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Fanfic » Anime » Digimon » How to Fly font size: (+) : (-)
Author: Artisan of the Written Word
PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 130 - Publish date: 11-17-00 - Updated: 01-29-01 storyid: 114954


by The Writer

Disclaimer: Yet again, I am poor and I own nothing. This is for the people who have been begging me for the next fanfic. This one is kind of long. There will be a part four, though. Hey, for all you people out there who are new to the site or are looking for something good to read, read Kari and Logan's fanfics. They are great at what they do. I'd like some comments, you guys. I don't care if they're good or bad, just throw me a bone, people!

"Tai, I can't-"

"Tell me, Sora! I care too much about you to let you kill yourself," Tai whispered, twirling the knife in his hand like a baton. Sora swallowed the lump in her throat with a loud gulp.

"I... I don't know." Tai looked at her with an eyebrow raised, stopping the knife's twirling action to where the blade stood straight up into the air.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Sora sighed deeply and looked into the brown irises of the one who cared so much for her.

"To take away the pain, Tai. Don't act so stupid. You've heard of girls that do that," she snapped. Tai drew back from her. He was shocked at her sudden reply, but he quickly regained his composure. He put the knife down on the table next to the couch so she wouldn't feel threatened.

"Was I the cause of your pain?" he asked quietly. Sora turned away from him and closed her eyes as she got up from the couch.

"You know you aren't the reason," she said softly. Tai frowned slightly.

"Is about your dad? Because you know I would never treat you like that," he whispered, trying to tread around the tender subject, but there was no way to avoid it. Sora shuddered lightly and felt her eyes well up in tears.
"I'm sorry, Sora, but I love you. You know that. I just wanted to know what you were thinking about when you hurt yourself," he whispered again, trying to get her to open up. Sora opened her eyes and stretched out her arm in front of her. She saw that the wound on her arm had a thin scab covering it, but she knew she had to be careful as not to irritate it. She sighed and turned around to face Tai. She could see the worried look on his face. She saw her blood dotting the front of his shirt, the one she had washed earlier.

"I love you with all my heart and the better part of my soul, but I can't be with you right now. It's too hard. I've never had a boyfriend, and if I could have one, you'd be the first one on the list, but what my dad did...." she trailed off suddenly. She was becoming distant. Tai walked over to her and gently put a hand on her unscathed arm.

"Did something else happen, Sora?" he asked. She turned around and shook her head slowly.

"No, he didn't actually do anything that bad, but you could tell he wanted to. The worst thing he did to me was beat me up. It's kind of scary to realize that it could have gotten worse. But the beatings were bad enough." She smiled sadly and put her head against his chest, crying softly. Tai felt a certain strength flow through him with a fierce force that almost made him fall to the ground. The feeling that he had felt before flowed through his veins with a frightening speed. It was as if being with Sora made his senses reach new levels now. He could hear people's footsteps on the sidewalk outside. He could hear the steady tick of the clock in her living room. He could feel her heart beating rhythmically as she pressed her body closer to him to hug him. He hugged her back. As he did, he could hear the steady sound of her breathing. So softly. Softer and softer until he thought that a feather dropping from the sky would have sounded a hundred times louder. The feeling was not within Sora at the moment, but he knew that was alright. He wanted to feel it alone right now, as a reassurance that he was in love with her. To his dismay, the feeling soon washed away into nothing as she pulled away from him. Tai smiled at her. Sora smiled back.

"I love you, Sora. I can wait a billion eternities before you come to me," he whispered. Sora smile became a little saddened.

"I hope it won't be that long," she replied. He sighed heavily. An awkward silence fell between them. Tai looked at the clock on top of her TV.

"Oh, wow. We've got school tomorrow and it's almost 10:00. My parents will kill me for staying out this late. I guess I'll see you later," he called as he backed toward the door. He turned around, put his hand on the doorknob, and had the door halfway open before Sora said anything.

"Uh, Tai?" Tai whirled around, hoping for Sora to change her mind. She smiled wryly at him. "You won't have to wait forever. Believe me." That made Tai smile. Hope flooded his soul.

"I hoped not," he whispered and ran out the door. Sora's smile widened.

"I love you," she said as she felt the happiness flood her soul in the same manner that hope had to Tai's.


"Kari!" Tai called happily as he stormed in the front door. His mom made a hushing sound. Tai ignored her and ran to his room. "Kari! Guess what happened?" he asked excitedly once he saw his sister laying on the top bunk bed.

"I dunno. You tell me," she answered. She seemed distracted. Tai decided to ignore this.

"Sora's gonna be okay!" he yelled. There was another hush from the living room telling him to be quiet, but he refused to let such news be so secretive.

"Good for you, Tai," Kari whispered with a smile on her face, but she quickly zoned out. Tai tilted his head slightly out of confusion. He climbed the ladder to her top bunk and looked at her suspiciously. He waved his hand in front of her face but there was no reaction. He smiled when an idea came to mind.

"T.K.'s here," he told her. Suddenly, Kari's eyes widened.

"Where? Oh my gosh, what will I do?" she said frantically. Tai started laughing hysterically. Kari quickly caught on and strained not to punch her brother. "Ha... ha... ha..." she whispered. Tai finally stopped laughing.

"Sorry. It was pretty funny. Why don't you just take your own advice and go out with T.K.?" he asked. Kari turned away from her brother and bowed her head.

"Because he's supposed to ask me out, not the other way around," she answered sullenly. Tai nodded in agreement. She did have a point. It didn't matter if she was being stubborn about it. She was right.

"Well, I have to call Matt anyway. You want me to... put in a good word for you?" he asked. Kari looked at him. There was a second or two before she said anything.

"No! Don't do it, Tai!" she said with sudden horror plastered on her face. Tai smiled knowingly.

"Oh, I won't," he whispered. With that, he jumped down to the floor and raced out the door toward the kitchen.

"TAI!" Kari yelled after him, but she wasn't totally against the idea, so she let him go. Tai was already dialing Matt's number.

"Hello?" a young voice answered. It sounded like T.K.

"Hello. Is this T.K.?" Tai asked. There was a gasp on the other end of the telephone.

"Tai? Is that you?"

"Sure is."

"Oh, wow. It's good to hear from you. Matt told me about you and Sora. Sorry to hear it."

"Don't be. We're okay now."

"You're going out?"

"No, but maybe soon," Tai said hopefully. T.K. nodded as if Tai could see him.

"That's good. You want Matt?"

"No, that's okay. What are you doing over there anyway?"

"Oh, Mom let me come over right away after I heard from Matt. I told her it was an emergency."

"I'd say. It's kind of late, isn't it?

"Yeah, but I can spend the night here.

"That's cool. Hey, I've got a question for you."


"Do you like Kari?" There was a pause.


"Ask her out," Tai was surprised to hear his voice make the words come out as a command and not a request. T.K.
paused again.


"Okay. I'll take that as a yes."

"But I-"

"Tell Matt I said hi. Talk to you later."


"Bye," Tai said as he hung up the phone with that famous grin of his. "This is going to be good." He called to Kari as he ran back into their room. "Hey, you're all set up. Better watch out for that Casanova. I think he's got a thing for you," he said. Kari smiled as a crimson flooded her cheeks. She suddenly saw the blood on his shirt for the first time.

"Tai! What happened?" she asked, pointing at the red spots on his shirt. Tai staggered backwards.

"I.. Uh, I'd rather not say. I just need to get it off before Mom sees it. Would you help me?" he asked. Kari nodded hesitantly.

"Sure. What is it with you and clothes today, Tai?" she asked sarcastically. Tai laughed a deep hearty laugh. He felt so much better. He felt like he had a purpose to live. Like life was worth the pain now that there was someone there to take it all away. Kari helped him get the stains off of his shirt. He prepared for bed and smiled dreamily.

He had that dreamy smile on his face even after he went to sleep.

Sora had a little bit more trouble going to sleep. She kept thinking about what Tai had said as she tried to get the blood stains out of her clothes before her mother came home. "I could wait a billion eternities before you come to me," she kept repeating to herself. Could she do the same? She thought the crest of love would help her understand, but apparently it didn't. She was as confused as ever. She didn't know if she loved Tai in the same way. She couldn't help but wonder if Tai's love was going to be returned or not. It made her shudder to think how much time she had spent with Tai and had never realized her true feelings for him. She felt ashamed that she was seventeen years old but she still couldn't tell if she loved someone. She felt a sudden anger build like an inferno inside her chest as she condemned herself for making Tai feel bad for cutting herself. She didn't realize that she had made Tai feel like a new person, not the same one he had always been. She remembered what he said to her. "I'm his Aphrodite," she whispered. She smiled after the words passed her lips. The words made it all sound so romantic when the feeling was so much more. She heard the door slam. "Mama!" she whispered. Sora quickly stuffed her clothes into the washing machine and turned it on.

"Sora!" her mother called.

"Coming Mama!" she called back. She hurried from her current position in the house to the front door. Her mother had her keys in hand.

"I would have been back sooner, but one of the windows of the shop was broken and I had to do a complete inventory check." Sora tilted her head slightly.

"Why didn't you call home? I could have helped," she said with a hint of anger, but she realized that if she had gone, Tai wouldn't have got the chance to talk to her. Without him, she could have died. Her mother had no idea what she had been through in just the past five hours.

"Well, it was getting late. It's 10:00 now. What are you doing up? It's a school night. You know that. Go to bed this instant. You can take your shower in the morning," Ms. Takenouchi scolded. Sora bowed her head like a little child.

"Yes, Mama," she whispered as she turned on her heals and ran to her bedroom. Sora put on her pajamas and climbed into bed. She stared dreamily at the ceiling. She counted the cracks as she had counted them a million times trying to go to sleep, but she kept seeing Tai's face. She kept seeing his dark brown eyes and thought of how much she wanted to stare into them. She kept seeing his brown hair and how much she wanted to run her hands through it. She kept seeing his mouth and how much she wanted to kiss him. Sora kept seeing these startling images with such clarity for quite some time. She looked at the clock that laid upon her small window sill. 10:54. Next to it, as if giving her some kind of sign, was a picture of her and Tai when they were younger. They were smiling. It was right after they had won the championship at soccer camp. It was right before her mother wouldn't let her play anymore. Sora smiled. When they were younger, things had seemed less complex. She suddenly wished she was young again, but quickly took the wish back. If she had been younger, Sora believed that she wouldn't have known what true love was. Even though she didn't know now, she thought she had a fair chance to figure it out. Sora heard the click of her mother's lights going out. Her mother always fell into a deep sleep right after 11:00 because that's when she started snoring. Sora felt sorry for her mother. She deserved a break from her work, but she never got one. Sora watched the clock tick steadily by. 10:55 barely crept around. Her impatience was growing, but she knew that she had to wait if she wasn't going to get caught. Finally, hours seemed to pass, but 11:10 passed and there was the loud sound of snoring coming down the hall. Sora smiled. She walked over to her small window and put the clock on the ground. She was going to do the same with the picture, but she paused, running her finger over Tai's outline. She smiled widely as she remembered all the times when she was younger that she had kissed that picture. Back then, it was a juvenile love, but now, it was something beyond what some adults had felt. She was sure of it. She quickly laid the picture on the floor and opened the small bedroom window. She eyed it cautiously. She figured it was just big enough to get through. As she began to slip through it, she realized that there was more than enough room. After she got out, she got a foot hold on the rose trellis and closed the window to just enough room to slip her fingers under it to lift it when she got back. She climbed down the side of her house with amazing agility. She jumped the last three feet to the ground. She frowned when she realized that she had forgotten her coat and her shoes, but some things were more important. She looked down at her plaid pajama bottoms and gray ODAIBA shirt and laughed. "I'm fit for the occasion," she thought. She took a deep sigh and exhaled lingeringly.

"I'm coming, Tai," she said aloud as she walked on the sidewalk to Tai's apartment.


Tai had been sleeping peacefully, but suddenly something made him bolt to an upright position in his bed. Kari snoozed happily and didn't hear Tai's sudden move. He got up from his bed. He, too, was wearing plaid pajama bottoms, but he wasn't wearing a shirt. Contrary to Sora's, his pajama pants were green and black plaid while Sora's were red and gray. He staggered to the doorway and then stopped, leaning against the door frame. Kari heard him yawn.

"Where are you going, Tai?" she asked suddenly, startling Tai to a near shriek.

"Don't scare me like that. I just woke up, that's all. I'm going to get some fresh air," he whispered loudly. Kari nodded sleepily.

"You should put a coat on. It's supposed to be kinda cold outside. Something like 60," she whispered back. Tai nodded.

"Thanks for the advice, Kari. I should be back soon, but don't call the search parties if I'm not back, ok?" he told her. Kari nodded again, but this was just an impulsive move. She was already falling back asleep. Tai chuckled to himself as he staggered closer to the front door. He grabbed his jacket off the coat hanger and opened the door. He drew in a hissing breath as he felt the cold air wrap around his topless body, but he refused to put the jacket on right away. He wanted to feel the air around him without any interference. Something had wakened him. He knew that it hadn't been just a coincidence. He felt that something was coming. He wondered if it was Sora. Tai walked out onto the balcony and closed the door behind him. He shuffled out to the rail that separated him from the ground below. He threw his jacket aside for later use. He clasped his hands in front of him and leaned on his forearms on the rail. Tai sighed heavily. He knew how it felt to love somebody, but he wasn't sure that it was being returned yet. It saddened him to think that Sora might not love him, but he pushed the thought away immediately.
"I shouldn't doubt her like that," he whispered to himself. He tried, for the moment anyway, to get her out of his mind. To his amazement, he couldn't do it. He looked at the bright stars in the sky and all he could think about was how much more beautiful Sora's eyes were. Tai looked at the moon, but it only reminded him of her angelic face. He looked at the sleeping city that blocked the horizon from view and could only think about how breathtaking Sora must look when she sleeps. He wondered how it would be to watch what he believed to be the only angel on Earth sleep. Tai remembered when they flew together. The wings that they had made for each other. She was an angel. Sora was Tai's angel. Her beauty, her good nature. Sora was the goddess of his love. She was his Aphrodite. She carried his heart in the palm of her hand. Tai shuddered when he realized that if she was to close her hand, his heart would be broken and he might as well kill himsel. A step he wasn't so willing to take. Then, he smiled when he realized that Sora was the last person to do that to somebody. This goddess wasn't as cruel as the Greeks had portrayed her. He loved her. Tai knew that now. It was just the matter of it being returned. He took deep breaths as he stood on the balcony, unsure of what he was waiting for. He could only hope that it was Sora.
Sora walked the on the still-warm pavement with her bare feet quickly. It had cooled down a lot, and she was starting to shiver. If she kept walking at this pace, she would be at his place in a matter of a minute, maybe less. She began to wonder if Tai knew she was coming. She smiled as she thought that maybe they were in love. She walked faster as she began to dream of all the things her and Tai could do together as a couple, if that's what they were destined to become.

Tai was beginning to feel a little bit more comfortable in the cool winds that seemed to be trying to wrap themselves around his body. He sighed heavily. He wondered if anybody was coming. There was no one out at this time of night except in the speeding cars that drove by his apartment building at ungodly hours. There would be a speeding car every other moment, but nothing out of the ordinary.
"Guess she's not coming," he whispered to himself. It had been a big day. It all started out as a friendly game of soccer. Now he was waiting for his best friend to come over and tell him that she was in love with him. "That's a total change of events," Tai said to himself with a smile. Suddenly, his keen ears picked up the sound of a voice. It sounded like a girl's, but Tai knew that was no ordinary girl. He whirled around and saw Sora on the ground below.
"SORA!" he yelled, forgetting all about the people around him who were asleep.

"I'm coming up there, Tai!" she yelled to him. He smiled.

"No, don't! I'm coming down there!" he yelled again. There was a burst of light out of his neighbor's window. "Uh, oh," Tai whispered to himself, but stayed no longer to find out what his neighbor was up for. He grabbed his jacket and ran full speed. In no time, he had sped to an elevator that was out of sight from his neighbor's door. "Argh!" he mumbled to himself. The elevator was taking too long. Tai spotted a fire escape. "It's not the best way, but it's quick!" He jumped onto the fire escape and headed down as fast as he could. He finally reached the ground. Sora was no where in sight since he had used the fire escape on the far side of the building. He ran around the side of the building and saw her standing near a bench.

"‘Bout time, slow poke!" she teased as he ran up to her. Tai just smiled wryly.

"Did you need something, Sora?" he asked. Sora just sighed.

"I just wanted to.. aw, heck." She pulled Tai's face down to hers and they met in a kiss. They did not see what they saw before... They saw something better. Bright lights flooded their minds. Tai saw Sora as he had always thought of her. She was an angel. Her wings were broad, but sleek to give her a more elegant look. Her hair fell in strands around her soft white face. Her clothes were the same as they had been, but it seemed to make her more human, not less beautiful. Sora saw Tai as a dauntless hero. He was wearing armor, such as a breast plate and shin guards. His hair was still the same mess as it had always been, but Sora loved it that way. She was his angel; he was her knight in shining armor. Outside of the kiss, Tai was reaching for her side, just to touch her. On the inside of the kiss, they were only inches away from each other, holding hands. Sora reached for him on the outside and touched his bare muscular chest. Tai gasped suddenly in ecstasy, but didn't ever lose his composure. He gently put his hand on her and slowly began to run it up her side. They smiled at each other, but the shared dream became broken when Sora broke the kiss. Tai looked at her quizzically. She was shaking.

"Are you cold, Sora?" He was immediately concerned for her health, immediately drawing back his hand. Sora just started shake more violently. Tai took the jacket that was still draped over his arm and wrapped it around her shoulders. He guided her to the nearby bench and sat her down carefully. He held her close against his bare chest, but she still shook. She seemed so distant. Then it dawned on Tai. "He did do something else, didn't he?" he asked her quietly. The dazed look on Sora's face disappeared as she looked at his concerned face.

"What do you mean?"

"Did your dad-"

"Molest me?" Tai shuddered lightly at the thought of anyone taking advantage of Sora like that.

"Yes," he whispered. Sora sighed.

"I can't remember, but that kiss seemed to hit something. I don't know what." Tai looked at her placidly.

"He did. I know he did." Sora glared at him.

"Stop saying that! He didn't do anything like that! My father was a good man!" Tai's stare hardened.

"Really? What good man beats his daughter to hurt his wife? He touched you, too, or you wouldn't be acting like this." Sora stood up suddenly, shrugging his jacket of her shoulders.

"I told you that I didn't remember what happened! It was a long time ago! I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER!" she yelled into his face. Tai gritted his teeth to stop from yelling at her. He stood up to look into her crimson eyes.

"That's the reason you don't remember. You don't want to. Someone is dead wrong here, and it's not me!" he exclaimed.

"NO! I loved my dad!" she choked, closing her eyes as if something painful was coming to memory. Tears were beginning to flow down her cheeks. Tai grabbed her arm suddenly.

"That doesn't mean he didn't hurt you! Listen to me, Sora! I love you! I won't do anything bad to you!" he begged. Sora's face was showing that she was in pain. Tai's grip had tightened, causing her to gasp in pain.

"You're hurting me, Tai! Stop it! You're just like he was! You just want to hurt me! You just want to do anything you want with me and then leave me! I'm not that stupid! Dad was just like that. You're right, something did happen, but you're repeating history! I don't love you!" she sobbed as she jerked her arm out of Tai's grip and ran all the way home. Tai just watched her run.

"But I love you, Sora!" he called. Sora just cried and cried as she ran as fast as she could home. Tai sat down on the bench and watched her until she was out of sight. He put his face in his hands. He began to shake suddenly. Emotional pain racked his body. Tears began to pour out of his eyes. He raised his head up. The moon reflected off his face brilliantly, but not even it could show the true pain he was feeling. She had closed her hand around his heart. Now, he wasn't sure what he'd do. Death seemed to be the only possible alternative. He stood up and walked back toward the elevator. His topless body was still shaking, but not as much. He figured, however, that the pain would get a lot worse. School was tomorrow, and there he'd see Sora. Tai began to cry fresh tears as the elevator doors opened up and he stepped inside. He was hoping that God would just take mercy and kill what was left of his soul.

Sora ran and ran. "Why did I go to him?" she thought. Her tears were gradually stopping, but the pain inside of her was becoming greater. She would see Tai tomorrow. Then what would she do? It was not so much that Tai touched her; it was that her dad had so long ago. She stopped running to lean up against a building. Sora looked behind her and saw that Tai hadn't followed her. She mentally scolded herself for saying that to Tai. She did love him. Sora realized that what her dad had done so many years go had a deeper effect on her than what she thought. She stopped leaning on the building and began to walk. Her apartment was in view now. Sora muttered a few curses to herself as she realized that she had to climb back up the rose trellis to her room. She was now below her bedroom window. The lights were still off. "Good. Mama's not up," she said, relieved that some of her grief would be spared tonight. She reached up and began to climb slowly, as to not wake her mother. Sora finally got to her window and raised it halfheartedly. She had this feeling inside of her that told her to go back to Tai and tell him how sorry she was, even give herself to him, but there was the overwhelming feeling that told her that she should just wait. She crawled through the window and jumped inside. She closed the window and felt around on the floor for the picture and the clock. She gingerly put them back on the window sill. There was a sudden burst of light. Her mother was standing by the door. Sora gasped.

"Mama, I-"

"Save it, Sora. I thought something might be wrong, but I decided to trust you. I love you, but I'm not sure if I should trust you anymore. You went out with Tai, didn't you?" her mother asked, her eyes blazing. Sora was still stunned to see her up at this hour with all the work she had done earlier.

"You don't understand, Mama! I-"

"You will not play in the tennis tournament Saturday and you will not be going to the annual carnival the week after that, understand?"

"MAMA! Listen to me!"

"No, I won't. That Tai makes me very angry. You will not see him anymore. It's a wonder you're not pregnant by him!" Sora looked bemused.

"Pregnant? But, Mama, I haven't done anything with him or anyone else!" Sora cried, trying to get her mother to believe her. Her mother never softened.

"Go to bed, Sora. School is in the morning," her mother said, as if nothing else had happened. Ms. Takenouchi walked out of Sora's bedroom and slammed the door shut. Sora just fell into a heap on the ground and began to cry.


"Wake up, Tai!" Kari yelled excitedly. Tai woke up with a start. Suddenly, all the memories of what had happened the night before flooded his body with sadness.

"I'm up." He hopped out of the bottom bunk and walked into the kitchen. There his mother was making something unidentifiable.

"Good morning, Tai! You want some of my famous eggs?" she asked cheerfully. Tai managed a smile.

"Oh, so that's what that was. I'll pass, Mom. Thanks, anyway." Kari looked at her brother suspiciously as he shuffled back to his room. She followed him. Tai saw her and instantly became infuriated. "I'm going to get dressed, Kari! Leave me alone!" Kari stood her ground.

"What happened last night with Sora?" she asked. Tai's mouth dropped open. Kari smiled. "I just knew, okay? Now, what happened?" Tai sighed.

"I don't want to talk about it right now," he whispered. Kari just shook her head.

"Whatever," she replied as she ran back into the living room. Tai was surprised when he realized she was already dressed. He gathered his will and began to get dressed himself.


"Sora! Get dressed or you'll be late!" her mother called. Sora groggily got out of bed. She had dreamed endlessly last night about Tai and her father. In it, they were both after her body. She shuddered lightly as she remembered it all. She shuffled over to her dresser and got out her school uniform. She slowly got ready. Sora began to reach for the doorknob, but her mother suddenly opened the door. "Just checking to see if you were ready." Sora smiled weakly and spread out her arms.

"I guess I am," she said as she let her arms fall back down to her sides. Her mother didn't return the smile.

"Sora, I wanted to apologize for how harsh I was last night, but you shouldn't have snuck out. I love you and I don't want anything to happen to you. I was just thinking. I'll let you go to the tournament and the carnival, but you can't be around Tai for a while, okay?" Sora sighed.

"No problem there," she replied. Her mother looked at her suspiciously, but decided to let it go.

"Well, you had better get going. I'm going to leave now to check the shop. Are you going to be alright?" Sora nodded. "Okay then. I'll see you later." Her mother gave Sora a kiss on the cheek and left. When Sora heard the front door slam, she broke down and cried. The memories of her father touching her and beating her all came back to mind. She fell in a heap onto the floor. It was all so painful. She had let down Tai, her best friend and her only love, all because she was so emotional. Tai would never understand. She thought that he may have loved her, but not enough to help her. Though Sora was wrong, something inside of her wouldn't let her believe that Tai was the answer to her prayers. She ran to the bathroom and grabbed a razor that was laying on a shelf in the shower. She closed her eyes and opened them again.

"I love you, Tai," she whispered as she laid the razor blade horizontally on her wrist and slit it with a quick motion. She quickly did the same for the other wrist, too. Pain shot through her arms, but she felt she had to do this. Blood began to gush from the wounds that she had inflicted upon herself. Suddenly, it all went dark. The front door opened as her mother came back in.

"Sora! Are you still here? Must be. You didn't lock the door. SORA! I forgot my keys. Hello!? SO-RA!" Ms. Takenouchi ran up to her daughter's room. "Sora!" she yelled again. She ran from her daughters room and saw the bathroom light on. "Sora, are you al- OH MY GOD!" her mother screamed. She quickly ran to the phone and dialed 911.


"Hey, Tai! How's you and Sora going?" Matt asked when he first saw Tai on the way to school. Tai just smiled weakly. TK was behind Matt and Tai talking to Kari.

"Not too good, Matt. I think I really hurt her this time." Matt's smile disappeared.

"What happened?" he asked. Tai just sighed.

"It's a long story. I'll tell you later maybe," he whispered. Matt nodded hesitantly and decided not to push the subject. Suddenly, Izzy came into view from a crowd of people across the street.

"Hey, Izzy! What's up?" Matt asked. Izzy just shook his head.

"Not much. How are you doing, Tai?" he asked. Tai just nodded.

"I'll be alright," he replied, but knew that was wishful thinking.

"Hey, look over there? Is that romance I see?" Matt said, trying to change to subject as he pointed to Kari and T.K. standing together holding hands.

"Well, I guess peer pressure does work," Tai said cheerfully. Inside, he was feeling the full force of what had happened the night before. He loved her, but she had made it obvious that she didn't love him. He began to cry silently. Izzy saw this and quickly became concerned.

"Tai? Are you alright?" he asked. Tai quickly tried to regain his composure, but it was too late.

"It's too late! I've lost her forever!" he cried. He fell to his knees on the ground. Matt and Izzy kneeled beside him.

"Damn, Tai. Don't start this here. We've got to get you out of here now!" Matt whispered. Izzy nodded.

"I totally agree with Matt. Come on, Tai!" he said as he grabbed Tai's arm and began to pull. Matt joined the effort.
Kari saw this and began to get upset. T.K. held her back.

"They've got him, Kari. He'll be alright," he consoled. Kari shook her head.

"I'm not so sure..." she trailed off.


The day was a long and hard one for Tai. Everything reminded him of Sora. The clouds, the other girls, even a tennis racket a girl was waving around like a baton. Everything reminded him of her. He walked out of the high school building slowly. There was no one around that he could see. He thought that he just might start crying all over again, but he had to stay strong. He walked out onto the sidewalk and turned a corner when he saw Joe.

"Hey, Joe. What are you doing here? Aren't you working at the hospital or something?" he asked, but he quickly realized something was wrong when he saw all the digidestined standing behind him. Kari, T.K., Yolei, Cody, Davis, Matt, and Izzy were there. He noticed that Mimi wasn't there, but she would probably be there later if this was important. "What's wrong?"

"It's Sora," Joe said solemnly. Tai dropped his bag off his shoulder.

"What's wrong? Tell me!" he said as he ran up to Joe and grabbed his shirt.

"She's in the hospital," Joe said calmly as he tried to pry Tai's hands off his shirt.

"What for?"

"She almost killed herself, and it doesn't look like she'll make it."

Dun dun dah! What's going to happen? I'm not really sure yet. There are two possible endings. I didn't mean for it to get like this, but it's going to work out okay. Hey, if anyone out there has had to or is going through what Sora did in this story, please get help! No one deserves this. I actually feel sorry for her. Hey, if you people want me to write part four, email me at dragonsouldreamer767@hotmail.com or write a review. If I don't get at least 15 reviews, flames or fame, I won't write the last part. Until the possible next time, adieu!