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Fanfic » Anime » Digimon » Endangering Forever font size: (+) : (-)
Author: Artisan of the Written Word
PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 109 - Publish date: 12-25-00 - Updated: 01-29-01 storyid: 151798



A/N: Here I am, gang!! What's this?! She's learned to use HTML!? Dear God! What's the world coming to? Today Digimon, tomorrow the world! MUHAHAHAHAHA! *Ahem* Excuse me for that little outburst, but I *am* rather proud of my self. I think this is the last in the How to Fly series-then again, maybe not. It's a fitting ending, I think. Oh well, this is strictly Taiora with some mentionings of Takari. All of the old digidestined will be in this one, and maybe the new ones; I dunno. It just depends. This starts out before Christmas. Oh, and there are a lot of sexual references (thus the rating) so don't flame me. It's an adult situation, okay? Don't get on to me for telling about real life!!!!

Dedication: Well, duh, to Logan. (You people may be wondering why I keep mentioning him.... He's only *THE* coolest person on the planet :)

Disclaimer: I'm just going to do one last disclaimer for the rest of the series. Hmm, I don't own digimon.... "Bent" by Matchbox Twenty (are you beginning to tell that I love that song? I've already used it before).... Or the excerpt of "Comedown" by Bush.... Or anything like that. I only own my words, which aren't worth very much.

Warnings: Taiora, Takari, sexual references galore, angst.... (mostly the usual)

Enough of my talking. Let's get this show on the road!!!! Oh, and by the way, PLEASE REVIEW!!!! I was kind of disappointed about how many "Blind Love" got, but I guess I was asking too much of people to go back and read How to Fly 1-4, too. (Which, by the way, you kind of need to do for this one. It takes place right after "Blind Love" which took place right after "How to Fly Parts 1-4".) Okay, NOW you can read.




"Stop it, Tai!" Sora exclaimed playfully. It was Christmas time, and at least five inches of snow covered the ground everywhere. They had just gotten out for Christmas break. Tai and Sora had decided to walk through the park as a celebratory break that they both needed, but it had ended up in a deadly snowball fight. Sora was desperately trying to get away from Tai, who had a snowball in hand with a mischievous grin on his face.

"I'm coming for ya!" he exclaimed after her. She suddenly stopped and began to gather snow. Tai smirked. She was making it too easy. He hurled the snowball he had in hand at her, hitting her right on top of the head.

"Hey!!! Play fair, Kamiya!" she yelled at him. Tai tried his best to look innocent.

"I didn't do nothin'," he said unconvincingly. Sora packed the snow in to a sphere shape and quickly tried to get a good shot at Tai.

"Hey, look! Your sister is making out with T.K.!" She said, pointing to an empty spot behind Tai. He whirled around looking for T.K., who was instantly listed as a potential murder victim in Tai's mind.

"All right, Kari. How many times do I have to tell you - HEY! They aren't here! What are you trying to-" he turned back to Sora only to be met with a snowball to the face. Sora giggled hysterically. "Why, you little!" Tai lunged for Sora, who was only a few feet from him. Sora made a weak attempt to get away, but her giggles had made her short of breath, making it hard for her to get away from Tai's quick movements. He tackled her to the ground. Sora rolled him over onto his back, but he made a quick move, and he ended up on top of her. He pinned her arms to the ground and laughed triumphantly. "I've got you now, kid! I'd like to see you get out of this predicament!" Sora looked at Tai directly in the eyes and smiled knowingly.

"Oh, I know exactly how to get out of it," she whispered seductively. Tai mocked a heart attack and fell beside her.

"You know, coming on to people like that is why they have heart attacks," he said, clutching his chest as if his heart had stopped. Sora laughed wildly.

"Well, I think I'm the only person that has that kind of effect... Don't you agree?" she asked. Tai looked at her and smiled.

"Well, you're the only one who has that effect on me, and you know it," he said bitterly. Sora laughed.

"Don't act like it's a bad thing! I mean, you have the same effect on me," she said thoughtfully, the smile disappearing. Tai turned over onto his stomach and looked at Sora quizzically.

"I do?" Sora nodded furiously.

"You always have," she said. Tai smiled and leaned in closer to Sora.

"Same here," he whispered. Sora smiled.

"I love you, Tai," she said suddenly. Tai felt warmth flow through him, as if he had suddenly been placed in front of a fire. He blushed a deep crimson.

"I love you, too, Sora," he said quietly, grinning widely.

"I think we need to head on home, Tai. I still need to go Christmas shopping. I only have four days left," she said, quickly trying to get up. Tai grinned mischievously and flipped onto his back, putting his hands behind his head.

"Why leave so soon? I thought we were having fun!" he said cheerfully. Sora looked down at him and smiled wryly.

"We still are, goof ball. I didn't say I was leaving you. We just need to start back on our way home, that's all," she explained, brushing the snow off of her jacket and blue jeans. Tai's grin widened suddenly as he pulled Sora's legs out from under her, causing her to land in his lap. "Why'd you go and do that for?" she asked, trying to scold him, but couldn't help but smile. Tai touched his nose with hers.

"You were going to leave me," he said, his face turning into one of a sad child. He bowed his head as if in shame. Sora's smile lessened. Is that what he really thought? If it wasn't, he was surely doing a good job acting like it. She put a finger under his chin and raised his head to meet her gaze.

"Tai, I'll never, ever leave you," she whispered. Tai smiled and kissed her suddenly. He broke away, but was surprised when Sora hungrily met his lips again. Both of the love-crazy teenagers' heads swam. Sora had been kissing him more passionately lately. This time, her hungry kiss had left him dizzy. Sora let him go, her own head swirling a bit. Tai put a hand on his forehead and sighed.

"Man, you've got to warn me when you do that. Every time you do, I end up seeing the world spinning," he said worriedly. Sora laughed.

"I take it that you liked it," she said, her smile growing wider. Tai looked at her and grinned.

"Of course, Sora," he said, knowing that he would not be able to put into words how she made him feel. Sora bowed her head. "I wonder what our wedding night will be like," he said suddenly. Sora raised up her head sharply, her eyes wide with surprise.

"I figured it would be incredible," she said thoughtfully, mentally shocked that Tai didn't say he thought it would be that way, too. Tai tilted his head slightly and looked at her sideways.

"You've been thinking about it?" he asked, surprised that such a sweet girl like Sora had such impure thoughts. She bowed her head again.

"Yes, I have. I've been thinking about it a lot," she said softly. Tai saw her face turn a dark crimson.

"Why, Sora? Why think about it?" he asked, honestly curious to why she seemed so worried.

"It's not that I'm worried that it won't be incredible because I know it will be, it's just I'm... I'm..." She couldn't seem to finish. Tai watched as her face darkened to a deeper crimson. He put his hand under her chin and forced her to meet his gaze.

"You're what?" He asked, trying to encourage her to tell him. They had been working on that aspect of their relationship. They had both expressed that there needed to be trust before anything else, so he and Sora had been telling each other their secrets whenever they remembered one. They hadn't decided to tell the other digidestined about their getting married yet, but they had decided to wait until Christmas Day. It seemed like the perfect time to announce such a happy thing. Sora's relationship with her mother had improved greatly, so the two teenagers felt that the announcement should go over well. Tai's parents had actually been suspecting something, but their naive minds still hadn't noticed the obvious relationship between the two. They thought that the two teenagers were still best friends, but strangely knew that T.K. and Kari were a lot more. Sora's mother was not so naive however.

"I'm, oh, never mind," she whispered, losing herself in Tai's gaze. His soft chocolate brown eyes became piercing.

"Tell me, Sora. You know we've talked about trusting each other," he commanded softly. Sora struggled against his grip on her chin and bowed her head again.

"I know. I'm just... I keep wondering if we.... if we should wait... until our wedding night," she said finally, making herself make eye contact with Tai, her voice gradually losing its volume because of her embarrassment. Tai's gaze softened as his jaw dropped.

"Wh-what?" he stammered, but Sora just looked at him knowingly. She knew he had heard her correctly, and she wasn't going to embarrass herself again by repeating it. Sora's heart dropped slightly. She knew he would take it this way. Taichi Kamiya may have loved her, but not enough to do something so rash with her. She got up and dusted the snow off the seat of her pants and began to walk home. The only sound to her ears was the crunching of snow under her feet.

"That was a total waste of breath," she whispered to herself.

"If you want me, Sora, I will." Sora froze. Did Tai just say what she thought he had? If she wanted him? If there was anybody she wanted more, his name was Taichi Kamiya. She turned around to look at him. She was now about ten feet away from him. He was on his feet and gazing at her with kind, caring, understanding, and loving eyes. He smiled, his expression soft. "If you want me," he whispered. Sora walked back to him, her eyes never switching from his.

"I want you," she whispered. His smile disappeared.

"Then I'm yours," he whispered back. Sora had wanted to hear that so much. She rested her head against his chest. Tai looked straight ahead and left his hands at his sides. He trembled slightly as she kissed his muscular chest, one of the few weak places on Tai's body. Sora looked up into his eyes and saw that he was refraining from doing something.

"Tai, I'm yours, too. Don't be afraid of me," she whispered. Tai looked down at her and smiled.

"I'm not afraid with you by my side," he said, trying to show his bravery. "Let's get you home, okay kid?" Sora nodded with a smile on her face. They walked the rest of the way to Sora's house hand in hand, thinking about what was just said. Not another word was said about it until the next night.


Tai looked at his calendar to see how much time he had to do his Christmas shopping. It was the 22nd of December, three days from the big day. He sighed. He really didn't know what to get for Sora or Kari. They were the two most important people in his life, but he didn't have a clue what to get for them. He walked into the kitchen in deep thought. He looked up and saw Kari reading a book. He looked at her curiously.

"Why are you doing that in here?" he asked. Kari looked up at her brother and shrugged.

"Just because I wanted to, I guess," she answered. Tai accepted this and made his way to the refrigerator to search for some food. "Um, Tai?" Tai brought his head out of the refrigerator and looked at his sister.

"Yeah?" Kari cleared her throat and looked at her brother. He blushed suddenly, not knowing why.

"What are you getting Sora for Christmas?" she asked. Tai shrugged helplessly.

"I have absolutely no idea," he said sullenly. "What are you getting for T.K.?" Kari bowed her head sheepishly.

"I'm not sure I should tell you," she whispered. Tai tilted his head and looked at her quizzically.

"Why not? You're like a best friend to me. I would tell you what I was getting for Sora and you know it," he coaxed. Kari made herself look Tai in the eye.

"Do you really want to know?" Tai nodded anxiously, taking a bite of something unidentifiable he had gotten from the fridge.

"Of course." Kari sighed deeply.

"Well, I was kind of thinking of... not really getting him something but... giving him something," she said, her voice faltering as her eyes fell to the floor. Tai almost choked when he realized what she meant.

"WHAT?" he almost screamed. Kari began to blush furiously.

"I knew I shouldn't have told you," she whispered angrily. Tai made himself calm down.

"Kari, you're thirteen years old, not thirty," he said softly. She glared at him, the heat radiating from her eyes.

"Well, you're seventeen, not twenty seven," she shot back. Tai seemed taken back.

"What do you mean by that?" Kari snorted laughter.

"What do you think I mean? You and Sora are so obvious," she chided. Tai surprised Kari by laughing softly.

"We haven't done anything like that. In fact, we haven't done anything besides kiss," he said proudly, but suddenly felt something like apprehension in his stomach. He was right; all they had done was kiss. Tai realized that this was a bigger step than he had realized. The apprehension turned to sudden sickness.

Kari looked at Tai in disbelief.

"You're kidding!" she exclaimed. Tai shook his head, but not as proudly this time. The more he thought about taking the next step with Sora, the more it seemed like a bad idea.

"No, I'm not. You and T.K. need to learn to take things at a slow pace. When it's the right time, you'll know. Don't force yourself," he advised, but was amazed at how much his own advice could apply to his own situation. Kari sighed.

"Maybe I'll just get him a card," she said, her shoulders dropping in defeat. Tai laughed.

"Well, I wouldn't take it that slow," he joked. Kari laughed with him, but their laughter was cut short by the sound of the phone ringing. Tai felt his heart dropped. He had a feeling it was Sora. Kari reached for the phone.

"Hello? Hey, Sora!" Tai felt his heart race a couple of beats. "Yeah, he's here. Here, Tai," she said, stretching her arm out to Tai. He looked at it fearfully. Kari knit her brow. "Take it, Tai," she encouraged. He slowly stretched out his arm and took the device from Kari's small hands.

"He-hello? Sora?" he said, almost choking on his words. Sora sensed something was wrong right away.

"Hey, Tai. Are you okay?" Tai wanted to say 'No, I'm not, Sora. I think this is a bad idea,' but knew how much that would break her heart.

"Just fine. It's great to hear your voice today," he said softly. Sora giggled childishly.

"Well, hearing yours just put sunshine in my cloudy skies. Very clichéééé, I know, but it's the truth," she said. Tai couldn't see her, but knew she was smiling. He smiled at the very thought of her being happy.

"Glad to hear it," he said truthfully. He heard another female voice and Sora giggling. "What's so funny?" Sora snapped to attention.

"Guess who's here, Tai," she said, seemingly trying to tease him.

"Well, I actually have no idea," he said. Sora sighed impatiently.

"Come on, Tai! Just guess," she teased. Tai sighed in defeat.

"Mimi," he said off the top of his head.

"Yep." Tai was a little startled. Mimi? He hadn't heard of her coming to Japan.

"Really? Wow. Is she over at your house?"

"Yeah. You and Kari hurry over. Joe, Matt, Izzy, and T.K. are already here." Tai smiled. It would be nice to see an old friend.

"I'm hurrying. COME ON, KARI! I'll see you in a bit, love," he said. Sora giggled.

"Okay, just hurry!" she urged. They both hung up. Kari looked at him quizzically.

"Where are we going?" she asked out of pure curiosity. Tai smiled.

"We're going to go see Mimi. Come on, kiddo. Everyone's already there!" He said, grabbing Kari by the hand. She grabbed her coat and reluctantly let her brother drag her out the door.


"MIMI!" Kari cried when she saw her. Mimi looked up to the open door and saw a slim brown haired girl.

"KARI!" She cried out hysterically. The two girls ran to each other and exchanged hugs and a few words. The boys, including Tai, laughed heartily.

"It hasn't been that long since you saw her, Kari," Tai said playfully. Mimi turned from Kari to Tai with an eyebrow raised.

"Well, it actually has been a while. Four months to be exact," she said thoughtfully. Tai began to think, but finally agreed with a nod of his head.

"I guess it has been a while. How have you been, girl? It's great to see you," he said with a grin. Mimi laughed.

"Well, everything's been all right with me, I guess. How 'bout you, Tai?" she asked. Tai's grin widened.

"Everything's been great," he said, glancing at Sora. She blushed timidly when everyone turned to look at her. Mimi sighed ecstatically.

"Well, since everyone's here, I want to hear about everything that's happened," she said excitedly. T.K. and Kari shot worried glances at each other. Tai and Sora did, too. If Mimi wanted to know everything, that would mean T.K. and Kari would have to tell about what happened three months ago, and Sora and Tai would have to tell about what happened that night at the hospital.

"Well, who goes first?" Matt asked. Joe shrugged along with Izzy.

"We haven't got that much to tell," Izzy said sullenly.

"Oh yes, we do," T.K. said solemnly. Everyone turned to look at him. Kari sighed.

"He's right. We do have a lot to tell. Especially us," she whispered. Tai walked over to his sister and wrapped a hand around her shoulders.

"Sora and I do, too. We might be here a while," he said slowly. Joe looked confused. He stroked his blue hair in confusion.

"Excuse me, but have I missed something?" he asked. Sora nodded furiously.

"You've missed more than you'll ever know," she said, glancing at Tai nervously.

"I guess we need to go first," he said as he unwrapped his arm from around Kari's shoulder and took a seat beside Sora. Everyone knew what had happened before Sora woke up, but the gap between that and when Tai jumped off the building was currently a mystery to the others. Tai decided that the whole story needed to be told again. He sighed and began.

"Well, it started at the soccer field....."


"Wow. Sora, why didn't you two tell us about your father's behavior before?" Matt asked. Mimi nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, Sora. Why didn't you?" Sora shrugged helplessly.

"I don't know why. I did tell you about him and my mother, but it was a little harder to tell what he did to me," she said quietly. Tai hugged her tightly, trying to give her strength.

"We're your best friends, Sora. We'll always be here for you, no matter what," Matt told her. Everyone nodded in agreement. Sora smiled her appreciation. Joe seemed to be thinking. T.K. looked at him worriedly.

"What's wrong?" Joe shook his head.

"Tai, could you show us your wings?" he asked suddenly. There was pure silence from Tai.

"Do I need to prove it to you?" he asked finally, his tone was cold. Joe shook his head quickly.

"No, I just wanted to see them for myself, as I am sure the rest of us would too," he replied. Tai sighed deeply. He looked to Sora for her advice. She smiled.

"Go ahead, Tai. We're all friends here. Besides, you shouldn't be ashamed of them. They're beautiful," she coaxed. There was no more hesitation from Tai. He got up from his seat.

"I'm not being vulgar, but I've already gone through two shirts, okay?" he said as he began to pull off his shirt. There was a sharp breath pulled in by Sora as his masculine chest was shone to her. Everyone looked at her.

"Get a grip, girl," Matt teased, but only caused Sora to blush madly. Tai smiled, but began to concentrate more on what he was doing. There was only a nanosecond of hesitation until the wings were shown. They were an easy ten feet across. He folded them close to his body so not to knock something over. Sora studied him, still amazed with the angel that stood before her. There were gasps from everyone except Kari, T.K., and Sora. They just smiled.

"Incredible!" Izzy exclaimed as he got up. He began to reach out to one of Tai's wings but stopped midway. "Can I?" he asked. Tai nodded. Izzy stretched out a hand to the seemingly real depiction of a beautiful land of sun and clouds. He stretched his hand until he thought he could touch it, but was shocked when his hand went all the way through. He jerked his hand back as if he had been burnt. "Incredible!" he exclaimed again. Matt just stared with his jaw wide open. Mimi had a dreamy look on her face. T.K. and Kari were smiling. Unconsciously, they grabbed for each others' hand and held on tightly. Joe stood up and looked at Tai as if he was an experiment.

"Why did his hand go all the way through, Tai?" he asked. Tai looked at Sora for help. She stood up and looked at all of her friends.

"It's a world we created together... with the love in our hearts," she said quietly. Mimi let out a dreamy sigh. T.K. and Kari looked at each other.

"I think it's our turn," she whispered. T.K. nodded.

"I believe you're right. Tai?" he said, looking at Tai. The seventeen year old instantly understood and quickly retracted his wings with no effort at all. Everyone sat down, some still shocked at Tai's transformation.

"What happened with you two, T.K.?" Matt asked innocently. Kari sighed deeply, taking the initiative to tell their story. 'It's more like T.K.'s story, not mine,' she thought to herself, but quickly pushed the thought away.

"Well, one day we were walking home from school...."


"Maybe I need to move back to Odaiba if I'm going to miss this kind of stuff," Mimi said thoughtfully after T.K. finished his and Kari's story.

"Man, T.K. You must really love her," Matt said suddenly. T.K. looked at him with a smile.

"I always will," he said quietly. Kari heard him and smiled herself, grateful to have such a great guy. Sora looked at the time and gasped.

"It's already 7:00! Wow! I think everybody needs to start going home, or I know some parents that will be mad," she said, glancing at Izzy. He smiled nervously.

"Hey, what can I say? Sometimes it's nice to have parents like that," he said sullenly. Tai smirked.

"Yeah, but sometimes it's a pain in the butt." Everyone laughed at his remark. There were words exchanged among all of them. Sora interrupted them by clearing her throat. For some reason, Tai thought that she was going to tell them about their plans and gulped audibly.

"I was wondering if everybody could meet at the park on Christmas Day about 2:00 o'clock or so." Everyone looked at each other and nodded.

"I don't know if I'll still be here by then, but I'll try my best," Mimi said. Sora grinned.

"So, it's a done deal?" She was answered by nods around the room. "Great!" she said ecstatically. Tai smiled at her. He knew what she was so ecstatic about. That was the day they were going to announce their engagement. She smiled back at him knowingly. All the other kids were a little bit confused by the two lovebirds strange behavior, but dismissed as some kind of love-induced disease.

"Well, I had better get going," Matt said. He leaned forward to Sora and kissed her on the cheek. "Congratulations, Sora. He's a good man to marry," he whispered. Sora seemed shocked. How did he know? Matt smiled as if reading her mind. "I could just tell. Don't worry. I won't tell anybody." Sora accepted his reassurance and hugged him.

"Thanks, Matt," she whispered. He smiled at her again and headed for the door.

"To think, the tomboy of the group is the one that's in love. Who would have thought?" He said loudly, trying to make sure everyone heard him. Sora smiled, but was startled when a hand was laid on her shoulder. It was Tai.

"What was that about?" he asked. Sora turned to him.

"He knows," she whispered. Tai's heart sank. He knew? How could he? They hadn't told anybody about Sora's idea yet. How could he know? Sora saw the doubt on Tai's face. She blushed when she realized what he was thinking. "He knows about the wedding, Tai," she reassured softly so only he could hear. Tai breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone else looked at the two teenagers doubtfully.

"Well, I don't know what that was about, but something tells me I may not want to know," Joe said, his pessimism shining through. He leaned forward and hugged Sora tightly. "I guess I'll see you guys Christmas Day, maybe a little before. Who knows?" he said after he released her. "Bye, guys!" He waved and headed out the door. Soon, T.K., Kari, Izzy, and Mimi left, who was staying at a nearby hotel.

Tai and Sora were alone.

"Well, I'll miss you, but I've got to get home," he said softly. He kissed her passionately on the lips and headed for the door.

"Christmas Eve, Tai." He whirled around to meet Sora's eyes.

"What about it?" She began to blush and he immediately knew exactly what she was talking about. "Oh, you mean... us... Christmas Eve," he whispered, as if it was a revelation. She nodded. Tai felt like screaming. That was so soon!!! He felt like panicking, but he kept a grateful face for Sora. He couldn't bare to break her heart.

"My mom told me that she was going to keep the shop open late because of special requests. I thought that... it would be the perfect... opportunity..." Tai smiled his best.

"If you want me," he whispered. Sora smiled.

"Of course I do, but only if you want me," she said, taking a step closer to him. He stepped closer to her, but they were still at least six feet apart.

"I tremble for you in the night, waiting for your touch, waiting for something more. Though I am truly happy just being in your presence, I will reach new levels of jubilation when we are... one," he said softly, his words flowing from the bottom of his heart, but he was not sure if he was ready for what he just said. Sora's smile disappeared.

"So do I, Tai. So do I," she whispered. Tai smiled, put a hand over his heart, and walked out the door. Sora stared at the spot that he had been in and smiled nervously. She was having second thoughts, also.

For the next two days, all Tai or Sora could think about was the other.


"Hey, Sora!" Tai shouted into the phone. Sora cringed at his volume, but quickly regained her composure. Though he didn't have a gift for telecommunication, she was always glad to hear his voice.

"Hey, Tai! I'm so glad to hear from you! I planned on coming over earlier, but my mom wanted me to run the flower shop for a while. Oh, and I've got great news!" Tai wondered when she was going to stop talking long enough for him to get a word in, but he was happy just listening to her.


"The tennis coach called me and told me that he would like me to play tennis again!! Isn't that great?" she exclaimed. Tai smiled. That was one of the things she had been down about. All the people had teased her and Tai about the "incident" four months ago, so Sora had regretfully quit the tennis team. Tai had stuck to soccer. Now he had a chance at a scholarship, and if Sora kept going like she was, she would, too.

"Yeah, that's terrific, Sora!" he said, honestly happy for her, but his tone quickly changed. "Um, about tonight..." He could almost hear Sora gasp.

"Yes...." He bet that she thought he was going to cancel. He would never want to break her heart like that.

"Would you like to... go on a date to make it official? You know, not so spur of the moment?" he asked hopefully. There was a sound like relieved sighing on the other end of the phone.

"Of course, Tai. I would love to. What time?"

"Oh, sevenish?"

"That would be just perfect. I'll see you then, Tai," she said calmly, but the feelings inside of her were more than enough to drive her crazy. Apprehension, happiness, and fear were just a few feelings pulsating through her body.

"Great... Oh, and Sora?" There was a pause.


"I wuv you," he whispered like he was a little kid, like it was their secret. Sora giggled, but quickly turned sober.

"I love you, too," she whispered back. Tai hung up the phone and sighed shakily. That was the last time he talked to her before he arrived at her front door.


Tai had taken her to a remotely nice restaurant. To him, things were going by too quickly. They were now walking back to Sora's house. Tai figured it was about a quarter after eight. He thought of how long a night it would be, but then thought of how wonderful it would be, too. But that's not how Tai really thought of the night.

Tai was having internal conflicts. First of all, he wasn't sure if he was mature enough. That was strange for most guys, but he wanted it to be good for Sora. She was the one person that he would do anything for, but he didn't want to disappoint her when he did it.

Second, he was having major religious conflicts. If he went through with this, he would be committing one of the worst sins. Well, all sins were tied for worst religiously, but in Tai's mind, premarital sex was up there with murder. Very un-guy like, but that was just the way he was.

Third, what if there was a pregnancy? He would take care of Sora, no doubt in his mind, but his family would surely disown him, along with Sora's mother. Then they would surely be alone in an unforgiving world- something he wasn't sure Sora could deal with after all she'd been through.

Sora was having a hard time, too. Religiously, she was having the same conflict as Tai. The pregnancy thing didn't have as strong a voice in her mind, but the maturity thing was getting to her, too. What if they should wait? When she had been on the tennis team before, she had heard horror stories from her friends about how the guy turned around and broke their hearts after they had gone all the way. Surely Tai wouldn't do that to her, but it could hurt their relationship, something Sora would do anything not to do.

Snow was beginning to fall onto Sora and Tai, who were both in deep thought. What if it didn't turn out right? What if it ended after this? What if? What if? What if? There were so many possibilities it wasn't even funny. Tai shook the thoughts away, determined to make Sora happy.

"Hey, Sora. You awake?" he asked, squeezing her hand tightly. Sora snapped out of her thought in a flash. She saw the concerned thought on Tai's face and smiled.

"I'm awake. Man, it's getting cold out here," she said, gazing at the snowflakes floating in the air. One landed on her nose. She went cross-eyed watching it. Tai laughed.

"Here," he said, and suddenly bent over and kissed the snowflake away. He smiled at her and they went back to walking. Tai felt his heart get heavy when he saw Sora's apartment door.

"Let me get the key," Sora said as she began to dig through her pockets. She brought out a brass key and stuck it in the lock. It opened easily with a twist of her hand. She and Tai both stepped inside the dark apartment, being greeted only by a startling contrast in temperature from the outside. Sora flipped on the light and sighed heavily. "Calm down, Sora. It's just Tai," she told herself silently. Tai took off his jacket and shoved his hands in his pockets. He smiled weakly at Sora. She smiled back, but suddenly a light bulb went off inside her head. "I almost forgot, Tai. Wait a sec," she said as she ran toward her room. Tai watched her, wondering what she was up to. She came back without her jacket and something in bright Christmas paper. Tai smiled.

"For me?" he asked. He was glad he had gone to pick her up a present earlier that day. Sora nodded anxiously and handed it to Tai. He looked from it to her ecstatic expression.

"Well, don't just stand there. Open it!" She said excitedly. Tai sighed in defeat.

"Okay. Here goes nothing," he said as he began to tear into the package. He was met by a silver oblong box. He glanced at Sora's smiling face and smiled to himself. He opened the box and gasped. "Man, Sora... Geez..." Sora looked at him questioningly.

"You don't like it?" She asked, her expression dropping a bit. Tai shook his head furiously.

"Man, I.. I love it!!! This is the coolest! Thanks, sweetheart! Man, now I know why I love you!" He exclaimed. Sora's expression immediately lightened at his calling her sweetheart. She smiled brightly. She had given him a Timex pocket watch, one that he had been wanting, not to mention needing. All the times he had been late to meet her amplified the fact. He ran his finger along the back and felt lettering. He flipped it over and began to read the inscription. It read:

To Tai with all my love

on our first Christmas together

I'll never leave you

and I'll always love you

Tai and Sora forever

It was crammed together to fit, but he could still make it out.

"Do you like it?" she asked, not believing Tai the first time. He nodded again, but wondered when she had time to go get something like this done, or where she got enough money to get it. It cost at least $300 because it looked like it had silver casing. As if reading his mind, Sora giggled. "Well, I didn't really have to work at the flower shop today. Let's just leave it at that." Tai struggled to look at her and say thank you, but it was such a great gift. From the one person that loved him more than anything in the world. It was a gift from the heart. "Tai? Are you okay? You're crying," Sora said worriedly. Tai looked up at her and realized that he had been crying.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Come here," he said. Sora stepped forward and was caught off guard by Tai's quick embrace and a passionate kiss on the lips. "I love you, Sora." She smiled at the warmth in his voice.

"I love you, too, Tai," she whispered back. Tai smiled and closed his eyes. He wanted to be with her forever. He opened his eyes quickly when he realized that he had almost forgotten his gift for her.

"Here, kiddo. I wasn't going to let you get away without a gift from me," he joked. She broke the embrace and looked at him solemnly.

"You didn't have to get me anything, Tai. You've saved my life more than once before. That's more than enough," she said softly. Tai shook his head.

"You know I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Please, take it," he said as he brought out a small box. Sora took in a sharp breath. "Go ahead, Sora. Take it," he whispered, stretching his arm out to her. She took the box from his hand and looked at him. He nodded for her to go on, and she opened it. She immediately gasped.

"Oh, Tai.... It's so...so... beautiful!! Thank you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" she exclaimed ecstatically. He smiled. It was an engagement ring. More importantly, a diamond engagement ring.

"And I thought you would like it... Next time, I'll get you a card," he said sarcastically, but couldn't help but grin. Sora jumped up and down.

"So I guess this makes it official, huh?" she said suddenly after she calmed down, her eyes still glued to the ring. Tai nodded, but then seemed thoughtful.

"I think it was always official, Sora, it just took us a while to realize it," he said softly. Sora looked at him and nodded. Her eyes fell back to the ring. "Well, come on. Let's see if it fits, girl," he urged. Sora never missed a beat. She had it on her finger in no time. Perfect fit.

"Thank you, Tai. I love you so much," she whispered as she pulled him close to her. He sighed heavily.

"So do I, Sora," he whispered back. Sora pulled away from him and looked at the clock. Tai remembered with frightening clarity what all was supposed to happen that evening and gulped audibly. "How much time do we-"

"She's going to close shop at midnight, Tai. It's only 8-"

"Hold up. Let me look at my new pocket watch that I've wanted since I was ten," he said as he whipped the watch out from its box and cupped it in his hand, the chain dangling below it. Sora felt happy that he liked his gift so much. "It's only 8:30, to be exact." She smiled and nodded slowly.

"That gives us plenty of time," she said softly. Tai's cheerful expression became downcast. Sora didn't catch his sober expression however, because her eyes had dropped to the floor almost immediately. She took a step forward and took Tai's hand. "Let's go, Tai," she whispered. Tai's expression was indifferent, but he followed her reluctantly.


She took him to her bedroom. He gazed at the rather tomboyish appearance of the room. He had been here before, but not with such impure notions. The curtains that covered the window that Sora had climbed out of so many times to meet him were a navy blue that matched her bed sheets perfectly. There was a picture of him and Sora at soccer camp a long time ago. Man, he missed how things had been back then. They weren't so complex. Then, he and Sora were happy together as best friends who denied feelings for each other, and they were both fantastic soccer players. Now, Sora was a tennis player and he was still that fantastic soccer player that everyone cheered for, but now they were dating, soon to be married, and he had mutated to an angel and she could glow. Everything was complex. So, so complex.

She was sitting beside him on her bed, her hands placed between her knees in a nervous fashion. He looked at her and took in a shaky breath. He made a desperate attempt to smile that lopsided grin of his at her that she had always loved, but the mood seemed to be so serious that not even it worked. The silence that echoed through the house was very disturbing. Tai looked at Sora and gathered his breath to speak.

"Can I put on some music?" he asked. Sora jumped at the chance to break the silence.

"Yes, of course! You know where my cds are," she said a little bit too anxiously. He got up and walked over to her dresser, where she kept her small collection of cds. When he was flipping through the pages of cds, one of the ones that stood out was the Matchbox Twenty cd he had given her after she had been in the hospital, just like he had promised. He smiled. She had come so far since then. He couldn't let her down now, could he? For all he knew, this may have been a desperate attempt on her part to see if he really loved her. No, he couldn't let her down now. She needed him, but just the same, he needed her. Badly.

He kept flipping through the pages until he came upon a Bush cd. He didn't ever remember seeing that one in her collection before, but he knew it well. He and Matt had listened to it hundreds of times because Matt wanted to copy their styles. It may not have been beneficial to Tai then, but it came in handy now. He put it in the cd player, turned it to the track number, and pressed play. There was a low bass sound and drum beats. It wasn't a very romantic song, but the chorus was he felt described the way he felt with her. Sora smiled weakly. She knew this song by heart- it was what she felt like when she was with Tai. Tai turned around and looked at her. He walked over to the light switch and flipped it off, leaving them in almost complete darkness. The moon reflected on the snow, making the room have partial lighting, so they could still see each other in pale blue light. He smiled and sat beside her.

"What do we do now?" Tai asked. Sora shrugged weakly.

"I really don't know, Tai. I really don't know," she said softly. Tai dragged in a shaky breath.

"I don't either," he whispered. He was on the verge of tears. He was scared now. Very scared. Sora sighed.

"Since it was my idea, I guess it's my move, huh?" Tai just gulped. She sighed again, more heavily this time, and pulled her shirt off. Tai just stared. His breathing was becoming labored. His mind was screaming at him. 'You can still stop this, Tai! You need to wait! You're not ready!', but Tai figured that Sora's love for him was on the line, so the cries from his mind went unheeded. He watched her chest rise slowly and go down shakily. This was hard for her, too, he realized. Sora leaned forward and kissed Tai on the lips lightly, almost not touching him at all, but he met her halfway and made it a passionate kiss. He put his hand behind her head and pressed her lips harder against his. Just then, the chorus from the music kicked in.

I don't want to come back down from this cloud

Taken me all this time to find out what I need

I don't want to come back down from this cloud

It's taken me all this, all this time

Tai broke the kiss long enough to pull off his shirt. Sora felt hesitant. Is this what she really wanted? She would soon find out.

He rejoined the kiss. Sora laid down on the bed and pulled him down on top of her. Tai took in a sharp breath. He had to stop this, but how could he without breaking Sora's heart?

Sora let him reach around her and let his hands fumble around with the clasp on her bra-- obviously a task he wasn't used to doing. When he was done, he gently took the feminine restraint away and gasped. She was so... so... Beautiful.... so perfect. He couldn't take his eyes off her beautiful body.

"You can touch me, Tai. Don't be afraid of me," she urged softly. Tai looked at her face and then looked back down at her body. He put a shaky hand on her chest, but then took it away. He suddenly pressed his bare chest against hers, making her gasp. It was a feeling that she had longed for so long, but did she want to go any farther? Did he want to go any farther? Tai was breathing shakily. He swallowed, but it didn't help any. Sora was breathing shakily, too. Her heartbeat had gone from erratic to a drum roll in two seconds. He looked her in the eye and saw complete trust in her eyes. Such innocence. He found himself lost in her gaze.



Innocence. He couldn't take that away from her. She was giving him the ultimate gift, but he couldn't take it. He knew that Sora probably saw something different in his eyes. In fact, she did.



Love, combined with trust.

Innocence. Yes, Sora could see all of that in his eyes. He was scared. He was afraid. One thing she wasn't sure of was if he was afraid of her, or if he was afraid of what was happening.

Suddenly, Sora felt something drop onto her chest. She let her gaze take in more than Tai's eyes and took in his face. She gasped.

He was crying.

"Tai? What's wrong?" she whispered. Tai couldn't stand it anymore.

"I can't, Sora! I can't!" he cried hysterically. Sora became alarmed when she felt his body begin to shake violently against her own. "I can't!" Sora sat up and embraced him.

"It's okay, Tai. Shhh. It'll be okay," she whispered. She put Tai's head against her shoulder and hugged him tightly. He turned over in her lap and laid his cheek against her shoulder, his tears falling against her bare skin like raindrops.

"I-I-I'm so-sorry, Sora! I'm so sorry!" he stammered, his tears becoming more hysterical. The very idea of Tai being upset like this was enough to make Sora cry, but it actually happening almost made her more hysterical than he was, but she had to stay strong. Nevertheless, the tears began to pour down her cheeks into his brown hair.

"Shhh, Tai. It'll be okay," she whispered again. His shaking died down a bit, but she could still feel his tears pour down his face.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered, gradually calming down. Sora began to rock back and forth.

"It's okay, Tai. I almost felt the same way. It's just not the right time, that's all. We should have waited," she whispered into his hair. Tai felt an overwhelming sense of relief, but he was still upset with himself.

"I let you down, Sora," he whispered, the tears gradually coming to a halt. Sora shook her head, the tears still coming from her eyes. She had done this to him. She had caused him to be the wreck he was. It was her fault, not his. He had tried to please her, but it was just too much. 'It's all my fault,' she thought over and over.

"No, Tai, you could never let me down," she whispered. Tai smiled.

"I love you, Sora. I know you probably don't think so right now, but I do," he said softly. Sora turned his head to meet her eyes.

"I love you, too, Tai. I'm the one that did this to you. Don't blame yourself," she replied. He shook his head, sitting up straight in her bed.

"We're both guilty and innocent. How about that?" he asked. Sora smiled.

"Whatever," she said. He smiled back at her and walked over to the cd player, cutting it off. Sora suddenly remembered her bare chest and pulled on what she thought was her discarded shirt quickly. Tai turned around and laughed. Sora glared.

"What's so funny?" She asked. Tai stopped laughing, but couldn't help but grin.

"Well, I understand you wearing my shirt, Sora, but how do you expect me to put yours on?" He asked, holding up Sora's shirt from the evening. It was a form fitting white shirt that wouldn't have fit over Tai's hair, much less his broad shoulders. Sora laughed.

"I'd like to see you try," she said softly. Tai grinned even wider. He walked over beside Sora and laid down facing her window. She leaned over him, her hair dangling mere inches from his face. She seemed to be questioning what he was doing.

"Well, I at least want to stay with you, Sora. I don't want this evening to be a total waste," he said solemnly, gazing into her crimson eyes which seemed to sparkle at him. She smiled and kissed him gently, her hair cascading over his shoulders and face, causing him to shudder lightly.. She whipped a lock of hair behind her ear, causing only one side of her hair to hang loosely. Tai watched her with sudden fascination.

"One second with you will never be a waste of my time," she whispered. Tai smiled and scooted back a little, bumping into Sora. He patted the part of the bed that was clear in front of him.

"Come over to this side, Sora," he said. She didn't even hesitate before she jumped onto that side. She laid down and pressed her back against Tai's bare, masculine chest. He put an arm around her and held her tightly, making sure that he would never let her go. They laid there for about fifteen minutes before Sora said anything.

"I love you, Tai," she whispered suddenly. There was no answer, just the sound of his slow, graceful breathing. She smiled. He had fallen asleep. What time was it? She gently unwrapped Tai's arm from around her and walked over to his jacket. She reached into his pocket and pulled out the pocket watch, remembering with sudden clarity what a hole it had made in her wallet, but it was worth every penny. She looked at her ring; her present from him. A wonderful one, too. She smiled when she remembered what it represented. She flipped open the lid on the watch and pressed a button, illuminating the display. It read 9:00. They had a while before Tai had to go home.

"Sora?... Sora?... Where are you?" Tai began to murmur, his voice sounding like he had just waken from a bad dream. She turned around and kneeled at the side of the bed. She took his hand in hers and kissed it gently.

"I'm right here, Tai," she whispered. Tai smiled, his eyes still closed in that sleeping position, but his smile disappeared.

"Don't leave me, Sora," he said, his voice faltering, and tears falling down his cheeks. He opened his eyes to look at her. They were pleading, seemingly begging for forgiveness. Begging for her to love him even more. Wanting her in a way that wasn't physically possible. She looked back at him the same way, as if answering him. "Don't leave me," he whispered, his voice beginning to crack from his tears. Sora smiled weakly at him and wiped the tears away.

"Never, Tai. I'll never leave you," she whispered back, feeling the tears falling down her own face as well. Tai reached out and wiped the tears away just as she had. He cupped his hand against the back of her head and pulled her to him, meeting in a kiss of fire.


He had gone home right at midnight since her mother wouldn't be home for another 30 minutes. That was cutting it close, but they figured that they needed to push their time. Sora and Tai kissed good bye. She reminded him about meeting in the park the next day at two for the special announcement, and he promised he'd be there. Then he left for home, very excited about the next day. Sora was ecstatic, because she was sure the news would make it the best Christmas ever.



"Come on, Joe. We can't wait forever," Matt said sullenly. He knew what the news was by some premonition, but he was still anxious to hear Tai and Sora announce it. Tai, Sora, Ms. Takenouchi, the Kamiya family, T.K., Izzy, Mimi, and Matt were all waiting patiently in the park to hear what the news was, but Joe was late for some reason. Suddenly, a blue haired man appeared out of no where.

"Sorry I'm late! I lost track of time," he explained. Tai rolled his eyes.

"Well, at least you're here. Ahem... Sora and I have special announcement to make," he said slowly. Sora and Tai had rehearsed this before everyone had gotten there, so it was supposed to go smoothly.

"Well, for exactly four months today, Tai and I.... have been..... engaged to be married," Sora said ecstatically. She and Tai held their breath, waiting for a response. Instead of dead silence and a scolding from either family, Tai and Sora were greeted by congratulations and good lucks from everyone. Mimi started crying hysterically, glad that her best friend had found somebody. Joe, Izzy, Matt, and T.K. all hugged Sora, glad that they all actually had a chance to get near her. They had expected Tai to be really protective of her, but he was actually as happy as everyone else. T.K. kissed Sora on the cheek, the second time he had done that, and blushed furiously.

"I hope you two are very happy," he said with a bright smile. Sora kissed him back on the cheek and smiled.

"I'm sure we will be. I bet you two will be, too," she said, gesturing with her eyes to Kari, who was standing behind T.K. His grin seemed to get wider.

"We can only hope," he said softly. Kari hugged both her brother and her sister-in-law to be. She was crying, too.

"Man, now that you've got him, I won't have anyone to bug," she said, trying to make an excuse for her tears. Sora laughed and shed a tear with her.

"He'll be around a while longer. I'm sure I won't have to murder him our first week together," she said through her own tears. All three of the girls laughed. Tai smiled, but just a little uneasy at the thought of their second week together. Mimi and Kari dragged her over to the side and began to talk to her with animated hand motions and joyous laughter. Sora was laughing along with them, but she turned to Tai and smiled, becoming oblivious to Kari and Mimi, who were still talking. Tai smiled back. He was grateful that she hadn't made last night a big deal, but Sora was that kind of person. When he had first come to the park, he had been very nervous around Sora to start off with. She had told him that it was all right, and that she loved him even more now. Tai had trust her word, but he still felt guilty. She had said that he hadn't let her down, but he felt that he had. Miserably. 'But she said she loves you, Tai. And she said that she'll always be with you. You're not going to lose her over something like that. You love her more than anything. She loves you too much, and you need her badly. If you two ever broke up, you'd both be in really, REALLY bad shape.' Tai accepted this burst of logic as truth. Sora and Tai's eyes were still locked on each other when Matt, T.K., Joe, and Izzy walked over to him.

"Look at 'em! They're going to get married, and they're still making eyes at each other like they did when they had crushes on each other," Matt said with a grin. Tai snapped out of looking at Sora.

"What?" he asked, obviously wondering what had just been said. All of the guys laughed, except for Tai, who had no clue what to be laughing at.

"Well, looks like you've got yourself hooked this time, Tai," Izzy said with a mischievous smile. Tai looked at him with surprise.

"No, I think I got myself the best prize in the world," he replied. Izzy nodded in agreement.

"She's a great person, Tai. Don't ever let her go," he said, his face very serious. Tai nodded. Even if Izzy wasn't experienced in love, Tai wanted all the help he could get. Matt nodded to agree with Izzy.

"She's the best girl you'll ever meet, Tai. She's so kind and caring. If you hadn't of jumped at the chance to get her because you had loved her since you met her and if I hadn't of known since we were in the digital world that she loved you more than anything, I might have tried for her. But, we all know that a rock and roll star doesn't look good without any teeth," he said thoughtfully. Tai laughed.

"I would have had the decency to buy you some dentures. I'm at least that nice," he retorted childishly. They both hit each other in the arm like they were kids again.

"I'd have to agree with Matt. I mean, Sora's one of the best people I have ever met, and I'm sure I will ever meet. Not to mention, she's a looker," Joe said, watching Sora talk animatedly with Mimi and Kari, showing off her ring. Tai raised an eyebrow in speculation.

"If I didn't know better, I would say you guys were all jealous. Either that or in love with my girl. Now, I know that wouldn't happen," Tai threatened. Every one of the boys shook their heads furiously, but were all lying. They all loved Sora, and Tai could never stop that. Although, Tai did know that they loved her. They were lucky they loved her in the way that he wouldn't find threatening. They all loved her as a best friend. Tai smiled. "That's what I thought." T.K. looked thoughtful.

"But seriously, Tai. Don't do anything to hurt her. She's strong on the outside, but she's really fragile inside. Anything you do to her could make her shatter. Don't hurt her. I think that's from all of us. Take care of her, Tai. She needs you. Not everyone's love is strong enough to make wings that you can fly on, you know? Hey, take it from me. I've had personal experience. Try to think with your head on straight, okay?" the thirteen year old advised quietly. Tai looked at T.K. and nodded in appreciation of the younger boy's wisdom.

"Okay, kid. Thanks. Thanks to all you guys. Without you, the digital world would be destroyed, the real world completely gone, and Sora and me would be history. Thanks a lot, you guys. Thanks a lot," he said.

"It was our pleasure to serve along your side, Tai. It really was. You're our best friend," Matt said softly. Tai smiled weakly.

"And you guys are mine," he replied. Izzy, T.K., Matt, and Joe all stuck out hands to him. Tai began to take Joe's hand, but caught himself. "Aw, come here!" He said as he grabbed Joe around his stomach and gave him a bear hug. T.K., Matt, and Izzy shrugged and made it a group hug. "I'll never forget what you guys said. Heck, I'll never forget you guys," Tai said as he pulled away.

"We'll never forget you, Tai," Izzy said, smiling slightly.

"Yeah, almost getting us killed a million times," Joe said, his pessimism shining through. Matt laughed.

"Reckless decisions," he continued. Tai rolled his eyes.

"Being a great friend," T.K. said suddenly. Tai smiled at him.

"I'm going to keep in touch with all you guys! After high school graduation, even though that's a way off, and everything," Tai said. All the guys nodded.

"You had better!" Matt exclaimed. Everyone laughed. They all cut their laughter short as Sora walked over to Tai and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Come on! There are other people here, you know. These guys will always be here for you.... and they had better always be here for me," she added quickly. The guys all smiled at her.

"Always," they said at the same time. Sora made a teary smile of gratefulness and dragged Tai away to talk to their parents. Suddenly, a girl ran up to Tai from out of no where. He recognized her from Sora's tennis team a few months ago. She was in their grade.

"Um, are you Taichi Kamiya?" she asked in a high-pitched voice. Tai nodded questioningly. The girl handed him a piece of paper. The girl scanned her eyes across the park and spotted Matt and the other boys. "Oh, wow! It's Matt!" she yelled suddenly. Matt had a look of pure horror cross his face. 'Not another crazed "Yamato Ishida" fan, please! Dear God, please!' he thought helplessly. The girl giggled lightly. "Here! This is an invitation to a party tonight," she said, handing Matt a piece of paper identical to Tai's. She walked over to T.K. and stared at him seductively. "You're really cute. Here you go. I think you're good looking enough to go to the party," she said, handing him another piece of paper. T.K. smiled, but Kari stood beside him, fuming. You could almost see the snow melt around her. The girl looked at Joe and Izzy and smiled brilliantly. "You two are cute, too. You can come," she said, and handed them another piece of paper each.

"What party is this?" Tai asked, wondering how the heck the girl had found him just to invite him to a party. The girl just smiled at him.

"It's all on the invitation. It's Kara Ishya's Christmas party," she explained. Tai looked at her sharply. Kara Ishya's? That was the captain of the Odaiba cheer leading squad. The thought of her made him wary. He had heard from a couple of soccer players on his team that Kara had planned to make him hers, but that was right before Sora and he had gone public. Sora coughed, trying to remind the girl that she didn't have an invitation. Kari did the same. "Oh, you don't get one," she said, looking at Sora. The seventeen year old girl's jaw went slack. Something wasn't right. Everyone got one except her, Mimi, and Kari.

"What about me and Kari? Besides, Sora is Tai's fiance`," Mimi countered. The girl that had given them the invitations stared at Mimi blankly.


"Yep," Sora said rather rudely. Tai looked at the girl curiously.

"You give Sora, Mimi, and Kari one, or none of us guys are going," he said flatly. The guys all nodded in agreement. The girl sighed.

"Fine," she said as she dished out three more invitations. Sora smiled at Tai and then went on to look at her invitation. The girl started to walk away, but she stopped. "Oh, and by the way. Tai was the only one that was really invited. The rest of you were just invited because I was nice enough. Tai's invitation came directly from Kara Ishya herself," the girl said and began to walk away again. Tai felt his heart drop. Did Kara really have interest in him? In a sense, Kara was really, well "loose". Everyone on the guys' soccer team had slept with her before, or so claimed. Tai gulped. He'd have to be careful. He looked at Sora and saw that she was very angry, apparently thinking about the same thing he was. In fact, Sora knew what Tai was thinking about, and what's worse, knew it was true. She was glaring at the girl hard enough to bore holes in the back of her head.

"Well, Kara Ishya can't have him," she fumed. Tai laughed, forgetting his thoughts.

"Calm down. We've got a party to go to. Our first one together. Let's have some fun, eh?" he said. Sora smiled.

"Of course we will. Everyone's going, right?" All of the digidestined nodded.

"Can't miss something like this," Mimi piped up. Everyone laughed.

"Same old Mimi," Tai said.

"Well, I need to go see Yolei. I promised to visit her every time I was in town. I'll see you all tonight at..." Mimi flipped open the invitation. "7:00. Bye!" She waved as she ran off. Tai took out his new pocket watch. That was still 4 hours away! Sora brought him back to reality and he began to talk with his parents and Sora's mom. Tai's parents, dumb as they were, were still spellbound with the news, wondering how they could have missed such a perfect couple.

Sora listened to every word their parents were saying, but something was nagging at her. Something bad was going to happen at that party.

She could feel it.



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