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Fanfic » Anime » Digimon » Blind Love font size: (+) : (-)
Author: Artisan of the Written Word
PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 46 - Publish date: 12-13-00 - Updated: 01-29-01 storyid: 140044


A/N: Well, here I am again, sooner than expected. (You can thank Angel for that ::smiles and waves to her::) Well, this is a continuation of the How to Fly series (that means if you haven't read them, get yourselves up to date because you *can* and *will* get lost. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! ). Okay, believe it or not, this is a Takari, which is what I've been shooting for. This takes place about a month after How to Fly Part 4. It has a little bit of Action, a lot of romance, a lot of drama, and poetry. It's got a little bit of fantasy, too. It sounds kind of like a Taiora too, but it focuses on Kari and T.K. This is a really sad attempt. I had hoped it would have turned out better, but if you write, you know it hardly ever does end up like you wanted it to. Okay, well, I had over half of this written before and it got erased off my disk (ARRRGGHH!!!) Oh, well. I'll make it better this time. :) (Though it will *still* suck in my eyes...) GET READY FOR OVER TWENTY PAGES OF TAKARI!!!! (sad, isn't it? I just couldn't stop writing.)

DEDICATION: This is for you, Logan. Dunno what I'd do without you sometimes.

Disclaimer: I don't own digimon, so don't sue me, you vultures. Oh, the poetry is mine. Even though it sucks, you still need to ask me to use it first.

****** Blind Love: A Continuation of the How to Fly Series By Artisan of the Written Word a.k.a. The Writer**PLEASE REVIEW!!!******

"Huh?" Kari said, suddenly perking up at the sound of T.K.'s voice. They were on their way home from school. Sora and Tai traveled not far behind them, walking silently hand in hand. It was October. Being a lot colder than usual, everyone was bundled up in their jackets. T.K. had his thumbs hooked under his backpack straps staring at Kari angrily.

"For the third time, I asked if you'd like to study with me tomorrow for the test Monday," he said, carefully putting space between the words. Kari nodded.

"Sure, T.K., but what time?" she asked. T.K. smiled, knowing she was finally listening to him. She had been so distant lately.

"Um, well, I thought I'd call you if you kept the phone lines clear," he said thoughtfully. Kari nodded again.

"Sounds cool," she said, but immediately sighed very heavily. T.K. looked at her worriedly.

"Kari? Are you okay?" he asked softly. He unhooked his thumbs from his backpack and stopped. She stopped and just stared at him.

"Is it that obvious?" she asked with cautious curiosity. T.K. gently took her hand and placed it on his heart.

"You can tell me, Kari," he whispered. Kari smiled at him and took his hand in hers. T.K. looked deep into her eyes and saw that she was hurt, but by what or whom?

"I.. I was just thinking about what happened that's all. It all seems like yesterday, but all those people making fun of my brother and me just make it really seem longer than a month ago," she said. T.K. nodded. The events that took place a month ago were still fresh in everyone's minds. He looked back at Tai and Sora and saw that they were talking to each other now. Sora had seemed sadder for some reason, but that was expected. Tai looked like he was trying to make her laugh. Now a days, he seemed to be the only one that could make her do so. For all anyone knew, they were still best friends, but such achievements, such as wings, cannot be attained on just regular love. Though the events had happened a month ago, it seemed like it had happened just a minute ago to Sora and Tai.
Tai had taken Sora home with him when the crowd had gotten too thick. It wasn't hard to get through because people were afraid to touch them. There were a few, however, that jumped in his way and asked if he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ or if the Apocalypse was coming. Tai had simply said no. He had Sora in his arms and he wanted to get her in the bed so she could rest as quickly as possible. One person asked if he was an angel. Tai had stopped walking in a straight line and had looked at the person coldly.

"She's the angel, not me," he had whispered. Sora had heard him and smiled. He had carried her to his apartment instead of her own. The last thing he had wanted was for her mother to be around her. He had taken the elevator and had arrived at his front door soon after. Sora was already asleep. It had been a hard day for her and Tai, but she came first. He had walked through the door without much difficulty. He had not retracted his wings, even though he knew how by some primal instinct. Tai's parents had stared at the rather beautiful additions their son had attained. Kari had looked at them in wonder. She had wondered what her brother could have done to gain such things as wings. They had all crept into Tai and Kari's bedroom to find Sora and Tai asleep together on the bottom bunk. Tai had his hands wrapped around her waist and she had a perpetual smile on her face. Tai's parents, being the naive people they were, didn't think of it as anything more than friendship.
That next morning, Tai and Sora had come into the living room. Tai had found upon waking up that he still had the wings and that he could summon and retract them on a whim. Sora was crouching behind Tai, as if Mr and Mrs. Kamiya were going to do something to her. His mother had just stared at him. She was deeply touched, but also deeply scared.

"I-I-I kn-know that you went through a l-l-lot last night, but I have to tell you that your f-f-f-f-father and I have to keep b-by our wo-ord," she had sputtered. Tai's face went from one of general happiness to one that showed he was hurt. Sora had leaned forward and kissed his shoulder blade out of the sight of Mr and Mrs. Kamiya. Tai had shuddered lightly in sudden ecstasy. Sora smiled at his reaction.

"Show them," she had whispered. Tai nodded and had made a motion for her to step back. There was a sudden sound of an umbrella opening quickly, and there were Tai's wings as they had been the last night. The inside no longer showed the stars, but a perfect dawn. To Tai's mother, father, and sister, it had been more beautiful than any painting. As for Tai and Sora, they had realized that the world they had created was in synch with the time of the real world. This had scared Mrs. Kamiya beyond words.

"Go get ready for school, Tai," she had whispered in a deathly tone. Tai looked at her solemnly.

"But Mom-"

"GO GET READY!!!!!" she had screamed. Tai looked at Sora, who was giving him the "we tried" look. Tai, who just had his school uniform pants on, and Sora, who only had a hospital gown on, had gone back to his room.
Then there was the newspaper which had broadcasted all over Odaiba that there were mutants among the society. Tai and Sora were under constant ridicule from peers, both being called freaks. The rumors and harsh words should have been aimed at Tai, but everyone had tried to get at Sora. They apparently knew that she was the weaker one of the two because they had all heard of how sick she had been. Tai had tried to make the rumors go away and tried to get people to make fun of him, not her, but they wouldn't listen. They just didn't understand that they were putting her life at risk. And to Tai's dismay, he had to let her start to take the antidepressants. They weren't really helping, but he knew she needed them or she might try to kill herself again.
Mimi had come to Japan shortly after the ordeal with Sora's father. They had talked and laughed together, and soon she had to go back. Joe, Matt, and Izzy had been eager to greet her and sad to see her leave. It had been so long since they had seen her. Sora had missed her, too. Tai once had feelings for Mimi, but he had realized a long time ago that she was just a ditz, nothing like Sora.
They had not told anyone that they planned to get married. That was their secret, but the first people they planned to tell were the digidestined, then their parents, which they weren't sure that it would go over so well. It had been so hard for them, but Tai and Sora had prevailed.
T.K. smiled at Kari hopefully.

"Maybe this whole thing will just blow over," he said. Kari laughed shortly.

"Wishful thinking. Hey, where's Tai and Sora?" she asked. T.K. pointed behind him. Tai and Sora had stopped also, but they were looking so intently into each other's eyes that you could almost feel the warmth in the crisp October air. Suddenly, Sora started to cry. Tai wrapped his arms around her as tightly as he could and hugged her close. Her head was buried in his shoulder, but you could still hear her sobs. Looking at Tai, you could see streams of tears trailing down his tan face. He was crying for her. If he couldn't get her to cheer up, he wasn't going to make her feel even more alone. He buried his head in her shoulder, and there they stood holding each other. T.K. and Kari almost felt like they should cry too, but refrained from it. Both of them privately wished that they had a love like Tai and Sora's, but had never said anything about it.

"I wish we were in love like that," Kari whispered under her breath. T.K. looked at her sharply.

"What?" he asked. Kari quickly shook her head.

"Just... talking to myself," she said, trying to make up an excuse, but T.K. didn't believe her. He had heard what she said, and that was going to be forever inscribed in his mind.

"Shhh, Sora.. We'll be okay... shhhh..." Tai was whispering into her auburn hair. He was trying to comfort her like the father she never had. "Shhhh...." Sora's sobs finally began to stop. She took her head off Tai's shoulder, which was now stained with tears. That's when she saw the tears that were on his face.

"Oh, Tai! Don't you start crying, too. This is my fight," she said, wiping his tears away. Tai shook his head and took her hand.

"It's my fight, too," he whispered as he put her hand over his heart. Sora smiled as brightly as she could.

"I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you so much," she whispered. Tai smiled.

"You read my mind," he whispered back and kissed her forehead. T.K. and Kari watched with a sort of admiration for both of the teenagers. Tai finally turned to his little sister. "Well, you two can go on home. We're going to go have pizza, so we'll be a while." Tai had only been grounded for two weeks, so his "jail time" had long been up. T.K. and Kari nodded and waved goodbye to the older kids. Tai and Sora walked off hand in hand, leaving Kari and T.K. standing there.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow," Kari said with a smile. T.K. awkwardly leaned forward and kissed Kari's cheek. Kari looked at him, smiling quizzically.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he said in a cheerful tone and ran down the sidewalk. Kari put a hand on her cheek, smiled at the warmth that had been ignited within her at his very touch, and walked home.
"She wants something stronger," T.K. whispered to himself. She had said that she wished that she and T.K. were in love like Tai and Sora. She meant she wanted something stronger, but could T.K. be any stronger? Like Tai? He loved her, but he couldn't think of any way to show it. T.K. snapped his fingers suddenly. Maybe roses? A poem, too? He knew that wouldn't be enough, but it would be a good start. T.K. looked up and saw that the sky had grown darker. The clouds now threatened the ground below with rain. T.K. sighed.
"It's this cold and it's going to rain. Great," he said sarcastically. He began to run the rest of the way home, but a sign caught his eye. It was a flower shop sign that had a rose on it. T.K. thought for a second. He felt his pockets, but realized he didn't have any money. He decided to go on home, but knew he'd be back soon.
Kari still had her hand glued to her cheek. That kiss, as short as it had been, had meant more to her than she would have ever thought. There had been a sudden warmth ignited in her very soul at his gentle touch. Was that what Sora and Tai felt? Kari shook her head. She knew what they had was deeper. That's what she wanted. Something deep. Something that was beyond the skin. Something that wouldn't be so easily destroyed. She noticed the threatening sky as T.K. had and frowned.
"Tai and Sora are going to get stuck in the rain. Oh well," she said to herself as she kept walking. She picked up the pace a little so that she could get home before the downpour started.
"Wow. Looks like it might rain," Tai said jokingly as he looked out the pizza place's window. Sora looked out to see that it was raining cats and dogs outside.

"And in this cold weather. Man, I'd be surprised if we didn't get pneumonia," she said. Tai hugged her tightly. They were sitting in a booth. They had finished their pizza a while ago.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you warm," Tai said slyly. Sora laughed.

"I wasn't worried about that," she whispered as she kissed Tai's ear. He shuddered yet again in bliss. Sora had a way of always hitting the spot that would affect Tai the most. Tai laughed with her.

"Well, we had better get going. I don't think it's going to let up," he said as he got up. Sora got up after him. Tai went and paid the bill. They went out the door and stood under the awning that covered it. "Okay, which way do you want to go? My house or yours?" he asked. Sora looked at him sadly.

"I need to go home," she said sorrowfully. Tai saw how her crimson eyes seemed to change from the bright lively color that he had always loved to that dull color that seemed to hold no life.

"Come over to my house. It's closer and we'll be able to wait out the rain. Whaddya say? My place?" Sora nodded gratefully for the temporary escape Tai was offering her. Ms. Takenouchi had been rather upset with Sora because of what happened. Business had gone down immensely since the incident with Tai, whom her mother blamed the decrease on. Sora liked to avoid home as much as possible, but realized that her mother needed her all the same.

"Let's go," she said happily. Tai smiled at her, glad that the crimson color of life had returned to her eyes.

"Well, shall we make a run for it or just take it a step at a time?" he asked. Sora rolled her eyes.

"Would you stop stalling and let's get out of here. I hate the cold," she scolded. Tai nodded.

"As you say, your highness. Excuse us commoners for asking your opinion, miss," he said playfully. Sora punched him hard in the arm, making him yelp.

"You're such a wimp. Let's get going," she said as she took his arm in hand and ran as fast as she could in the pouring rain.
"MOM! I'M HOME!" T.K. said as he rushed in the door soaking wet. He had just gotten within a hundred feet of his apartment building when the rain had begun to pour. He took off his hat and laid it on a coat hanger. "Mom?" She wasn't home yet. T.K. ran to his room and began to crawl under his bed. He blindly began to reach around until his hand hit something made of glass. He grabbed it and brought it out into the light to where he could look at it. It was a money jar. It had at least $100 in it, which he was very proud of. He took out his books from his backpack and put the jar of money in. It was a small jar, but it was crammed full. He grabbed his hat back off the hanger and almost headed out the door.
"The poem," he whispered. He had almost forgot. He got a pencil and a piece of paper from the recently discarded book pile from his bag and sat down at his kitchen table. "A poem," he repeated. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head and he hurriedly began to write.
"Kari! We're here!" Tai called as he and Sora busted through the front door soaking wet. They had been laughing and playing in the rain despite its icy stabs at their skin. Kari came out of her room with a pencil behind her ear.

"Hey, you two. I was just studying. Man, don't let Mom or Dad see you like that or you'll get grounded another two weeks," she scolded. Tai laughed.

"Oh, get over it, Kari. Well, I guess I need to go change my clothes," he said as he started off toward his bedroom. Sora coughed to remind him she was there. He turned around with a surprised look on his face. "What?"

"Well, you know, I'm the one who spent a day in the hospital, so I think that I need some other clothes, too," she said sullenly. Tai looked thoughtful.

"You want to change into my clothes? Right here? Right now?" he said, seemingly shocked. Sora laughed.

"Well, I don't know of any other alternatives, do you?" Tai shrugged in defeat.

"Fine then. Go fish out what you want to wear out of my drawer. Beware of what you find, though," he warned. Sora laughed again.

"Thanks, Tai," she said. She rushed by him, but paused to give him a kiss, and then went into his bedroom and shut the door. Tai watched her until the door blocked his view. Kari smiled.

"The only time I hear her laugh is when she's around you anymore. You must mean a lot to her," she told her brother. Tai looked at Kari and grinned.

"Let's hope so. T.K. seems to be awful fond of you. I wouldn't be surprised if you two got married someday," he said thoughtfully, the grin disappearing. Kari waved her hands.

"Let's not get too carried away," she said defensively, but the thought still had a nice ring to it.

"Where's Mom and Dad?" Tai asked, looking around the apartment. Kari shrugged.

"I think they're still at work. I hope they make it home alright, since it's raining and all," she said. Tai nodded.

"Me, too. Um, Kari? How are you doing at school?" he asked, unsure if he wanted to hear her answer. Kari looked at him innocently.

"What do you mean?" she asked, knowing all too well what he meant.

"Well, I was just wondering if-" Tai was cut off by a rapid knock at the door. Sora came out of Tai's bedroom in his plaid pajama bottoms and a blue shirt.
"Who is it, Tai?" she asked. Tai shrugged his soaking wet shoulders.

"I dunno. I'm going to find out, though," he said as he made a leap for the door. He looked through the peep hole and saw a soaking wet Takeru. "It's T.K., Kari," Tai warned. Kari gasped suddenly and looked at Sora in distress. Sora just shrugged. Tai grabbed the door knob, twisted, and pulled.

"T.K.!" Kari yelled when she saw how wet he was. He was shivering from the combined force of the October temperature, cold rain, and sharp, piercing wind. She ran up to him and hugged him, not caring about how wet he was. He stepped inside and Tai closed the door. T.K. had something behind his back, but Kari couldn't tell what it was.

"Man, I thought I told you to go home," Tai said, gazing at T.K.'s soaking wet body, wondering how much longer he could have lasted in the cold.

"I-I-I had to give K-K-Kari this-s-s," he stammered. He held out a big brown teddy bear with a single red rose attached to it's neck with a dark red ribbon. Of course he hadn't spent all his money on this, though he would have gladly done so. He had already gone back home to put away all of the money that had been left over.

"Oh, T.K. You came all this way to give me this? In the rain?" Kari asked, a smile starting to spread across her face. T.K. just smiled through chattering teeth. Her smile seemed to make it all worth it. "You're the best," she said as she ran up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Tai and Sora, who had moved in beside her secret finace`, smiled brightly at the young couple. Kari looked at the teddy bear with such a look of gratitude that it almost made T.K. want to kiss her again. The look on her face was almost that of a young child at Christmas. T.K. made a mental note that he had made a good first step. T.K. dug into his pockets and brought out a mostly dry piece of paper. Kari looked from the teddy bear to T.K.'s hands. "Is that for me?" she asked. T.K. just stretched his arm out to her in an attempt to get her to take it. Kari smiled even more widely. "You're just full of surprises." T.K. smiled. Kari shot T.K. a look that asked if she could be alone to read it, but only Sora saw it. Sora looked at T.K. with sudden sympathy.

"Tai, where are your manners? Look at him!! He is worse than we were!" Sora scolded, trying to get him to take the hint and play along. Tai looked at her, startled.

"Wh-what do you mean, Sora?" he asked, playing the part of Stupid unintentionally. Sora sighed angrily.

"Get him some clothes before he gets sick!" she said, on the verge of screaming. Tai put up his hands in defense.

"Alright, alright! Don't get all upset on me, Sora. Geez. Come on, T.K. Let's get you out of those clothes," Tai said, still not understanding why Sora had jumped onto him all of the sudden. T.K. looked a little hesitant, but Kari nodded for him to go on and he went obediently. Sora made a move for the door, but she stopped when a hand fell on her shoulder.

"Read it with me, Sora. Please?" Kari pleaded. Sora felt a little confused, but reluctantly agreed. She and Kari sat down at the kitchen table and sat close enough together to read it at the same time. Kari felt an overwhelming sense of apprehension while unfolding the piece of paper, but Sora's prescence seemed to make her want to read it. That was the reason Kari had wanted Sora there. To be a sort of motivation. Kari and Sora glanced at each other before they began to read it. When Kari finished, she gently let the note fall to the kitchen table's glistening surface and clutched her new teddy bear tightly. Sora gasped.

"Oh, Kari..." Sora whispered. Tai suddenly came out of his room and saw the two shocked girls.

"What happened to you two?" he asked innocently. Sora gently pushed the piece of paper towards Tai to read. He took in his hands and began to read with much interest, but it soon turned to surprise. It read:

Bleeding Heart

In the night
I can hear your voice
But I can't touch you
And my heart bleeds

In the day
I sit beside you
But I can't have you in my arms
And my heart bleeds

I kiss you
When we are alone
But I ache when I can't have something more
And my heart bleeds

I dream of what
Life would be like with you
But it hurts when I realize that it may not come true
And my heart bleeds

I wish upon a star
That all of your dreams would come true
But it kills me to think that they might not
And my heart bleeds

Every time I don't see a smile
Upon your beautiful face
It hurts me so, so much
And my heart bleeds

I love you so much
That it hurts inside
I love you so much
My heart bleeds

I love you, Kari. Never forget that.


Tai put down the note with a slow motion of his hand. He was still in his wet clothes, and his hands left wet fingerprints on the poem. He slowly turned his gaze from Sora's stunned face to Kari's tear-filled eyes.

"You obviously mean a lot to him, Kari," Tai said softly. Kari met Tai's gaze.

"Maybe you should tell him how you feel," Sora suggested. Kari shook her head. Sora and Tai glanced at each other nervously.

"Why not, sis?" Tai asked, curious to why such a poem hadn't set her in a stage where saying "I love you" to T.K. was the first thing on her mind.

"Because I'm not sure that... that.. I love him like tha- T.K.!" Kari suddenly exclaimed her eyes widening at the sight of Takeru in dry clothes behind Tai. Sora and Tai perked up and saw that T.K. was smiling. Apparently he hadn't been listening to what was just said.

"Did you like the poem, Kari?" T.K. asked breathlessly, praying to God that she did. Kari smiled brightly and jumped up from her position at the table. T.K. looked a little startled when her arms flew around his neck. He hugged her back and inhaled the sweet smell of her hair. "Please say you love me.... please say it, Kari," T.K. thought helplessly and closed his eyes. He didn't want the embrace to end, but what could he do to stop it from ending? Kari let go of him.

"Thank you, T.K.," she whispered. T.K.'s face dropped a little in disappointment, but not enough for it to be noticeable. He smiled weakly at her.

"Yo-your welcome, Ka-kari," he replied, almost choking on his words. Kari tilted her head sideways and looked at him quizzically.

"Are you okay, T.K.? You're stuttering," she said, concerned with his health. T.K. put on a better smile.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm still a little... cold," he said, his voice losing it's false contentment on the last word, along with his smile, as if trying to send Kari a hidden message. Sora and Tai understood what was going on and glanced at each other nervously. Kari studied him with a hurt look.

"Oh.... Are we still going to study tomorrow?" she asked, trying to be a little cheerful. T.K. nodded, the smile magically reappearing on his face.

"Of course, Kari! I wouldn't miss it for the world," T.K. said just as cheerfully. Kari smiled back, but knew that something was wrong. He turned and headed for Tai's bedroom and then came back out quickly with wet clothes in hand. "Well, I guess I'll... go home. Bye, Kari," T.K. said, the overwhelming sorrow coming through in his voice. Kari's smile disappeared as he slowly walked toward the door. Kari stretched a hand out for him, but it limply fell back to her side. He was about to go out the door when Kari ran up to him.

"And T.K.?" T.K. turned around quickly just to meet Kari's beautiful gaze. Her brown eyes penetrating his own brilliant blue ones. He practically melted when he stared into her eyes. It was like they showed a reflection of the woman she was to become.

"Yes?" he said, perhaps a little too anxiously. Kari gently stood on her toes and kissed his lips softly. T.K. wanted more, just like he had said in the poem, but knew he couldn't have it... at least not yet. Tai and Sora looked on intently. Tai felt a pang of anger flow through him, but quickly dismissed his brotherly overreaction. The kiss lasted for at least five seconds. Though that wasn't very long in real time, it seemed like forever to T.K., but forever ended too soon. He wished that she would just say those three little words that would mean so much to him.

"That poem meant everything in the world to me," she said, turned around, and walked to her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. T.K.'s heart dropped. He wanted to scream "TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!" to her, but knew that wasn't the way to win her affection. He looked at Sora and Tai with tears in his eyes.

"I'll talk to you later," he said calmly, but he opened the door with a quick jerky movement and slammed it behind him, causing some of the dishes in the kitchen to rearrange themselves in the cupboards. Sora let out a shaky sigh.

"He's hurting, Tai, and we can't do anything about it," Sora said sadly. Tai nodded, but suddenly shivered. Sora saw this and looked at him suspiciously. "You're getting sick! I knew it!" Tai put up his hands in self defense.

"Man! You act like I'm already married to you!" he exclaimed playfully. Sora just smiled.

"You really need to change your clothes," she said a little bit more calmly, but her mind was still on Kari and T.K. Tai looked at her curiously, but almost fainted when the light hit Sora's face just right to where she looked so beautiful. Tai's face showed his sudden fascination as he stared at her.

"You know when the light hits you just right, I could swear that I was dating Britney Spears or something," Tai said playfully, knowing how much Sora hated the pop singer. She sharply took her eyes from the floor and stared Tai down with icy daggers.

"You dare compare her to me?" she said in mock anger. Tai shook his head.

"Of course not, dear," Tai said, but couldn't help the grin that spread across his face. Sora laughed.

"You are really bad, you know it?" she scolded just as playfully. Tai flipped up the collar of his school uniform in a bad James Dean impression.

"Oh, I know," he said in a cool tone. Sora burst out into a crazy fit of giggles, temporarily forgetting Kari and T.K.'s little episode.

"She can't even say she loves me... after the poem and the bear and the rose, she can't even say she loves me....." T.K. was whispering to himself. The rain had begun to pour down harder on him, but he didn't seem to take notice. He was mad at himself. He must have done something wrong. Kari wanted to be in love with T.K. just like Tai and Sora. Wanted. That was the key word. She wanted it to be like that, so that meant it wasn't anywhere close. T.K. began to think.
Did Tai give Sora a rose, a poem, and a teddy bear? The answer was no, but what exactly did he do? T.K. pondered this. Tai had never really explained to them what had happened that night. The only thing he really knew was that Sora had been in the hospital because she had attempted suicide. What had happened after he left? Tai had sprouted wings, that's what happened. But what else did? What happened after T.K. left the hospital and before Tai sprouted wings? He knew that Tai had jumped off the roof of the hospital, but what made him have the wings? What made him jump? What really happened? T.K. decided that he'd have to ask Tai himself to get any answers because he knew Kari knew just as much as he did. T.K. vowed to himself to make Hikari Kamiya love him, or he would kill himself. And he meant it.

This story was so long that I had to do it on two different files, so you don't have to review this one unless you feel the urge. Part Two should already be out. Is it good so far? I hope so because it took me forever to write it. It's over 20 pages long, but enough with the chit-chat.
Alright, now you have to go read Part two. I'm waiting.........