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Fanfic » Anime » Digimon » How to Fly font size: (+) : (-)
Author: Artisan of the Written Word
PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 130 - Publish date: 11-17-00 - Updated: 01-29-01 storyid: 114954

How to Fly

by The Writer

Disclaimer: I'm poor, okay. I don't own anything except for this computer, so leave me alone you vultures. Now then, this is a tai ora fic, so please tell me what you think. This is my first fanfic, it probably sucks, but send me your comments anyway at dragonsouldreamer767@hotmail.com Here goes nothing. Oh, by the way. I have some lyrics from the song "NEXT YEAR" by the Foo Fighters, so please don't sue me for copyright laws. I'm just quoting the song. The lyrics are set off in asterisks. I may have gotten some of the lyrics mixed up since I don't have the CD (I'm poor, remember?) So just tell me if I did and I'll remember that if I use them again.

Sora looked up at the hazy sky and then back down to her watch. It's digital display read 2:15, but Tai was supposed to meet her at 1:30.
"Why can't he ever tell time?" she wondered to herself, but realized that she could wait for him forever. She hadn't told him that she loved him, all though she had been trying to tell him for years. This secret was so deep, however, that she really never admitted it to herself, even though she knew all along deep inside. She dribbled the soccer ball at her feet. They were supposed to play a game of one on one, but for some reason he hadn't shown up. "I wonder if something is wrong." She decided to wait another fifteen minutes. It had been forever since she had played soccer since she was a tennis player now, but she thought Tai could give her a good reminder on how to play. She patiently sat down on the grass and began to watch the minutes tick by.

Tai paced his bedroom floor continuously. Kari heard his cycle of never-ending footsteps and decided to check on him.
"You okay, Tai?" she asked worriedly. Tai never looked up. He was mouthing something to himself and acted like he hadn't heard her. She thought for a second. What could be wrong with him? Then it hit her. "You worried about Sora?" she asked. Tai looked up sharply to see Kari peering at him from the doorway.
"Should I be? Is something wrong with her?" he asked in a scared tone. Kari laughed.
"Why don't you just ask her out and get it over with. It's obvious that's what you are thinking about," she scolded. Tai blushed furiously.
"How would you know? Can you read my mind?" he asked, infuriated. He sat down on his bed waiting for her answer. He was wearing khaki pants and a green shirt that Sora had gotten him for Christmas last year.
"No, but when you whisper her name in your sleep, and you are pacing the floor continuously, and you are wearing the shirt that she got you for Christmas almost everyday, it kind of hints at people that she's on your mind," she said, amused that Tai hadn't noticed the little things that he was letting slip by. Tai put his face in his hands.
"Fine, you got me. No use denying it any longer," he said as he ran his hands through the mop of hair that sat on his head. Kari stopped leaning against the doorway and walked over to her brother.
"Just ask her out, you chicken. What's the worst that could happen?"
"I could lose her forever," he answered sharply. Kari smiled.
"With the friendship you two have? Are you kidding?" she asked. Tai looked up at her to smile, but suddenly a look of horror covered his face.
"Oh my God! Sora! I forgot all about her!" he screamed. "Bye, Kari! I've got to go!" He pushed her aside and ran down the hall toward the door.
"Be careful, Tai!" Kari yelled after her brother, but he was already out the door. She walked out the bedroom door and stopped.
"Now what am I going to do?" she asked herself aloud. She thought about calling T.K., but then quickly dismissed the idea. Kari shook her head and laughed. "Man, maybe I need to take my own advice and just ask him out," she scolded herself playfully.

Sora looked at her watch again. It was 2:30. Sadly, she got up off the grass that covered the soccer field and started to walk away.
"I wonder what happened. Knowing him, he probably forgot," she told herself aloud. She looked around one last time to make sure that she hadn't overlooked him. Tai was no where in sight. Sora sighed heavily and began walking toward the north end of the field which was the shortest way to get home. She suddenly heard someone scream her name. She turned around, hopeful that it was Tai. She saw a figure running toward her waving frantically. "TAI!" she yelled to him. She blushed slightly when she saw he was wearing the shirt she had given him. Tai smiled gratefully. He ran down the bleacher steps as fast as he could. He was breathing hard from all his running, but quickly tried to give the appearance that he hadn't been running at all. "Where the hell have you been?" she asked angrily. Tai's smile disappeared quickly.
"I was a little bit preoccupied, that's all," he whispered. Sora smiled.
"Well, as long as you're here, I might as well beat you at a game of soccer," she laughed. Tai smirked.
"You wish, Loser," he said as he quickly stole the soccer ball from her hands. He accidently brushed her hand as he took the ball from her, making shivers run up and down his spine. Tai began to blush. Sora looked worried.
"Are you okay, Tai?" she asked. Tai shrugged.
"Oh, I'm fine. Just a chill, that's all," he said nervously. Sora lifted an eyebrow.
"Um, it's eighty degrees out here," she informed him suspiciously. Tai laughed.
"I'm just weird that's all. Are we going to stand here chit-chatting or are you going to let me kill you in a game of soccer?" he asked. Sora stole the ball back from his hands and dropped it to the ground, immediately dribbling it.
"Whatever makes you sleep at night!" she said as she ran down the field with the soccer ball. Tai laughed.
"You're dead!" he yelled after her. He chased her down the field and they began to play the best game of soccer that they had ever played between them.

When they were finished, Tai's khakis were grass green. Sora laughed at him. She had been quite upset when he had beat her 20-13, but she was out of practice.
"You may have won the game, but I bet you'll still get your butt kicked at home," she giggled. Tai looked down at his grass stained pants and shrieked like a girl.
"My mom will kill me!" he yelled. Sora continued laughing. She looked at her watch.
"Well, here's what we'll do. It's only 4:30. We'll go get something to eat and then you can come to my apartment and we'll wash your pants. I'll call Kari and ask her to bring an extra pair over. How will that be?" Tai gasped slightly at the mere mentioning of him taking off his pants anywhere near Sora. "Well, what do you think?" she asked. Tai tried to say something, but his mind just flat-lined. Sora sensed what he was so apprehensive about and blushed madly.
"Sorry, Tai. Well, I guess you can just go home and then wash them there," she whispered shamefully. Tai cleared his throat and swallowed.
"Oh, no... That's okay, Sora. I can go over to your place, I bet," he answered finally. He blushed a deep crimson. Sora smiled, but wondered what she was getting herself into.
"He's just your best friend, Sora. Chill out," she thought, but something was counteracting that thought. Something told her that if he did come over to her house, something would happen. Tai felt the same way, but he wanted it to happen. He had to tell her his feelings some day. Why not now?
"Well, let's go get something to eat," Tai said, quickly changing the subject. They started toward the north end of the field.
"Pizza sound good?" Sora asked.
"You know it," Tai answered. He pushed her ahead of him. "Walk the plank, girly," he said in a horrible pirate accent. Sora laughed.
"Well, I know that your sense of humor hasn't changed," she said walking slowly. Tai ran up beside her.
"Who said I had changed at all?" he asked defensively. They may be seventeen now, but they hadn't actually changed from what they used to be. Sora put her hands up.
"Don't be so defensive, Tai. You have changed though," she said thoughtfully. Tai seemed confused.
"Name one thing that has changed," he commanded. Sora sighed, apparently thinking.
"It's not one specific thing, You just seem different. You are more caring and understanding. You are also more truthful. I guess you are a better person," she said, but was inwardly kicking herself for just telling him all that. Tai seemed pleased.
"The way you were talking, I thought I was a worse person," he said, seemingly surprised. Sora shook her head.
"No way. I don't think you could get any worse," she said playfully and started running. Tai started to chase after you.
"I'll get you yet, Sora!" he screamed after her. They chased each other all the way to the pizza place.

Tai and Sora laughed as they headed out the pizza place's doors. They started walking fast at first, but their pace gradually slowed. There was an awkward silence between them. Tai decided to take the initiative.
"Uh, Sora?" he said quietly. Sora had been gazing at the clouds that floated on the blue sea above them.
"Yeah?" she asked, not really listening to him. He felt this overwhelming feeling come over him. In that moment, he could see, hear, and feel everything around them. He felt the sudden breeze of a car as it rushed by. He could see Sora's beauty as if she was a goddess. She was his Aphrodite. She was his picture of perfection. She was his salvation. She was his heart. At that moment, he could hear her heart beating. As if it was magic. As if she was speaking in some kind of language that only he could understand.
"Aphrodite," he whispered suddenly. He instantly became embarrassed and the moment that had been so wonderful to him passed just as quickly as it come.
"What?" she asked with an eyebrow raised. Tai's mind began to reel for answers.
"Oh, I was just talking to myself." He smiled his best. Sora smiled back.
"You won't believe it, but I thought you said ‘Aphrodite' or something. Weird, huh?" she said, laughing slightly. Tai laughed with her. He smiled widely at the harmonic sound of their voices together.
"Definitely," he said. Tai's smile immediately disappeared. Sora wondered what was wrong with him. She saw him frown and decided that she needed to change the subject quickly.
"Hey, look up there, Tai," she said suddenly, pointing to a flock of birds that was flying overhead. "They are so beautiful," she whispered. Suddenly, the same feeling that had washed over Tai washed over Sora's body. She could hear the air rushing over the birds' wings above her. She could see the birds' flying formation perfectly, as if it was explained to her. Suddenly chills ran up and down her spine. Sora could feel someone watching her, as if undressing her with their eyes or trying to pry into her very soul. She found that she was able to look at Tai without the moment leaving her. She saw him staring at her with a dreamy smile on his face. At that moment, Sora could not only hear his heart beating, but she could also feel it, just as if their hearts were one, but she knew that they had never done the act that would have given her the ability to feel this. It was if they had been joined in soul before they were even born. Sora smiled at him, but realized that she needed to snap out of it quickly. She drew in a shuddered breath and the moment was gone. Tai's smile turned into a frown of disappointment. He saw his beloved's face turn a crimson that matched her eyes. Tai quickly tried to change the subject.
"Hey, I'll race you to your place!" he said, already starting to run. Sora smiled, grateful that Tai's understanding for her was deep enough that he knew how to get her out the most embarrassing moments of her life.
"DREAM ON, TAICHI KAMIYA!" she screamed as a battle cry and easily ran ahead of him.
"I'll beat you yet, Sora Takenouchi!" he screamed back at her. They chased each other like little children all the way to Sora's apartment.

"Hey, Mom! Tai needs to get his pants washed. Don't worry I'm calling Kari to bring another pair to him," Sora called to her mother as they burst in the door. No answer.
"I guess she's not here, Sora," Tai said. Sora smiled nervously, trying not to show her concern.
"I guess not," Sora replied flatly. Tai sensed her nervousness.
"I'll call Kari. That way it won't seem so suspicious," he said soothingly. Sora nodded.
"You know where the phone is," she said solemnly. Tai nervously maneuvered around her to get to the phone that rested on Sora's counter. He quickly dialed his number and put the phone up to his ear.
"Hello?" Kari's voice asked.
"Hey, sis. Mom and Dad not home yet?" he asked. Kari shook her head like Tai could see her through the phone.
"No, not yet. What's wrong?"
"Oh, nothing. Hey, would you mind bringing me an extra pair of pants? I got grass stains on mine and I don't want Mom to kill me."
"Okay, sure, but how are you going to keep the ones you have on from Mom?"
"I'm at Sora's apartment. She's going to let me wash them here and then I'll come home."
"You're at Sora's?" Kari exclaimed. Tai sighed.
"Nothing's going to happen."
"But you want something to happen."
"No, I don't want to make her uncomfortable," Tai whispered, glancing at Sora in her living room. She was flipping stations on her television.
"Sure, whatever. I'll be over in about fifteen minutes."
"Okay. Thanks, Kari. I owe you one." He hung up the phone. He was at Sora's house, but he had meant what he said. He would rather stab a knife into his heart than to harm a hair on her head. "Uh, she said she'd be over in about fifteen minutes." Sora looked behind her at Tai.
"Okay. We'll wait until she gets here before we wash them."
"I thought I could go ahead and wash them now so you could see me in my underwear." Sora's eyes widened in surprise. She whirled her whole body around to face him. Tai started laughing uncontrollably.
"Damn, girl. Take a joke!" he laughed hysterically. Sora's facial expression lightened.
"Ha... Ha.... Ha...." she said flatly. Tai finally stopped laughing.
"I'm sorry, but you had to see your face. What a classic," he said, still trying to hold back his laughter. Sora turned back around to look at her TV.
"There really isn't anything on, but I could find an old movie," she offered. Tai nodded.
"Sounds good. What did ya have in mind?" he asked. Sora walked over to the stand the TV was sitting on.
"I don't know. Come over here and help me," she commanded. Tai did so immediately. Anything to get close to her.

"That must be Kari. I'll get it," Sora said as she jumped up from the floor. Tai was still looking for a movie to watch. She looked through the peep hole and saw Kari standing there with a sack in her hand.
"Yep, it's her," Sora thought. She opened the door.
"Hey Sora!" Kari said when she saw her. "It looks like you need to change clothes, too. You look like someone wiped the field with you." Tai smirked.
"I did," he said. Sora rolled her eyes melodramatically.
"Come in," she said to Kari. Tai's sister stepped in to see her brother.
"Man, you are a mess. Next time, don't wear your favorite khakis, stupid," Kari teased. Tai playfully pushed his sister.
"Are those mine?" he asked, pointing at the sack in her hand. Kari nodded.
"Here. I need to get back to the apartment. Someone's got to cover for you while you're gone. You want me to say you're with Matt?" she asked. Tai nodded.
"Go ahead. Tell them that I'm out on the town though. I don't want them to try to call me." Kari nodded.
"Okay. Well, I gotta go. Nice to see you, Sora."
"Ditto. Be careful," Sora told her. Kari waved good bye and headed out the door. Tai and Sora were alone again.
"What do we do now?" Tai asked, but he knew he wasn't going to get the answer he wanted.
"Well, you can change into those clean pants and give me those you are wearing when you change. I'll put them in the washing machine."
"Okay. I'll be right back," Tai said as he ran to her bathroom. Sora sighed heavily.
"God, please don't let me fall in love with him. I don't want us to lose each other," she said under her breath. Little did she know that Tai's keen ears heard her. He frowned slightly as he took off his old pants and put on his clean ones.
"God, please let us fall in love together. I want us to be together," Tai prayed mentally. He finally changed his pants, but he noticed that his shirt had grass stains on it, too. He took it off, which revealed his muscular frame, and folded it and put it on top of his pants in a neat pile. He hoped that he wouldn't freak her out. He opened the bathroom door to see Sora waiting for him. She couldn't help it as her mouth dropped open. "My shirt had stains on it, too. I was wondering if you could wash it, too. Since it is my favorite shirt," he said, smiling. She gathered all her will power and closed her mouth. Sora couldn't make her eyes look away from his muscular chest. She finally just closed them and held out her hands.
"Okay, whatever," she said, blushing madly. Tai frowned.
"If you want me to put the shirt back on-"
"NO! I mean, no, that's alright," Sora whispered. Tai put his clothes on her outstretched hands.
"I'll go find something for us to watch, okay?"
"Okay, go ahead," she said. She rushed to put the clothes in the washing machine. "Chill out," she kept telling herself, but she couldn't get over how much more he had matured. Now, he seemed like a man, not a boy like he had always been. After she started the machine and came back to the living room, she saw Tai sitting on the couch. He was wearing his green cargo pants. "Uh, Tai, I'm going to go change, too," she said, barely able to make it audible.
"Sure, go ahead. It's your house, Sora," he replied. He was switching channels, trying to find the one to turn on the VCR. Sora rushed to her room and quickly changed into a bit more appealing attire. She put on her best jeans and a tighter shirt from her closet. She rushed back down. Tai looked at her, dumbfounded.
"I didn't know I wasn't supposed to wear a tux, Sora," he joked. She laughed.
"Well, actually, you were supposed to wear a shirt, but I guess a Casanova like you can get away with anything," she retorted childishly. Tai laughed.
"Have a seat. I won't bite," he said, patting the cushion beside him. She plopped down beside him and they began to flip through the channels on the TV, trying to find something to watch.

The washing machine stopped abruptly. Tai and Sora were watching some scary movie that was actually one of the scarier ones which had them both on the edge of their seats. The lights were out, the perfect mood for something they might have been willing to do, but neither one of them wanted to violate the other.
"Is your mom ever coming home?" Tai asked. Sora shrugged.
"I have no idea. She'll probably come home soon. Maybe you should go. Your pants are washed," she said, wishing that the night wasn't over yet. Tai's shoulders slumped.
"Well, alright. I can dry them at home. Wait, what about my shirt? It gets kind of cold at night, you know." Sora sighed.
"I guess you could stay a while longer. It's only 6 o'clock. It'll take at least an hour to dry your clothes, though." Tai raised an eyebrow.
"I didn't realize that I was in any rush. Plus, I wanted to finish this movie. It's pretty good," he admitted. Sora sighed.
"Alright, alright. I'll go put them in the drier," she finally agreed. Tai grinned at her. As she walked away, he wondered if he was too obvious that he wanted to stay.

The drier had gone off a long time ago, but the two were trying to finish their movie. As the credits started to roll, Sora and Tai got up off the couch and stretched.
"Who would of thought that the girl did it," Sora said. Tai smirked.
"Well, if every girl I knew was like you, we'd all be dead," he teased. Sora punched lightly in the shoulder. Her eyes fell on his chest again. There was some primal urge within her that made her want to touch him, but she fought it with all her might.
"Go put on your shirt, Tai," she said, trying to get him out of her eyesight so she wouldn't stare.
"Yes, Mother," he said in a small child's voice. Sora stuck her tongue out at him playfully. He did the same and started for the drier upstairs. He slipped on his shirt when he got there and brought his pants down with him.
"Are they dry?" Sora asked.
"Just a little damp. I'll tell my mom that I went through the sprinkler at the park," he said, grinning wildly. Sora grinned back.
"Hey, I'll walk with you to your place, Tai. It'll be okay because it's 7:30 and your mom wouldn't be able to see me," she offered. Tai seemed to ponder this. This might be his chance to win her heart. Little did he know that he had a long time ago.
"Sure, whatever. Shall we go?" Tai asked. Sora nodded.
"Let's," and out the door they went.

Sora and Tai walked side by side on the sidewalk. The street lamps hadn't come on yet, so their view of the sunset wasn't obstructed by bright lights. Sora saw a bird fly over head. She sighed deeply with a smile on her face.
"Look, Tai. Isn't it beautiful?" she asked, pointing to the bird. Tai looked at the bird and then at Sora's upturned face.
"Yeah. Angelic, even," he said. His breath was almost swept way by her amazing beauty. Her red hair was as short as it had been in the digital world, but it was seemingly more beautiful every day. Her one-of-a-kind crimson eyes made him want to stare into them all day. Her body. He loved her figure. He had the same primal urge that made him want to take her and make her his. He wanted her so badly, but just as Sora did, he fought it with all the will in his body. But more than anything, he wanted her for whom she was. The most beautiful girl that he had ever seen. The girl that all the other people had looked over since she was the tomboy in school. Now, she was his angel. The problem was that he was scared that she would reject him if she knew how he really felt. He was taller than her, but he had always felt less than adequate to her. Like if he died, her beauty would only grow. She noticed that he was staring at her, but she decided to ask him why. She continued to watch the bird soar higher and higher.
"Oh, God, Tai." Tai looked worried.
"What's wrong, Sora?" he asked in an upset tone. Sora wasn't upset. She was smiling. The red light from the sunset seemed to make her face glow with beauty. He smiled dreamily.
"I wish I could fly," she whispered, looking from the sky to Tai's dark brown eyes. She locked her crimson irises on his brown ones. Tai felt the strength leave his body through her gaze, but he gathered his courage and took the step that he had wanted to take for so long. He sighed heavily and smiled that famous cockeyed smile of his, but then wiped it from his face. He said the thing that opened the door that he had been intent on opening for so long.
"I can make you fly," he whispered back. Sora's eyes seemed to brighten.
"Tai, I don't know-"
"Fly with me, Sora. You want to fly with me. You want to fly with the birds. You want to fly. I can help you, but you have to help me," he whispered. Sora smiled. Suddenly, Tai thrust his mouth forward and connected with hers in a passionate kiss of fire.
*Into the sky we fly*
Sora and Tai felt that feeling wash over them again. Yet again they could feel, see, and hear everything around them.
*There I can keep by your side*
They could feel their heartbeats become synchronized. Their souls had become in time with each other.
*Watching the whole world riot and hiding out*
The ground seemed to disappear from under their feet. They were flying together. Tai had kept his word. He had helped her fly.
*I'll be coming home next year*
Tai never wanted to come down. He wanted to stay with her. He wanted to stay with Sora in the sky. He didn't want to come down.
*Into the sun we climb*
Still locked in a kiss, they felt an intense heat rush over their bodies. It was horrifying, yet comforting.
*Climbing our wings will burn white*
Tai broke the kiss, but Sora moaned for him to kiss her again.
"Let me carry you, Sora. Soar on my wings. Don't leave me. Use my wings to fly," he whispered. Sora wasn't sure what he meant. He rejoined their kiss. Fire blazed over her body.
*Everyone strapped in tight, we'll ride it out*
Sora could see stars and clouds. She could see the moon smiling at her from the sky. She could feel Tai with her.
*I'll be coming home next year*
Sora never wanted to come down. She loved Tai. She could feel it. It was always there. She just had to find it.
*Come on, get on, get on*
He could feel wings coming out of his back. Sora was with him, but he couldn't see her. It was their souls flying, he realized, not them physically.
*Take it ‘til life runs out*
Tai never wanted to let her go, but he needed to. Not yet, though. He needed her.
*No one can find us now*
Sora knew the world they were in was theirs. This was the place that they had created for each other in their hearts.
*Living with our heads underground*
She led Tai into a nose dive for the ground underneath them. Suddenly, it changed from solid ground to an ocean underneath them. They dove in head first. With their combined strength, they lifted their wings and swam out of the water at full speed.
*Into the night we fly*
Tai flew her high into the sky. He could feel Sora's fear within him.
*Lighting the way we glide by*
He tried to give her hope by lighting their way. He made the wings they flew on leave a trail of stars as a beacon of hope.
*Catch me if I get to high, if I come down*
Tai could feel Sora slipping from his grip. He gathered all the courage in his soul and held on tight. He would never let her go.
*I'll be coming home next year*
Sora felt so safe in Tai's grasp. She held onto his soul with all the might in her arms.
*Say goodbye now, say goodbye now. Say goodbye now, say goodbye now*
Sora broke the kiss. Leaving them both breathless.
*I'll be coming home next year*
"I love you, Sora. I always have and I always will."
*I'll be coming home next year*
"I love you too, Tai."
*Everything's alright up here, if I come down*
"But I can't be with you."
"Why!?! Everything is right. We'll never lose each other!"
*I'll be coming home next year*
"I can't Tai. I just can't." She broke the stare that had lasted so long between them and ran all the way back to her apartment. Tai's eyes began to water.
"You were going to fly with me, Sora," he whispered. He slowly turned around and walked the rest of the way home with a broken heart.

Why did Sora run from him? OKAY, HERE'S THE DEAL. If you want me to write the next part of this story, email me your comments and stuff. Even if it's bad. IF I don't get a response at all, there will be no more fanfics on this subject and the rest of this story is up to your imaginations Time is not a luxury, so it'll take me a while longer to get it on, but I will if it's wanted. Until the possible next time, adios!