. Tai could see fairly well because of the lights from nearby buildings and the full moon that shone down like a beacon.

"Hang on, Sora," Tai whispered as he put her down gently. Sora's father took a step toward Tai, but his eyes fell to Sora on the ground. "She's mine, you bastard. You can't have her," Tai warned. The huge man just glanced at Tai, but then his hungry eyes fell back on Sora's helpless body. Tai stepped in between Mr. Takenouchi and Sora. "No. You can't have her." Her father just stared at Sora. Her hospital gown got caught in a sudden breeze, making it fly up a little, not much, but enough to make Sora's father approach faster. "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Tai screamed as a battle cry as he charged with his head lowered. Mr. Takenouchi just lowered his shoulder, making Tai slam his head into pure bone. Tai cried out in pain as he fell to the ground. Sora's father didn't take time to look at Tai twice. He just lurked toward Sora. Sora made an attempt to move away, but she was still weak from the blood transfusion. Her pale face was amplified by the moonlight shining on her face. Tai thought she looked so beautiful. He couldn't let someone like her father kill her. Tai got up from the ground and charged silently, hitting the big man square in the ribs. He had caught Sora's father by surprise and had sent him staggering. Tai ran to Sora, realizing that it was too dangerous to lay her on the ground, but where else would he go? Mr. Takenouchi would definitely catch them if they headed back. Tai looked around him nervously. All he saw was the edge of the roof. "What do I do, Sora? I don't know what to do!" Tai screamed out in frustration. Sora opened her eyes to look at him and smiled weakly. She reached out an arm and pointed to Tai's chest. "What about my chest? You mean... my heart," he whispered. Sora nodded. Her crimson eyes stared at him intently. Her red hair dangled around her face in a beautiful frame. Tai watched her chest heave in and out slowly. Sora looked at him with kind eyes. His hair was a mess, as usual, but as always, she loved it that way. His brown eyes seemed to proclaim how deep his love ran for her, and she knew that her father wouldn't touch her. She knew that Tai would die before he let anything get to her, especially her own father. She tried to reach up to caress his face, but she was too weak and her hand fell to her side. She felt his tan hand run over her face lovingly. There was the sound of her father regaining his step.

"Follow your heart, Tai. I trust you," she whispered. Right now, that meant more to Tai than anything. He put his arms under her and picked her up. He turned to face her crazy father and then turned to the edge of the building.

"If you come here, Daddy might not hurt you," the big man growled. Tai just walked toward the edge of the building. Sora's father seemed to be confused. "What are you doing? You can't get away from me." Tai just kept walking. Sora hung on as best she could, though she knew Tai wouldn't let her go. Her father was walking after them, but Tai knew he wasn't going to get there soon enough to stop him if he didn't run. Tai stepped up onto the wall that separated him from the ground below. "You can't jump!" Mr. Takenouchi cried, but Tai calmly turned around and smiled.

"Watch me," he said menacingly. Sora just looked up at him. He looked down at her beautiful and calm features and smiled. "Don't be afraid, Sora. We'll be okay. Just remember, I'll always love you alright?" Sora nodded as Tai switched her to a position where her head could lay on his shoulder, but he could still cradle her in his arms. She put her mouth next to his ear.

"I love you, Taichi. Don't drop me," she whispered. Tai shook his head.

"Never," he whispered as he stepped off the side of the building with Sora's father looking on. They had been nine stories up. No normal person would have been able to make that kind of jump without some kind of safety, but their precaution, but Sora and Tai were no longer ordinary people. Tai was becoming afraid as he watched the ground quickly approaching. Sora sensed it, and, remembering that he had tried to calm her fears when they had first kissed, brought his head to hers in a kiss, knowing that it served a deeper service than pleasure. That is when the great transformation began.

Tai felt some kind of power flow through him. His shoulder blades felt like they were widening. He broke the kiss suddenly and tightened his grip on Sora. He screamed out in pain as he felt skin ripping and blood flowing from open wounds on his back. The cold air sent chills up his spine, causing a chain reaction of violent shaking through his whole body. Still, he refused to release his grip on Sora. He had said it before and he meant it- Sora was his girl. He had made the promise not to drop her, and he meant to keep it. He felt his shirt rip to threads. He looked down at Sora and saw that she was glowing a yellow color. The light that she was emitting slowly faded into a red color, which could only be described as the color of Love. Sora's weakness was being pushed away and she could feel her body being rejuvenated to its healthy state. She looked at Tai and stared at him in wonder. He was still grimacing in pain, his teeth clenched and his eyes shut. He was on the verge of screaming the whole time. There was sudden noise that sounded like someone opening an umbrella quickly. Then Sora saw what Tai could not. Tai didn't understand what was happening to him. All he knew was that Sora's kiss had brought him a lot of backbreaking pain.

Sora saw Tai's wings.

They were broad, just like his shoulders, and they made at least a ten-foot wing span. They were white on the outside, just like in the pictures of angels, but the inside of the wings was a different story. They were a realistic painting of the night. The stars were shining brightly on the inside. If you couldn't have seen the sliver of white around the edges, you could have sworn that Tai's wings were just a part of the sky. Sora tried to touch the inside of Tai's wings, but found her hand went all the way through. Then it dawned on her. The inside of Tai's wings was a portal to the world they had created together. Tai's rapidly increasing heartbeat snapped Sora out of her thought. She would tell Tai about his wings later. A shrieking crowd that had gathered below watched as the two teenagers seemed to hang in the air. Teenagers, however, is an inaccurate term. Inside, they were more adult-like than some people would ever be. The glow that Sora was emitting just grew brighter as Tai realized what had happened by seeing the tips of his wings. He began to flap them slowly, trying to get him and Sora on the ground safely. Sora and Tai's eyes met in a fiery gaze that seemed to never end. Tai was now a shirtless seventeen year old boy mutant that had wings. Sora was a seventeen year old girl that was glowing like a light bulb and had already tried to commit suicide. When they were looking into each other's eyes, they realized that there was so much more to themselves and life itself. Tai finally got them to the ground. He landed softly, turning Sora to where she could stand on her feet. Sora stood tall and looked around her. There, a crowd had gathered to watch the amazing feat that the young man and woman had done. Sora turned back to Tai.

"You didn't drop me," she whispered, suddenly shivering from the cold. Tai stared at her solemnly.

"I told you I wouldn't," he said, wrapping his wings around her in an attempt to keep warm. He wrapped his hand around her and picked her up.

"I knew you wouldn't. I love you, Taichi Kamiya," she said suddenly. She kissed his cheek. Tai put her down on the ground and looked at her.

"And I love you, Sora Takenouchi," he whispered. Sora laughed. Tai seemed confused. "What's so funny, huh?" he asked in mock anger.

"Well, I thought that I might want to be Sora Kamiya from now on... I mean, if that's okay with you, of course," she said. Tai smiled brightly.

"I'd be glad to take you as my wife," he said proudly. Sora's thoughts began to fly at 100 miles an hour. She thought of all the things that they would do together as man and wife. There would definitely be children. Sora smiled at the thought of taking Tai's seed and passing it down through generations. The thought was enough to make her melt in happiness.

Tai was thinking of the same thing, but from a different perspective. He would help her pass on her goodness through generations. He would adore her in so many ways. He would love her until eternity stopped and infinity took over, and beyond that. They would last beyond time.

Tai met Sora's eyes and their gaze deepened. They could read each other's thoughts. This was what love was like. This was what being in love with the person of your dreams was like. If asked how it felt to be in love, Tai and Sora would have had the same answer.

It's just like flying.

The End

I'm going to attempt to do what Logan does at the end of each fic and give my insight.

We all try to take our revenge out
on those we wish to hurt
but what we fail to realize
is how devastating what we do can be
but something else we fail to realize
is that not only can people recover with the help of others
but how strong they can be
with the love of someone behind them.
Though a cut can take give us the illusion
of peace in our souls
it can't take away
what has been done
though it may be devastating to think about the past
it's also devastating to throw away tomorrow
we are restrained by our emotions and our morals
but there's those few times
that our emotions can send us to new heights
they can let us fly


I really did enjoy writing this. I don't believe that it even gives Logan's fics competition, but it does compete with other work I've done. I think HOW TO FLY PARTS 1-4 are going to be my last fics. Maybe not. It still depends on what kind of response I get, how I feel, and if my heart's into it. The first fanfic author that I actually fell in love with they write is Logan. He is a wonderful writer (I know he's going to try to tell me otherwise), and I thank him for helping me a little with these fics. If it wasn't for him, Kari, and a few other writers that I'm failing to recognize, I wouldn't have written this at all. Please review this fic. I'll only consider writing again if I get a lot of reviews. I'm not trying to be egotistic, it's just I need support if I'm ever going to write like this again. Any questions or comments, email me at dragonsouldreamer767@hotmail.com.

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