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Fanfic » Anime » Digimon » Blind Love font size: (+) : (-)
Author: Artisan of the Written Word
PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 46 - Publish date: 12-13-00 - Updated: 01-29-01 storyid: 140044

Here's Part Three. This *should* be it, but I don't know.... Just read and we'll find out....

Kari rang T.K.'s doorbell and waited. She heard the sound of hustling on the other side of the door, the sound of something being knocked over onto the ground, and a curse soon followed. Kari giggled at the thought of T.K. being so reckless, but she had no idea how reckless he could be.
T.K. opened the door with a smile on his face. Kari smiled back in an instant. That was what she had been wanting to see all day, and finally she could. T.K. was thinking the same thing. She was beautiful, as usual. She looked a bit damp from the mist of rain outside, but she didn't seem to take any notice. He did love her. He knew he did. He felt a sudden pang of sorrow hit his heart when he remembered that Kari didn't feel the same way, or so he thought.
"Hey! It's good to see you!" T.K. said gleefully, but was inwardly kicking himself for saying something so stupid. Kari nodded her appreciation.

"Same here... I mean, good to see you, that is. Um, can I come in?" she asked. T.K. nodded furiously and stepped out of the doorway to allow her to come in. Kari looked at him quizzically. He was acting strangely. She instantly saw the lamp he had knocked over. "I see you were in a hurry to see me," Kari said. T.K. shrugged helplessly.

"What can I say? Who wouldn't want to see you?" Kari beamed at his compliment. She put her books down on his kitchen table, put her jacket around the back of one of the chairs, and began to look around her. As far back as she could remember, she had never been in T.K.'s apartment. It was very clean. It was like they had a maid to do it all for them. Kari's face showed her surprise.

"Wow, T.K. My apartment is really messy compared to this. I always thought of you as someone who didn't watch their stuff," she said, continuing to walk around the living room with T.K. on her heels. He sighed heavily.

"Everyone seems to think that," he said with a hint of sadness. Kari glanced at him nervously. What was wrong with him? She didn't know, but she did know that he probably wouldn't tell her.

"Why were you really over at Sora's today?" Kari said suddenly, turning around to meet T.K.'s startled, hurt eyes.

"Why do you ask?" he countered. Kari's mind reeled for an answer. She couldn't tell him that it was because she didn't trust him, because that wasn't true. Why couldn't she just leave the subject alone? Because it was bothering her. She felt that something had happened at Sora's, and maybe she needed to know for her own good.

"I... I just wanted to know, that's all," she said quickly. T.K.'s eyes narrowed, seemingly trying to condemn Kari for even thinking that he might do something to hurt her.

"Really? Is that it? You don't trust me," he snapped. Kari took a step back from him. Something in his eyes showed that he was unstable. His secret plan to make Kari fall in love with him was something that seconded the notion that he just might be.

"That's not what I meant, T.K.! Don't twist my words. I'm just worried, that's all," she shot back. T.K. shrank away from her. His heart dropped. Had he really just snapped at her? Yes, he had. 'WHY?' his mind screamed, but T.K. didn't know. 'Something's wrong with me,' he thought, but he pushed it aside for a later time. He turned his attention back to Kari, whose eyes showed that she was hurt, but not deeply. The damage he had done was not permanent, or so he hoped.

"I'm.. I'm sorry, Kari. I'm just a little... stressed, I guess," he apologized. Kari's eyes narrowed suddenly, studying his face. There was more to it than that, and she knew it. He was lying. It wasn't just stress.

"It's okay, just as long as you aren't keeping something from me... You aren't, are you?" she asked, not sure if he would snap at her again. T.K. suddenly reached out and took her hand gently. He kissed it and put it against his chest.

"Never," he whispered with a smile. Kari smiled back, but something told her he wasn't telling her the truth. He let her hand drop back to her side. "Let's stop fighting and start studying, okay? I hate to fight with you," T.K. said, stepping closer to Kari. She smiled at him, trying to forget what had just happened.

"Let's get started," she said, and they both made their way to the table to study.

"Hey, Sora!!!" Tai said, trying unsuccessfully to keep from yelling into the phone. He was so glad to hear her voice. Sora winced at his volume.

"Hey, Tai. I missed you today," she whispered, as if someone would hear them. Tai nodded longingly.

"You have no idea. My heart is aching without you," he said sadly, knowing that it was true, but was surprised when Sora laughed. He narrowed his eyes. "What's so funny about the truth?" Sora quickly became sober.

"It's just that I never thought of you as someone who would be so poetic, that's all. But if it makes you feel better, I know how you felt today because I felt the same way, and I still do," she whispered soothingly. Tai's sudden anger melted at the sound of her apology.

"Well, could you come over? I could die without you... and I will," he added suddenly. Sora froze. Something inside of her told her that he just might be telling the truth. What had her mother said? No boys over? T.K. had already assisted in the breaking of that rule. She hadn't said anything about Sora going over to a boy's house. No matter. If Tai had been telling the truth, there wasn't any law that could keep her from getting to him.

"You won't die, Taichi. I'm coming for you," she consoled. Tai smiled. The idea of her being with him was enough to bring a smile to his face.

"Please hurry," he said, paused to think, and then continued. "My heartbeat lessens at the passing of every second without you, Sora." He was pleased with his sudden poetic ability. Before he had told Sora his feelings, Tai had been one of the not-so-smart students of Odaiba High. Now, he could create beautiful verses off the top of his head, but he only did it for Sora.

"As does mine," Sora agreed. "I love you, Tai. I'll be right over." Tai smiled again at the thought of her loving him. It was enough to make him feel complete.

"And I love you, Sora... Kamiya," he added quickly, his smile getting wider. Sora giggled.

"Alright, alright. Save some for later, Romeo. I'm coming," she said with a hint of amusement. They both hung up the phone at the same time. Tai paced the floor anxiously, waiting for Sora. His face was contorted into one of deep emotional pain. Everyone has heard of the kind of pain from being separated from someone, but they have never heard of it being this severe. When Tai had said that he would die without her, he wasn't far from the truth.
Sora rushed around her house. She grabbed her jacket and a pair of sneakers. She was still in her plaid pajama bottoms and a white shirt, what she had worn to bed the night before, but she didn't feel the need to change. Tai needed her. Even though she was a fashion reck, she decided that it was good enough for the moment. She got Tai's clothes from the night before and rushed out the door. She felt the cool air hit her immediately, making her shiver. She was thankful that there was no rain. It had stopped not long before, but it was still a relief. Sora started run. She pushed herself harder, and soon she was almost running on air.
Sora began to think of Tai's masculine body, and she began to slow down. To her, such a daydream shouldn't be rushed, so she walked the rest of the way there.
"Well, I think I've memorized this test already. I've only been here for about fifteen minutes, too," Kari said, her eyes running across the room to find a clock. She found the one above the VCR and saw the time. It was 7:00. "Maybe I should get going, T.K. It's already seven, and I don't want my parents to be mad at me," she said. T.K. looked at Kari in a way that almost made her shudder.

"Why leave? I want to show you something," he said ever so softly, glancing from Kari's face to the window. It was dusk, meaning it was going to be colder outside than it had been all day. Kari focused on T.K. suspiciously.

"Really? What is it?" she asked out of cautious curiosity. T.K. shrugged, making his eyes wander around the room.

"Well, if you're leaving, how can I show you? Oh well, I guess it'll have to wait," he taunted. Kari glared at him.

"Fine, I won't leave. Come on, T.K. Show me, please!" she pleaded. T.K. smiled, giving in to her heart-melting pleas.

"Well, I guess. Come on, it's this way," he said, grabbing her hand and heading for the door. Kari made a swipe for her jacket and barely took into her hands.

"Don't drag me, T.K.!" she chided, but he wasn't listening. Thoughts were running through his head at 100 miles per hour. He never let go of her hand.
"Is this what you wanted to show me, T.K.?" Kari asked. He had led her to the roof of the apartment complex. The colors of dusk were slowly fading into black, but there were a few hues mixed in with the clouds that had rained on them earlier that day. Blue and yellow swirls clashed together with a splash of red to form one of the most beautiful paintings on the sky. It was very beautiful. T.K. gazed at Kari and nodded.

"This is exactly it," he said softly. Kari had already put her jacket on when she had realized where T.K. had been dragging her to. She did not return his gaze, but looked out onto the sunset, which was fading faster and faster.

"It's beautiful, T.K.," she whispered. A sudden wind blew, causing Kari's hair to blow back from her face in a tornado. She closed her eyes and spread out her arms, letting her head fall back as she did so. T.K. watched her closely.

"You're beautiful," he whispered back. Kari's head snapped back to attention, her eyes opening. She looked at T.K. and smiled.

"Well, you're not half bad yourself," she joked. T.K. smirked, but it was saddened. Kari's smile disappeared. "What's wrong, T.K.? Is it something I said?" she asked. T.K. sighed. 'Yes, it is, Kari. You can't even love me,' he thought, but he knew he couldn't say it aloud. It would hurt her too greatly.

"That's not it at all. I've had a lot of things on my mind," he said slowly. Kari turned her whole body toward him.

"Is it Sora?" T.K.'s eyes widened in surprise.

"No, of course not! I love you, not her!!!" he exclaimed, but clamped a hand over his mouth. He wasn't supposed to say that yet! Now he was going to have to improvise the rest of the plan. Kari bowed her head sheepishly.

"I'm sorry, T.K. I should trust you.... I'm sorry," she whispered. T.K. took a deep breath and walked up to her. He raised her chin up and kissed her forehead lightly.

"Don't be, it's alright," he whispered back. He shivered lightly. Kari looked at him, her head tilted slightly.

"You should have brought a coat," she said, running her hand over his chest, feeling the goosebumps. T.K. shivered again, but this time it wasn't from the cold, and Kari knew it.

"I know," he said, meaning it to be stern, but it came out a lot weaker than expected. Kari smiled at the effect her touch was having on him. T.K. let her hand explore his chest and sides. She started to explore his lower stomach, but he stopped her. "I have something to ask you, Kari," he said slowly. Kari took her hand away from him and nodded, hoping this had been what he had been acting so strangely about. He walked toward the edge of the roof. There was a bricks stacked up to T.K.'s waist. He walked up and leaned against them. Kari looked at him strangely, but followed him anyway.

"What is it, T.K.?" she asked. T.K. looked at Kari's face and smiled.

"I don't know how to start," he said. He had rehearsed this in his mind many times that day, but it was different now that he was really doing it. He would have to improvise. He glanced at Kari again and then looked out to the horizon, which was now black. He sighed. This was it.
Tai jumped at the sound of a knock on his door. It had to be Sora. It just had to be. He ran to the door and opened it. He felt a sudden sense of relief wash over him when he saw Sora's face. She was smiling brightly, something that she didn't do so often anymore. He couldn't help but hug her. He took in a deep breath of her hair, as if he couldn't believe she was real. Sora closed her eyes. A sense of security filled her body. She felt safe now, in Tai's grasp. He had saved her before, and it seemed that Tai was going to be her savior yet again. Sora finally broke away from him, relieved to find that the sense of security didn't break away, too. Tai brushed a strand of her auburn hair away from her eyes.
"I missed you so much," he said softly. His hand cupped her cheek. Sora reached up and held it there.

"Same here," she said, just as softly. She finally let his hand drop away from her and walked inside the door. There was an unsettling silence in the apartment. Sora thought this very, very strange. "Um, Tai? Where's Kari?" Tai seemed to be thinking, but his face lightened when he remembered.

"She's over at T.K.'s studying," he replied calmly. Sora stopped taking off her jacket and whirled around to look at Tai.

"T.K.'s?" Tai looked at her suspiciously.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?" he asked. Sora shook her head.

"Nothing," she whispered. Something was wrong here, but what was it? Sora couldn't make the connection. Tai shrugged.

"Whatever. If something is bothering you, you know you can tell me," he said sternly. Sora nodded absently.

"Yes, I know," she said obediently, but she was actually lost in her own thought. Her gaze fell to the floor. Something was dead wrong here, but what was it. Tai nodded, as if accepting her answer. He quickly became himself again, however.

"You know, T.K. almost lost himself a girlfriend today. Kari sat by the phone for over five hours waiting for that kid to call. Funny, huh?" he said, amused with how gifted his sister was for sitting beside the phone. Sora looked up at Tai sharply.

"Excuse me?" she said, not believing what she had just heard. Tai laughed.

"I know. Isn't it crazy?" he said, not catching the concern and urgency in Sora's voice. Suddenly, it was all coming together. Sora's eyes began to dart from side to side in panic.

"Oh my God, Tai. Kari's in a lot of trouble," she said, the panic in her voice rising. Tai's smile disappeared.

"What about Kari?" he asked, now sensing her urgency. Sora closed her eys and put her hands on her head.

"T.K. came over to my house this afternoon. That's why he didn't call Kari earlier," she said. Tai shrugged.

"So what?" Sora stared at him in disbelief.

"Tai, he asked me what happened at the hospital a month ago. What really happened. As in everything. He was especially interested in the fall," she said, trying to explain to Tai. He shrugged, still not making the connection.


"So he's going to jump off the roof with your sister, that's what!!!!" Sora screamed at him. Tai finally made the connection and gasped.

"Oh no! Come on, Sora! Let's get going!" he said. Sora didn't even have to agree with him. She followed him out the door without hesitation. Sora remembered what T.K. had said when she had asked him what he was going to do. 'Something I don't want to.' This scared Sora beyond words. Tai and Sora picked up the pace by a lot and ran as fast as they could to T.K.'s, which was at least five minutes away. They could only hope they could get there in time.
"Come on, T.K. What is it?" Kari asked. T.K. sighed. He stared at the sky. It was now completely black except for the full moon and stars that peeped through the threatening clouds. It was a beautiful night. The lights from ground below were bright enough to reach the roof, but only dimly. The true light was from the moon itself, whose light was bright enough to light up the features on T.K. and Kari's faces in a pale blue that complemented both of their facial features greatly. A sudden wind blew, causing both of the kids' hair to flow in small streams behind them. T.K. closed his eyes in the face of the wind, letting it cool his face. Kari watched him, not sure what he was going to do. He stopped leaning on the bricks and began to climb on top of them. He was being driven by some psychotic demented force to do this. The slippery surface from the rain was giving T.K. a hard time keeping his footing. Kari gasped. "T.K.! What are you doing? You're going to get yourself killed!" T.K. paid no heed to her warnings and stood up straight, looking down the four stories that were all the separated him from the ground.

"Would you fall with me?" he asked suddenly. Kari looked up at him out of disbelief and confusion.

"What?" she asked, her disbelief showing through in her voice. T.K. looked down at her worried face and saw how confused she was.

"If I was to jump, would you fall with me?" he repeated. Suddenly, his mind started to scream at him. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You may not want to fall, but you will if you aren't careful!', but he paid no attention.

"I-I-I," was all that would come out of Kari's mouth. T.K. made his blue eyes meet Kari's brown ones.

"Would you do anything for me? Would you let me carry you? Would you let me be with you? Would you bleed for me? Would you fall with me?" he asked, the questions pouring out of his mouth. Kari stared up at T.K., the confusion slowly disappearing.

"I-I-I guess so. Why are you asking me this, T.K.? Did I say something?" Kari asked. T.K. looked out at the black horizon that was dotted with stars.

"You guess? Why am I asking you? I want you to love me! That's all! But you can't even tell me that! You want us to be like Sora and Tai, but you have to love me first!! I love you with all my heart, but you can't even say you love me!!! Do you know how that feels, Kari? It feels like you stabbed me in the heart and are watching me while I bleed! That's what it feels like! YOU HAVE TO JUMP WITH ME! If you want to be like Tai and Sora, you have to jump with me! You've got to! " he yelled, finally turning his eyes back to meet hers. Kari took a step back. Her face showed how much she was hurt by his statement. T.K. saw the hurt he had caused her and turned his attention back to the sky. 'Why did I have to hurt her? Why?' T.K. thought, but knew that his thoughts weren't enough to take back what he had said. There was a long pause before Kari said anything. She was thinking about what he had said about his heart bleeding. Was the poem he had given her true? Something deep down told her yes, it was.

"Is that what this is about? All because I said I wanted to be like Tai and Sora? T.K., if anybody loves you, its me. I always have," she said softly, her tears welling up in her eyes. She remembered what Sora had said about denying her feelings about Tai for so long. Kari couldn't let that happen to her and T.K. any longer. "And I always will." T.K. looked at Kari. It was his turn to stare at her in disbelief.

"Y-y-you do?" he stammered. Kari smiled sadly.

"T.K., I would bleed for you, let you carry me, be with you, fall with you, and do anything for you. I think you knew that, too," she added. T.K.'s eyes began to well up with tears, but they also showed his doubt.

"You're just saying that because you don't want me to fall. I'm not stupid, Kari," he said, his natural stubborness showing through. He crossed his arms and stared out at the midnight black sky. Kari sighed. What else could she say? Then it hit her.

"In the night, I can hear your voice, but I can't touch you, and my heart bleeds," she began to recite. T.K. raised his head suddenly. That sound so familiar. "In the day, I sit beside you, but I can't have you in my arms, and my heart bleeds." Now it was coming together for the thirteen year old. She was reciting the poem. "I kiss you when we are alone, but I ache when I can't have something more, and my heart bleeds." T.K. turned his head slightly to look at her, the indignation that had filled his soul and mind slowly melting away.

"I dream of what life would be like with you, but it hurts when I realize that it may not come true, and my heart bleeds," T.K. began to recite. Kari smiled. He was coming back to her. Slowly but surely, he was coming back to her.

"I wish upon a star that all of your dreams would come true, but it kills me to think that they might not, and my heart bleeds," Kari said softly. T.K. sighed deeply and closed his eyes.

"Every time I don't see a smile upon your beautiful face, it hurts me so..." T.K. paused painfully. The poem had been true. It did hurt him to see her with no smile. He gathered a shaky breath and continued,"..so much, and my heart bleeds." Then, with the last line, Kari and T.K. began to recite the last stanza in unison.

"I love you so much that it hurts inside. I love you so much my heart bleeds," they said together. T.K. found himself staring into Kari's caring eyes. He began to cry silently. Kari was crying, too.

"And I'll never forget that you love me," she said shakily with a slight smile. T.K. smiled as best he could, but it wasn't very becoming. "Please come down, T.K. Please, you'll hurt yourself." T.K. nodded like the eight year old he used to be. The psychotic force that had driven him to climb up there in the first place left him quickly. The false bravery that had been his mind turned into hysterical fear.

"Kari, I can't! I can't get down! I'm going to fall!" he cried. Kari tilted her head sideways. Why was he hysterical all of the sudden? Then she realized. Something had been blinding him. He couldn't tell what danger he was putting himself in. He had been blinded by his love for Kari and his obsession to get her to love him back. Kari felt the panic rising in her throat, but she refused to submit to it.

"It's okay, T.K. Calm down, please calm down," she cooed. T.K. nodded, but he was terrified. He was having a hard enough time just standing up on the slippery surface beneath his feet. "Turn around slowly, T.K. I'm here," she said softly. T.K. shook his head furiously.

"I-I-I can't, K-kari. I can't m-move," he stuttered. Kari felt the panic threatening to cloud her thoughts again, but she pushed it away. She couldn't panic. Not now.

"Fall back! I'll catch you!" Kari exclaimed. T.K. shook his head again, the tears in his eyes becoming more and more apparent.

"I can't, Kari! I'll h-h-hurt you!" he exclaimed back. Kari shook her head and held out both arms above her.

"I can heal, T.K., but I can't bring you back from the dead," she shot back. T.K. tried to turn around. "That's it, T.K. Keep going. You're doing just fine," she said more softly. Suddenly, T.K.'s footing slipped on the edge. His feet slipped out from under him, causing him to land on his stomach on the bricks. "Oh my God, T.K.! Hold on!" Kari yelled. T.K. was struggling to keep his grip. It was slippery, and his hands were slipping just like his feet had. Kari made a hasty grab for his hands and held on tightly. "If you fall, I'll be coming after you, T.K.," she whispered softly. T.K. stopped focusing on the pain in his stomach from how hard he had hit the bricks to how much Kari was hurting. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

"If I do go, I'll want you to stay here. I'll always be with you," he said, just as softly. Kari started crying again. T.K. squirmed at the sharp pain in his stomach, but he was only making it worse. "Don't cry, Kari. Please don't cry," he whispered. He wanted to touch her face and wipe away her tears, but such an act in his current condition would have only resulted in doom. T.K. and Kari gazed into each other's eyes, as if trying to find each other's soul. Kari leaned forward and met T.K.'s lips with her own. The cold air that surrounded them seemed to become warmer at their breif touch. They both wanted it to be more passionate, more a symbol of their love for each other, but it wasn't possible right then. Suddenly, T.K.'s grasp began to weaken in Kari's. His strength was giving out. Kari began to pull.

"Come on, T.K.! Don't give up!!" she called to him, but she wasn't strong enough. T.K. weighed an easy 120 lbs, but that compared to Kari's 100 didn't balance out well. Kari wished she had the strength of her brother, but he was so much stronger than her. She was so weak compared to him. T.K. was beginning to slip again, but Kari kept pulling. There was a sudden yell from the ground. Kari couldn't understand it.

"Kari! T.K.!" someone was yelling. Kari suddenly recognized the voice, along with T.K.

"TAI!!!" she screamed.

"We're coming!" another voice called. It was Sora.

"Please help, Tai!" Kari called. Tai made a nod toward the building, telling Sora to go inside and go to the roof. Sora nodded and rushed inside. Tai turned his attention back to the top of the building.

"Come on, Kari! T.K.! You've got to do this!" Tai shouted encouragingly, but he felt that they couldn't do it alone.

"Come on, T.K.! Please! You've got to fight it!" Kari cried. T.K.'s face was becoming very pale. He looked like he might be losing conciousness from the combonation the cold and the fear and adrenaline in his body.

"I can't... hold... on," he whispered. Suddenly, his grip on Kari's hands went limp. Kari tried to hold on, but his hands slowly but surely slipped out of hers.

"T.K.!!!!!!!" Kari screamed.

From then on, everything happened in slow motion.

Kari reached out for T.K., but her fingers seemed to be just inches from his. The distance between them lengthened, however. T.K. seemed like he wanted it to be this way. He was looking up at Kari and smiling dreamily, but his face was pure white, not at all like the T.K. she had always known. His posture in the air changed from vertical to horizontal. He reached toward Kari, but she knew she couldn't reach him. In the slow motion of everyone's actions, there came a sound recognizable to only to Kari, Sora, and Tai's family. It was that of someone quickly opening an umbrella. Tai's shirt came off with a quick ripping sound. His wings were at full spread. It was the first time since that night a month ago that he had actually showed them. The world that belonged only to Tai and Sora on the inside of his wings showed the night with stars and a moon, similar to the one in Earth's sky. Tai and Sora hadn't been to their world since their first kiss, but the memory was all but gone in their minds.
Tai's wings flapped as fast as a hummingbird's, even in the slow motion world that had suddenly taken over Kari's, T.K.'s, and Tai's minds. He pushed himself off the ground and held out his arms, as if he was a guardian angel coming to catch the child he had been sent to protect.
T.K.'s eyes, those deep blue eyes, slowly closed as the unconciousness took over. It wasn't complete however; he could still hear voices, but he couldn't speak. He heard the sound of Kari screaming his name. Hikari was screaming his name. She was screaming out of pain and hurt; T.K. could hear it all coming together. Her prolonged scream in the slow motion world seemed to be like a song to T.K. Telling him that she would die, too, if he did. Telling him that she would fall with him. Telling him that she would bleed for him. Telling him that she was bleeding for him. Telling him she loved him, and she always would. It was a song to T.K. A sad song. Like a lullaby, lulling him to sleep before the certain doom blocked out his life on Earth forever. A sad lullaby telling him to dream of her. And he knew he would always dream of her.
There was a sharp pain in T.K.'s back as two strong arms wrapped around his sides. He smiled weakly. Tai looked down at the comatose-like state that T.K. was in. T.K. moved slightly, his chest heaving in short, shallow breaths. Tai looked up and saw the relief on his sister's crying face and smiled. He looked back down at T.K. and smiled even wider.
"You'll be alright, kid. You'll be alright," he whispered. A strong feeling washed over him. Was this what being a father felt like? It was an incredible feeling, but he wasn't sure if it was more father-like or heroic than anything else.
The slow motion world ended, causing everything to return to its normal speed. Sora finally appeared on the roof. She saw Kari, who was sobbing uncontrollably. She rushed over and held her tightly.

"Shhh. Shhh," Sora whispered, trying to calm the girl down. She started crying, too. By Kari's reaction, she thought T.K. had died. Kari hugged Sora back just as tightly. She had her head buried in Sora's shoulder, just as she would have done to her own mother. Sora suddenly heard the sound of... of... flapping. It was like a bird. She looked up through tear glazed eyes and saw Tai rising up above the building and landing on the roof gently with a very pale, very sick looking, but very alive T.K. Sora laughed through her tears, which turned into ones of joy. "Kari, look! He's alright! It'll be okay!" Sora exclaimed. Kari already knew this fact, but it had been too close. She had almost lost him. Sora and Tai knew that, too. Tai laid T.K. down on the cold roof and retracted his wings almost immediately. Kari got up from the ground and rushed to her fallen love. She looked from T.K.'s pale, ghostly face to Tai's solemn one questioningly.

"He'll be fine. He just had a scare, that's all. It's kind of cold, though. I think we need to get him inside," Tai said, putting his face to the wind, making his hair blow behind him. Sora watched with a kind of awe. Is this who she was going to marry? An angel? She took him in with her eyes. His muscular chest heaved in and out slowly, his breath becoming smoke on the wind because of the rapid decrease in the temperature. He had save two lives in the past month. Sora knew he was more than a hero, much more than a champion. He was so much more, and he was hers. In turn, she was his. Sora smiled at the fact and got up from the cold ground. "He'll be okay, Kari," Tai was saying. He scooped the exhausted T.K. into his arms and began to walk toward the exit door. Kari watched T.K.'s chest heave in and out ever so slowly. It's like that was the only trace of life left in his weak body. Sora saw Kari's worry etched into her face.

"Tai said he'll be alright. Trust your brother," she said. Kari glanced at Sora, but then began to gaze at T.K. Tai couldn't help but be curious.

"What happened, Kari?" he asked. Kari abruptly shut her eyes to keep the tears from coming, but they flowed freely despite her attempt.

"Yesterday afternoon when we were walking home from school, we saw you two kissing each other and even crying together. On accident, I said that I wished we were in love like that.... That's how all this started. He took it to heart, I guess," Kari sniffed. Sora's face looked like a lightbulb went off.

"That's why he came over to my house today. He said he wanted to know everything that had happened after he left until Tai got home that night," she said softly. Tai looked at Sora strangely.

"Why didn't you tell me that earlier than five minutes ago?" he asked sullenly. Sora bit her lip until it turned white.

"Well, I didn't think anything of it. I mean, T.K. has always been the curious type, but he did act rather strange. Oh, I'm sorry, Tai. I really don't know why," she tried to explain unsuccessfully. Tai stared straight ahead.

"It's okay, Sora. Let's just be glad you told when you did," he whispered softly. Something in his tone expressed his disappointment to Sora, and she bowed her head like a scolded child. Kari began walking toward the exit again, but she had a confused expression on her face. Tai looked at her quizzically. "What is it?"

"Well, I was just wondering what really happened that night, too," she said, inwardly pouting for being left out. Sora glanced at Tai nervously.

"I'll tell you later, Kari. Maybe for another day, okay?" Tai said. Kari nodded reluctantly. She didn't really want to push her brother.

"Look! He's starting move!" Sora said, pointing toward T.K. Tai looked down at the smaller boy in his arms. T.K.'s head was beginning to roll slowly from side to side. He took a deep, deep breath and let it out slowly. He took another deep breath, but it was cut short from some kind of pain. He drew in a hissing breath, his face contorted painfully. His eyes were shut tightly, not likely to open for some time. Kari knit her brow.

"What's wrong with him?" Sora asked. Tai was about to tell her he had no idea, but Kari cut him off with the swift movement of her hand. Both of the older teenagers looked at each other and shrugged, but soon turned their attention to the new spectacle. Kari motioned for Tai to put him down. Tai did so hesitantly, not sure what his sister was going to do. T.K.'s hands immediately flew to his stomach, where he had fell just moments before onto the brick. Kari put both hands on his and moved them away from the afflicted area. He moaned in protest, but reluctantly let her move his hands. She lifted up his shirt and saw a huge bruise and some bloody scrapes. Sora and Tai took a step back from the young boy like he had the plague, but Kari stayed with him. T.K.'s chest was rising and lowering laborously, his eyes still shut tightly. Kari put her hands right above his stomach and closed her eyes. Suddenly, the radiant light that was Kari's trademark power began to flow from her hands. T.K. struggled to move, but soon lay still. Sora and Tai watched as the quickly forming bruise and bloody scrapes disappeared into nothing but T.K.'s pale skin color, which was now returning to its healthier state. The light died down as quickly as it had come, and T.K. finally opened his eyes. He immediately looked for Kari and smiled.

"Stay with me," he whispered. Kari smiled and shook her head.

"I never planned on leaving," she whispered back. She leaned forward and met T.K.'s lips in a passionate kiss of fire. It was like falling in love a thousand times over, but getting better each time. The kiss actually healed T.K. more than Kari's gift of light had. Their heads swam dizzily. Both of them fought to keep it just kissing and not something that they wanted much, much more. Kari made the kiss deeper, allowing T.K. to explore her mouth. It was at all out of lust, however. It was just love. Pure and simple. "God, I love you, T.K.," Kari gasped when she broke the kiss. T.K. had made no attempt to sit up. Kari laid her head on his chest. He smiled.

"I love you so much, my heart bleeds," he whispered, his words forming a cloud of steam into the cold night air. Kari looked at him and smiled. Sora and Tai looked at each other and smiled. Sora cuddled in closer to Tai chest, the secure feeling of being love flooding both her soul and his. Sora kissed Tai's neck lightly, making him shudder like he had so many times. He turned to her and pressed his bare masculine chest against hers. He kissed her forehead lightly, and she kissed his shoulder. Their lips met in a kiss that was more passionate because they had loved each other longer than T.K. and Kari, but they both knew that they two younger kids were well on their way. Finally, T.K., Kari, Sora, and Tai all went in to the apartment complex. They decided they would tell the rest of the young and old digidestined what happened, but for right now, they would just have to wait.

Love always comes first.

<^~THE END~^>

Here is my attempt to do Logan's trademark thing again:

Though love can be so strong, it can also have its weaknesses.
We often let ourselves get carried away, thinking we are helping those we love, when we are in fact hurting them.
But when the light shines down on us and we see the error in our ways, it's truly a great thing.
The Blind Love becomes the Love that is unimpaired.
It is Free Love, just like our mind, body, and spirit.
We are free, and when we learn to love another, our hearts become free from the darkness.
We are free from the Blind Love.

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