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Fanfic » Anime » Digimon » How to Fly font size: (+) : (-)
Author: Artisan of the Written Word
PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 130 - Publish date: 11-17-00 - Updated: 01-29-01 storyid: 114954


By The Writer

I did get a few comments, which I consider enough to continue. For those who didn't like the first one, too bad, so sad. I'm really not sure how this will turn out, so give me a little time. There might be two more parts after this. I dunno. Just read to find out. Oh yeah, the poem is mine so if you want to use it or something, just ask me. (I doubt any of you will want that junk, but it's nice to take precautions. If you are disappointed at how bad the poetry is, let me reassure you that I've written tons better.)

Tai walked home with a heavy heart.
"Why couldn't you have answered my prayers instead of hers?" he whispered to God. "Why did she run from me?" In truth, he had enjoyed the kiss more out of lust than pure love and he felt ashamed. Maybe Sora sensed that. "You love her, Tai. Don't put yourself down for it," he told himself reassuringly, but he wasn't sure how he loved her. Tai didn't know whether he just wanted her body, or wanted her as a whole. He wiped away the tears that seemed to be ready to tumble down his cheeks at any moment. At that moment, he set into a steady jog to go home. "I'll just have to ask Kari about this," he mumbled.

Sora had ran all the way home and was already in her bedroom crying. She was inwardly kicking herself for leaving Tai. She forced herself to think about what had just happened. She had loved the feeling of flying, but it didn't seem right to her, like one of the two was in that kiss for more than love. Like it was more for satisfaction. Sora buried her face deeper into the pillow. To her dismay, she heard the door slam and the jingle of keys.
"Sora?" she heard her mother call. Sora gasped and dried her eyes quickly and tried to act like she was asleep. Her mother came upstairs to check on her daughter. Ms. Takenouchi saw the tear stains on her pillow and frowned slightly. "I'll ask her later," she thought. With that, she turned on her heels and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her. Sora heard the door close and sat up immediately out of bed. Sora sighed heavily. Her mother was home. Now what would she do?
"I can't talk to Mimi, and I bet Kari's already taken right now. I don't really want to talk to any of the other guys. I am definitely not going to talk to my mother. If she finds out what I felt, I wouldn't live to see Tai again," Sora thought. Confusion clouded her thoughts and frustration followed. She was hurting, but she didn't know how to deal with it. She walked down stairs with red eyes from crying, but her mother didn't ask her why. She was too busy cooking dinner.
"Sora, I'm going to go to the flower shop for a second. Would you watch this, please?" her mother asked. Sora nodded and Ms. Takenouchi headed out the door. Sora wrapped her arms around herself. Without much resistance, the tears began to flow down her cheeks. She had no clue on what to do, and there was basically no one she could talk to except maybe a tennis player at school, but they were all airheads. They wouldn't understand the feeling of true love. Suddenly, something shiny caught her eye. She turned to see a knife laying on the counter. Then it hit her.
She grabbed the knife from its previous position on the counter and looked at it stupidly.
"Should I?" she said aloud. The knife had given her an appealing thought that she wouldn't have even dared to do five hours ago. She summoned up all the will inside her and rushed up to her room, knife in hand. Her mother walked into the kitchen five minutes later.
"Sora! You let it burn! I guess we'll have to stick to leftovers tonight," Ms. Takenouchi said angrily as she scraped the remnants of dinner from the pan that had been on the stove. The anger melted from Sora's mother immediately. What was wrong with Sora? She usually would have come down to apologize for such a mess. She had a general perception of how poor they were. Ms. Takenouchi decided not to bother her daughter until morning.

"Hey, Kari!" Tai yelled to her from the balcony outside their apartment door. "Come here for a sec! Oh, hi Mom! Hey, Dad!" he said as he saw his father and mother talking busily in the kitchen. They both waved short shortly. Kari came out of the bedroom she and Tai shared with lightning speed.
"What do you want?" she asked, glancing at her mother and father.
"Come here!" he yelled again. Kari sighed and rushed out onto the balcony, shutting the door behind her.
"What is your problem, Tai?" she asked angrily. The stare she was giving him had death written all over it, but it soon melted away when she that Tai had been crying. She wondered what could have been so horrible that her brother would have cried. "What happened?" she questioned a little more gently this time. Tai closed his eyes.
"I told her how I felt. Just like you said," he whispered. Kari sighed.
"And she rejected me. She ran from me," he said as if he still couldn't believe it. Kari patted her brother's shoulder.
"Don't worry. She'll come around. She always has before," Kari reassured. Tai shook his head doubtfully.
"I really don't think so," he whispered. Kari tilted her head slightly.
"What exactly did you say?" Tai grinned halfheartedly.
"Exactly what she wanted to hear," he said. Suddenly, he had a dull headache. He let out a sudden cry as the headache built in intensity. Kari looked at him questioningly.
"What's wrong?" Kari asked. Tai was holding his head in his hands.
"I... don't... know!" he finally choked. Abruptly, the pain stopped as soon as it had come. There was a slight painful throb that remained, but he was grateful that was all. Tai's eyes were watering out of pain now. "What the... SORA!" he yelled suddenly. Kari looked at her brother quizzically.
"What about her?"
"That's where the pain came from! Something's wrong with her!" he panicked. Kari tried to get him to calm down.
"We don't know that. Go put an ice pack on your head. You're probably running a fever. Afterwards, call Matt or Izzy and get them to help you. I'm afraid that my opinion won't do you any good when I haven't got any experience." Tai nodded like a child obeying its mother.
"Sure, whatever," he said, still startled by the pain that had put him in so much agony. Kari pushed him toward the door. Tai opened it with his right hand. He stepped inside to see his father and mother had moved from the kitchen to the living room. Kari looked worriedly at her brother as he prepared an ice pack to put on his head. She walked in after a little bit. She saw that Tai's eyes were focused on the space in front of him, but there was nothing there. "Sora..." he whispered. He shook his head and gritted his teeth. Kari walked up to the phone and picked it up.
"What's Matt's number?" she asked. Tai thought for a split second and told her. Kari dialed it and listened as the phone started to ring.
"Hello?" a familiar voice answered. Kari was glad that it was Matt and not his father.
"Hi, Matt."
"Oh, hey Kari. Whatcha need?"
"Um, Tai needs to talk to you now. Could you please come over right away?" Kari asked hopefully.
"Well, I can if it's really important. What happened?"
"He'll tell you, but it's really, really important."
"Fine, I'll be over in a sec. Make that two or three."
"Whatever. Please hurry though!"
"Alright, alright. I can't run across the city without shoes on!"
"Thank you, Matt!" With that, Kari hung up the phone. "He's coming, Tai. Tai?" Her brother had completely zoned out. Kari walked over to him and shook him gently. Tai suddenly snapped back to reality.
"What?" he snarled. Kari could easily match his tone.
"I just called Matt. He's coming," she snarled back. Tai scowled at her.
"You didn't have to call him now," he whispered. Kari smiled knowingly.
"Oh, yes, I did." Tai and Kari walked out onto the balcony and waited for Matt to come over.

Kari was the first one to spot Matt. Tai was staring into space again. The ice pack had long since melted and Kari had thrown it away for him. Matt rushed up to the Kamiya apartment with lightning speed.
"Hey. I'm here. What's the big rush?" he asked. He saw Tai's watery eyes and decided to change his tone to something less chipper. "What's wrong, Tai?" Tai stared at the ground in front of him, unwilling to tell Matt what happened. Kari pushed him forward with a hidden strength that almost catapulted Tai to the ground.
"Go for a walk, you two. He'll open up soon, Matt. You didn't come over here for nothing," she informed him. Matt nodded.
"Let's go, fearless leader. Something's wrong and we're going to fix it."

Sora laid almost lifelessly on her bed. Her wrist was bleeding freely onto a towel she had put under her arm. She had done it. She had cut her arm like she had heard so many girls had done to take away the pain. It hadn't really changed anything, but somehow she seemed to feel better. The knife had long since tumbled to the floor. It really hadn't hurt that much, but there had been a sting or two, and she knew she would feel it in the morning. She suddenly remembered. This was Sunday. She would see Tai at school tomorrow. She silently vowed that she would avoid him at all costs.

Matt ruffled his blonde hair in a confused daze. "Wow, Tai. I never really knew you felt about her that way. I just thought you liked her." Tai shrugged.
"I did when I was four, but I love her now." Tai had told Matt everything that had happened, even what he saw when he kissed Sora.
"Well, one thing's for sure. You want her for who she is, and sometimes a kiss is supposed to be like that. You know that a kiss usually satisfies a need, not for love," Matt consoled, a little embarrassed that he was this in touch with his gentle side. "But I really don't think that it was for satisfaction, Tai. If it was, you wouldn't have seen all of that when you kissed her. I know I haven't." Tai shrugged again.
"I just want to know why she ran from me," he whispered. Matt raised an eyebrow.
"Do you think it's something about her mom and dad's past?" he asked. Tai looked at Matt with a scowl.
"What about her mom and dad's past?" he growled. Matt took a few steps backward. Tai looked like he wanted to kill Matt for even bringing up the subject.
"Well, I know she's seventeen and she's probably over it, but do you think it may be about how her dad used to cheat on her mom?" Matt asked. Tai grunted.
"Maybe, but she knows I would never treat her like that. Especially the way he treated her... if I had known sooner I would have killed the prick myself," he muttered. Matt looked confused.
"I only knew about him cheating on her mother. Something else happened?" Tai sighed heavily.
"I don't know if I should tell you."
"You told me everything else. Why not this?"
"Because we'd be talking about Sora's life, and a part that she doesn't want everyone to know. I won't let her down," Tai explained. Matt walked toward him.
"But you won't be. You'll just be helping me understand what's going on."
"Well, maybe I need a second opinion," Tai snapped. Matt sighed.
"I'm going to ignore your sarcasm. Maybe Izzy could help. I've even heard T.K. is quite the Romeo at his school," Matt said with a smile. Tai looked at him and nodded halfheartedly.
"I may just need their help. Meanwhile, I think I'll send Kari over to check on Sora. Something is wrong and I've got to find out what." Tai waved good bye to Matt and started to go back to his apartment.
"Call me if you need anymore help and I'll get the other guys too," Matt called to him. Tai acknowledged him with a nod of the head and ran full speed back to the apartment.

"SORA!" Ms. Takenouchi called. Sora jumped to her feet from her bed. She felt lightheaded and lost her balance, launching her to the floor.
"Coming, Mama!" she yelled. There was still a little bit of blood oozing from the wound that Sora had inflicted upon herself, but it wasn't as noticeable as she thought it would be. It was on the underside of her forearm, but she made sure that she didn't show the cut. She ran to the kitchen. "I'm here. What do you need?"
"Well, I just got a call from somebody. The store next to ours got robbed and they think maybe ours was too. I need to go check on it. You stay here, okay?" Sora nodded. Her mother noticed the strange position Sora was standing in, but decided that she was just being a teenager.
"I'll stand guard, mama," she laughed. Ms. Takenouchi nodded and walked out the door. Sora took a deep breath. Suddenly, she felt so guilty. "What have I done to myself?" she whispered, examining the cut on her arm. Sora started crying relentlessly once she realized what she had done to herself. "I need you, Tai," she whispered through sobs. She felt a sudden pain in her temples. Thoughts of Tai flew through her mind. She saw him crying silently. She saw him talking to Matt about something. "He's worried about me," Sora realized with a certain amazement of how she could tell what Tai was going through. She abruptly understood that Tai was meant for her all along, which made her cry harder.
"Why did I run from him?" she cried to herself as she slumped against the refrigerator door and slid to the ground. "Why did I run?"

"Please, Kari. I need this," Tai whispered so his parents wouldn't hear him. Kari sighed deeply.
"What do you want me to ask her?" she asked. Tai just stared at her. He finally closed his eyes.
"Just ask her if... she needs somebody there with her, I mean if she's alright. If she says yes, tell her I'll be there within the moment," he said, opening his eyes as he said the last word. Kari nodded.
"Whatever you say, Tai. I'll see you in a while, I guess. Wish me luck," she said as she headed toward the door. Tai smiled.
"Good luck," he said to her as she opened the door and walked out, closing it behind her. However, he really didn't think that Kari was the one that needed the luck.
Sora was still crying, but she had let up a little. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, sending Sora into a panic.
"C-C-Coming!" she finally choked out. She wiped her eyes quicky and ran to the door. She looked through the peephole to see Kari. Sora took a deep breath and opened the door.
"Hi, Sora," Kari said. Sora smiled her best.
"Hey, Kari. It's been a long time," she joked. Kari rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, five hours. Listen, I need to talk to you," Kari said. Sora sensed the concern in her voice. She nervously twisted her arm inwards until none of the bottom part of her arm showed. Kari saw this and became confused.
"Are you hiding something, Sora?" Kari stepped forward cautiously. Sora didn't want Kari anywhere near her and began to back up slowly.
"Why would I be hiding something?" the seventeen asked in an adult voice, but she was beginning to falter in her speech.
"You are hiding something!" Kari accused. Sora shook her head frantically.
"NO! Why would I be hiding something?" Kari stepped forward again.
"I don't know why, but I know that you are. I'm calling Tai!"
"NO! YOU CAN'T CALL HIM!" Sora screamed. Kari stared intently into Sora's crimson eyes.
"And why can't I?"
"Because he doesn't belong here," she whispered. Kari raised an eyebrow.
"I'm calling him, Sora. He needs you. You need him. I don't see why he shouldn't come here," she whispered. Sora began to cry.
"No, I can't... I can't be with him, Kari! You have to understand," Sora pleaded. Kari tilted her head slightly.
"I don't understand. You love him, Sora. The more you deny it, the stronger your love for him will be." Kari was surprised with herself. "I should take my own advice," Kari thought, but soon pushed it away. This wasn't the time to be thinking about her own personal problems. "Do you need someone here with you?" Kari asked, trying to remember if that's all Tai had wanted her to ask. Sora said nothing. "Are you okay, Sora?" As if to say no, the dull throb in her arm swelled to a monstrous fire. Sora bit her tongue as not to say anything. "You're going to talk to him, Sora." With that, Kari marched past Sora and picked up the phone. Lucky for Kari, Tai answered.
"Tai, come here now."
"I'm on my way." With that, Kari heard the phone click. She hung up the phone and looked at Sora.
"For you and Tai's sake, I'm going to leave. If you guys don't solve this on your own, I'm going to call everyone of the digidestined, even Davis, and we're going to settle this once and for all," Kari threatened. Sora sighed and nodded. Kari glanced one last time at Sora and ran out the door. Sora stared at the space where Kari had once been and waited for Tai to come.

"WHAT?" T.K. asked. Matt sighed.
"You heard me. She ran away from him. For no apparent reason. I think it was because of what happened with her dad, but Tai seems to be hiding something from me. I told him that I'd call you, Izzy, and Joe if he needed any help. Right now I'm telling you to stay on standby," he explained. He had called his younger brother the moment he had walked in the door.
"Have you told Izzy and Joe?"
"No, not yet."
"I'll call Joe. You can go tell Izzy since he lives somewhere near you. Wow. This is serious."
"I bet you wish you and Kari were that close," Matt jeered. T. K. scowled.
"Stop it, Matt."
"Hey, you need to go on and ask her out. I wouldn't be surprised if you fell in love with her," Matt hinted. T. K. sighed.
"Maybe you're right, but this isn't the time. I'll call Joe, alright?"
"Alright. Talk to you later." The brothers hung up and immediately began to call the few members of the original digidestined that remained.

"..... I just thought that I'd tell you the immediate news since you were one of the original digidestined. I'll keep you updated.


Kari finished the letter to Mimi with a sigh of relief. That had been a lot of typing. She pressed the "send" button.
"Boy, this is beginning to sound like a soap opera," Kari thought to herself, but she had no idea how much more of a soap opera it would become.

"SORA!!!" Tai yelled as he beat his fist against her door. Sora quickly ran over to the door and unlocked it so he could come in.
"Hello, Tai," she greeted. Tai was breathless. He had ran the whole way. Sora smiled her best at him, which wasn't very good. The sharp pain had long since been replaced by the steady dull throb.
"Sora, what's wrong? Why did you run from me?" he asked, ashamed that he had been that eager to ask her such a subtle question. Sora turned away from him.
"That's none of your business, Tai."
"The hell it isn't! I love you, Sora! You can't change that. I have a right to know what's wrong with you!" Sora glared at him.
"I don't believe that you love me!" Tai was horrified.
"What do you mean by that? Did you see what I saw when we kissed? That was no mistake. It was made by our love. That means that we both love each other," he said softly, but there was still a hint of bewilderment in his voice.
Sora just stared at him.
"Prove it." Tai couldn't believe it. He was proclaiming his love to her and she was trying to make him prove it? He decided to give her credit with all she had been through. He remembered it as though it was yesterday.

It was the fifth grade field trip. Tai had waited all year to go on this one. It was rumored to be the best one yet. Sora had shared his excitement until the day to leave. He remembered that she had seemed so distant. Tai had joked with her all the way until their destination, but she was still so distant. He saw a bruise on her cheek and on one of her arms. He had asked her where she had got them. She had said soccer, but they hadn't played a game in a week. Tai kept questioning her until she finally took him aside and told him the truth about her father. She told him about how he had cheated on her mother. Sora told him that the only reason she knew is because she heard them fighting at night. Sora also told him about how her father wanted to make her mother miserable, so he went her most prized possession. Sora. She told Tai about how she had been so afraid and how he had thrown her into the walls of her bedroom. Tai had been shocked, but not too shocked because he had seen these abnormal bruises all over her body. That's the day Tai began to realize how different other people's lives were and how he needed to treat them with respect.

Tai shuddered lightly as he slowly came back to reality. Sora's gaze had softened, but Tai still didn't understand.
"I don't know why I have to prove it to you, Sora!" he suddenly yelled at her. Sora seemed shocked. She turned her back to him, put her face in her hands, and began to cry. He realized that it did have something to do with her father. Sora jumped as she felt two strong arms around her waist and Tai's head on her shoulder.
"I met you and we became friends. I got to know you and we became inseparable. I began to love you and we became best friends. I flew into the sky with you, and we became soul mates. If you want me to prove my love to you, I will," he whispered. Sora turned to look into Tai's dark brown eyes and saw what he was thinking.
"No, Tai. That's not what I want. I don't want to give in, yet," she whispered back. Tai smiled.
"Would my words be proof?" he asked, his arms still lingering around her waist. Sora nodded hesitantly. Tai looked into her crimson eyes and began to speak slowly.
"I see you with not with eyes but with the heart. My heart guides me through stormy skies and rolling seas to find you. Your heart is the light that I look to for hope. You are my soul. I am the empty shell of loneliness without your touch. You are my day. You are my night. I look for you in the dawn. I hunger for you in the dusk. My thoughts are of you. When you escape my mind's grasp, I cry out in agony for you to come back to me. My love for you could swallow the ocean. With the power you give me, I feel that the cosmos is mine. Without you, I am the left in the eternal darkness that God created me in before I knew you. I do not love you, but I worship you. You are my Aphrodite," he whispered. Sora had begun to cry.
"I love you, Tai," she whispered. Tai smiled and took her hands gently. Suddenly, a burst of pain shot through her arm. Tai's touch seemed to have ignited the fiery cut.
"What is it, Sora?" he asked. Sora was crying in pain now. Tai looked at her arm and saw that the cut that had temporarily stopped bleeding was now doing so dramatically. Sora's blood dripped all over the floor and onto Tai's clothes. "Sora! What did you do to yourself?" he asked frantically. Sora was trying to speak, but the pain was too unbearable for her to say anything. Tai still had his hands around her waist, afraid to let her go. He thought that she might just fall to the ground. He gently laid her down on the kitchen floor, although she was quite capable of standing on her own.
"Hold on, Sora! You'll be okay!" he told her. He took off his shirt and wrapped around her bleeding arm. Sora just looked at him and smiled.
"I hope so. You can't live without me, remember?" she said solemnly. Tai smiled.
"Oh, you will be. Don't worry." He put her head in his lap until the bleeding stopped.

Tai had laid Sora's sleeping body on the floor. He had summoned up all his courage and had changed her clothing. Just her shirt and pants though. He had cleaned the floor and had already been working on getting the blood-stains out of her clothing. There was a low moan and the sound of someone yawning.
"Tai? Are you still here?"
"Yes, I'm here. I wouldn't dare leave you," he whispered from above her. She realized that her clothes had been changed and suddenly became embarrassed.
"I see you changed my clothes." Tai shrugged.
"I didn't want your mom to find out about what happened here. There's one thing, though. Can I ask you a question?" he asked. Sora nodded.
"Sure, go ahead." Tai held up the knife that had been in Sora's bedroom.
"Why did you hurt yourself?"

Damn. Another cliff hanger. I think this one was kind of boring, but don't despair. I think I have at least one more part to go. So just hold on. If you have any comments, email me at dragonsouldreamer767@hotmail.com I'll answer as soon as possible. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! (THAT'S GOOD BYE IN GERMAN FOR YOU PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER SEEN THE SOUND OF MUSIC!)