Entertaining Claremont Things

Well, that above is oxymoron in itself, generally, because Claremont is not an entertaining place at all.  But one can either pretend, or lie, or whatever you want to call it.

So someday we might have lots of new and interesting things for you.  Most of the Claremont stuff hosted in this domain is midashi, informational sorts of things in other words.  However, there are some things that shouldn't be placed there cause they just aren't informational.  Some are doubtless going to end up being absolutely stupid, and others are going to be well thought out, although still stupid in the end.  And so we present those to you here:

The first thing that we have so far is an interactive story using web based CGIs.   If you don't know what a CGI is, well, don't worry cause the point isn't to know about CGIs.  They're supposed to be something that computer people do in the background, and "just work".  So, forget about what I'm talking about and just think of this as some computer program on a computer in some unknown location that has an interactive story about Claremont NH on it, something that hopefully will somewhat entertain you, and if not, you can change it yourself.  In fact, I encourage you to do so, cause then it won't suck as much.

We don't have anything else done yet, but the story should keep you going for a good 20 minutes, I think.  To get into the Interactive Claremont Story thing, click here.